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I lurve Passion Pit. I lurve Governor’s Island. Let’s make that a combination. Okay!

Last night I kept moving with my Busiest Bee initiative (saw Next Fall the night before – amazing!) and took the good ol’ ferry over to Governor’s Island with my Missypie to see good ol’ Passion Pit. I saw them last year at Central Park with Phoenix, so I was more than happy to see them again.

I love outdoor shows and the weather last night was perfect. This picture with pretty lights is of Tokyo Police Club, who played before Passion Pit. Here’s a picture of Missy and I before we turned into Dancing Machines:

I assure you I was actually wearing something. Besides my glasses that everyone loves/hates. Last night the score was 2 loves and 0 hates.

And here’s my homeboy Michael Angelakos:

I have a feeling that he is just an excellent person. Probably because he reminds me of this excellent person I used to work with. And I also think he’s a cutie. He kept thanking us for coming to the show. It was the biggest show they have ever played and he couldn’t believe that we all took a ferry to an island to see them. Hilarious. And he said that they may be a band from Boston, but NYC made them. Duh.

Passion Pit is so fun. I danced lots, got some beer spilled on me, no big deal. Waited ten hours to get on a ferry on the way back. Not really. And the people in line were doing a sing-along anyway. Even included the Star-Spangled Banner for some reason. That’s talent. Passion Pit, you’ve got some pretty cool fans.

Well Summerzville is Funnerzville, my friends.

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Cool people play in Brooklyn. Like Ebony Bones, straight out of the UK. She is something, peeps. Something indeed. She rocks the beat. And she makes the crowd dance, which is what I like to see. My friend Missy posted a video of the craziness but even that doesn’t do it justice. Her entire crew rocked ridiculous outfits: pants with clouds on them, jumpsuits with lego piece patterns, an entire Native American get up, and a tie-dyed girl with a sax. She was my favorite. She was so little so she looked like an elf and the eyelashes she wore were huge. I would love to wear those crazy fake eyelashes for something ridiculous. They had to be at least two or three inches long. She looked sweet. Ebony also had two back-up dancers/singers/bottle tappers and they didn’t hold back either. And then there’s Ebony herself, who changed half way through the set and who also came into the crowd to dance on more than one occasion. We saw her at Southpaw and it was really fun except for that guy who kept trying to hold hands with me. And then stalked me on Facebook. Ha.

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New favorite venue: The Bell House, located in Gowanus, Brooklyn, aka The Middle of Nowhere. Two weeks ago, I could not have pointed out Gowanus on a map to save my life and then somehow I found myself there two days in a row last week. The funny part is it’s actually pretty close to me, it’s just small and industrial and I hadn’t found a reason to go there until now.

My first time there was to go to an issue release party for Pomp & Circumstance, which my girl Laura Leebove had her first cover story – an interview with Andrew W. K. It was at Littlefield, a bar/event space, and boy did I feel lost on my way over. But I made it and found my girl and some other peeps I knew (or didn’t know yet and now do) and we hung out for a bit. We chatted with Andrew and bonded over our Michigan accents. He was pretty cool and Laura had me take a picture of them with her fancy SLR camera that I want soooo bad. I know it will change my life.

Here’s Andrew and Laura, I’m not too sure why he’s making the crazy eyes, but alas:

And here’s the cover of the issue and the first page of the story:

Yep, that’s my girl! We worked together at The State News back in the day, and look at her now!

My second night in Gowanus was at The Bell House, which I mentioned is my new favorite venue. Even more in the middle of nowhere, but even better. It’s like a giant barn and the acoustics are phenomenal. And the bar is pretty cute, too.

Have a looksies:

The bar before the show.

The barn (that’s what I’m calling it) after Laura Veirs (pictured at top).

The reason we went: Blind Pilot! Blind Pilot is the coolest band, they once went on a tour by bicycle. Bicycle. Do you SEE that giant upright bass? That’s impressive. I don’t think they do that anymore since they are touring nationally but they still are sweet. I love all the instruments and the sounds: I don’t even know what half of them are. But I love their folksy sound and their attitude. It’s good stuff.

And tomorrow I’m going to Detroit!

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My friend Laura Leebove makes things happen. Like getting to the very front of a sold out Get Up Kids show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Just like that.

This was definitely a rock show, and it made me realize I hadn’t been to a rock show in ages. Sure, people were moving a bit at Phoenix and Passion Pit, but at the Get Up Kids show, people were CRAZY!

Laura and I had to fight for our lives. Arms up, head down. Haha. We tried to avoid the circle pit and since we were so close to the front, we only really kept getting pushed further to the front. Then a bunch of big guys were crowd surfing and landing on people’s heads (ours). Goes with the territory, I guess.

I loved the Get Up Kids in high school, a lot of their songs make me think of some very great times, so it was awesome to finally see them – at their first Brooklyn show, no less. Next time I may want to stand more in the back if I don’t want bruises the day after but for a night of nostalgia and singing my little heart out, it really wasn’t so bad. :)


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Well this is a bit embarrassing. Apparently I need a copy editor because that guy I said played drums for Phoenix and was my new boyfriend? I had the wrong guy.

Music pro Laura Leebove texted me today and was like, “Um… you were wrong about the drummer.” Apparently the drummer who played with Phoenix is Thomas Hedlund and also apparently there are NO good pictures of him on the internet. For shame. Ronald Bruner was so pretty. Thomas Hedlund is pretty too, especially when he’s banging some drums, but I have less ways of proving that to you. I’m also disappointed because I already scribbled the name “Ronald Bruner” all over twenty seven Five-star Notebooks. Woops.

I thought for sure it was Ronald Bruner cause he had the stache going just like Thomas did. Here’s a picture of Thomas (second from right) in the Perishers. He plays with a gajillion bands, I guess. I told you he was good.


At least now I can see more of why he reminded me of a guy I dated. Sort of.

Well, Thomas Hedlund is my favorite drummer now. Sorry, Ronald Bruner… you can be number two.

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Phoenix Thomas(Photo by friend/music journo Laura Leebove)

Life is just too good. I must admit that I spent a half hour googling my little heart out trying to find out WHO THE HELL was on drums for Phoenix Saturday night in Central Park because he just may be my new man. Indeed.

I have never been more impressed by a drummer. Ever. Something about him, he just rocked it. I can’t get over how good he was and how much passion he poured into the drums. Insane.

(Editor’s note: I made a mistake in stating Ronald Bruner was the drummer for Phoenix. In fact, he was not. But continue reading anyway.)

Apparently his name is Ronald Bruner (Jr?) and I found some little videos of him on YouTube and am even more impressed. He kind of reminded me of this guy I used to date in a weird sort of way, maybe it was just his body type or something (muscle-y) but I couldn’t really figure it out. He also smiled a lot, which helped. Oh, he was just so nice. I was glued to him for almost their whole set. It didn’t help I had Tall Man Number One on my left and Tall Man Number Two on my right so half the time the drummer was the only thing I could see clearly anyway.

If you saw him on drums, you’d understand. But since you can’t, here’s some pictures I found of him on the internet (You can say it: staaaalkerrrrr):


ronny ronny

cutie in the middle

Yep, I’m a freak.


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A lot of things happened last night which have put me in kind of a strange place today. I can tell you about the good things that happened though.

Central Park; one of the greatest things about New York. Another great thing about this city is the free events. Last night I went a concert to celebrate the parks, with a Ken Burns documentary and musical performances from Carole King, Eric Benet, Augustana, Counting Crows, Gavin DeGraw and Alison Krauss and Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas and Peter Yarrow. I must say that I think I missed Augustana completely. Were they playing with the Counting Crows? I was confused. The focus was primarily the documentary and most of the artists only sang or played one song. The Counting Crows, however, sang a few; one of which was Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby, which I love. During that song, I jumped off the blanket and went down towards the stage to grab a pic and put some dance in my steps.



It was pretty cool. I love outdoors activities where there’s something going on below and the sky is just sitting there above. I love that. My jet-setting cousin Stephanie met up with me which was nice. She brought some beer and brown bags, which was funny because Mayor Bloomberg was there to deliver a few words. Not too sure how he’d feel about that.

I love Central Park and I love New York.

And now I will disappear…

Not really, I’m just a little sad today. Tomorrow should be better.

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I love the Mercury Lounge, it’s probably my favorite small venue that I’ve been to here. I saw Katy Perry, of all people, there over a year ago before she hit it big. And Thursday I got to see the band Fun, made up of some former members of The Format. I loved the Format and now I’m loving Fun. Nate (the singer) just has this voice that sticks out to me and it’s really fun to sing (Yep, Fun = fun). I’m so glad I got to see them, it was a great show.

Take your time coming home.
Hear the wheels as they roll.
Let your lungs fill up with smoke.
Forgive everyone.


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Yesterday was a fabulous Saturday in Brooklyn. Woke up at 8 a.m. (yes, on a Saturday) and went running for the first time in WEEKS with a brand new playlist, followed by a trip to the Brooklyn Public Library and the farmer’s market. Now I have endless amounts of peaches, plums, raspberries and blueberries as well as subway reading material for the week. Per-fect.

Later in the day I met up with my friend Lucy, who always knows what’s going on in the city when it comes to music. We went to the Park Slope Bluegrass and Oldtime Jamboree at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture. WTF is a Society for Ethical Culture? I have no idea. But we went there. There were a lot of older people, at least 75% of the hair in the room was white or missing completely. We felt like we had been momentarily transported to Vermont or somewhere, we definitely did not feel like we were still in New York. Some of these people had Southern accents and most of them lacked any sense of style. BUT they played some amazing Bluegrass. I am always awed by any musical abilities and some of these people with their instruments (not to mention voices) really impressed me. This one lady looked like she was 70 years old, played bluegrass bass and sang it out. If only my grandma could do that! (For the record my grandma owns an accordion, so maybe that means something.)

When we first got there, they had sold out of food so we walked two blocks to Sweet Melissa, a bakery on 7th avenue that I’ve heard of and walked by many times but never actually gotten anything from.

Well. I ordered their chicken potpie and it did NOT disappoint. I have no idea the last time when I actually had chicken pot pie was, but it’s been so blah and rainy outside, so a nice, warm, crisp chicken potpie is just what the doctor ordered.


Will you just look at that pot pie? The color is off because the lighting in the restaurant was not conducive to my photography skills, as is so often the case. But look! It is basically one giant crust that sits on top of a bowl of chicken stew. And the crust was so flaky and easy to break off into pieces, I really don’t think I have ever had better pot pie. It was comparable to the chicken stew they served at the Michigan State University cafeteria. I’m not even kidding, that was some good stuff! But it did not, of course, have that fancy crust.

Anyway, after my pot pie (and Lucy’s salad – she always gets salad!) we ordered a dessert. We got the warm flourless molten chocolate cake instead, basically, my five favorite words right there.


It was pretty good. My only complaints would be the wrapping was annoying to get around and I think I needed a glass of milk or a spoonful of vanilla ice cream to top it off. And perhaps a little more molten wouldn’t hurt. The next time I’m there I may try one of these cupcakes:


ANYWAY. This was supposed to be a post about Bluegrass. I like it. I also like that there are things called Pickin’ Tents where everyone brings their instrument, comes and goes as they please and jam along with whoever. Throughout the night we would go outside and check out the impromtu bluegrass band under the tent. My favorite is when everyone was singing along, people’s voices always surprise me.


A lot of the songs were about West Virginia. One of them I even knew from when I was like ten and would play this Carmen San Diego computer game all the time. Now that was a good game.

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I have loved Kasey Chambers since my freshman year of college, when I discovered her song, “Am I Not Pretty Enough” which spoke to me for whatever reason. Not everyone gets it. Andrea, my friend from college, she gets it. We’d sing Kasey ballads in the car as we drove all over East Lansing and went through different boys (or they went through us).

Kasey is an Australian folk artist and I had the chance to see her last year at the Highline with my friend Lucy. And last week she called me up to tell me Kasey was gonna be back here this Tuesday! I couldn’t believe I had missed that somehow, because she really is one of my top 5 female artists. Make that top 3.

shane, kasey, bill

She tours with her father, Bill, and her husband, Shane Nicholson, both of whom she has albums with. And she’s amazing. Something about her voice, it is like none other. Totally original.

Lucy thinks some of her old songs are “too sad” but I love them which may be kind of strange because really, I haven’t been hurt too bad in my life. Yeah, there’s been jerks and assholes here and there and I’ve been really disappointed by some people (friends and otherwise) but I’ve never really been hurt. Still, I don’t mind being miserable every once in a while. I think it’s good for you. Do I sound crazy? I don’t think I am. :)

She played Joe’s Pub which is really not a Pub at all. When Lucy told me it was there I was imagining tin pails with peanuts in them on all the tables. Seriously. But it was nothing of the sort. It was nice and intimate and we were probably some of the youngest people in the room. Kasey told really funny stories about growing up with her dad and about life now with her husband and their kids. We had a great table too, right in the center of it all. Of course there was a minimum so we got some wine and chocolate cake and for the record; Highline has good chocolate cake, Joe’s Pub does not. Anyway, she was great and her husband compliments her very well, both musically and personally (well, from what you can gather in two one and half hour concerts and the lyrics in their songs). I wish they played all night and I really wish she would have played more of my favorites like “Nullarbor Song” and “Million Tears.”

But it was still fantastique.

After the show, we went to find the restrooms and lo and behold, Miss Kasey Chambers was standing right there talking to a fan or two. So I made the photo op happen. She was so nice and she talked to me for a few minutes. I told her how we had saw her last year at the Highline. I didn’t tell her how in college (and let’s be honest, even now) I felt like people could maybe understand a whole other side of me if they just listened to her songs.


I love Kasey. She’s got a great spirit, amazing music and a wicked accent.

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