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Would you like a paaaaancaaaaaaake? I love pancakes, really.

So a couple weekends ago my friend Melissa had a rental car and she suggested we go somewhere we’d have to drive to for brunch. So of course, I went to the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives page on the Food Network website. Of course! And I found Brownstone Diner and Pancake Factory in Jersey City, which is not far from Manhattan, but not somewhere I would ever venture to without a car. And they’re famouse for, guess what, pancakes! So there we were! And we found a parking spot which was a nice small pleasure back in the driving world and we listened to the radio as they played the same songs over and over. It was awesome.

When we got there, there was a huge long wait but as soon as we put our name in two seats at the bar opened up and the lady asked the waiting and starving crowd if anyone is interested and you betchya we were! I mean, I love sitting at the bar. You get to watch all the action happen, for one… and you get to eat! So we sat on bar stools and I ordered some crazy combo with pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage that cost ALL OF NINE DOLLARS! No wonder people live in New Jersey, because there is no way you could get all that for nine dollars in NYC. I couldn’t eat it all and I’m still not over it. Melissa had a ham and cheese¬† omelet, cause that’s what she does and we both had just stared and stared at the pancake list.

Now, I guess I’m a purist when it comes to pancakes because I was not interested in walnuts or peanut butter or any sort of fruit compte. I am interested in, however, chocolate chips, but only limited to one pancake and I am also interested in sprinkling sugar on top of my pancake and then squeezing lemon on it which is THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD. Thank you, grandma S, for teaching me that.

Pancakes in New Jersey is fun. And then we went to Target.


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When I bought a pint of Bent Spoon ice cream at the New Amsterdam Market last month, they handled me a brown paper bag with a weird shaped container inside. I remember thinking it wasn’t the usual shape for a pint of ice cream but I just threw it in the freezer, with bag, when I got home.

Imagine my surprise to finally open the bag this week and see this cute little container inside! They wrote the flavor (egg nog!) on it and all the other fancy ingredients! Have you ever had an ice cream with dark rum, bourbon and courvoisier in it? It’s good!

I just think it’s too cute. It even says, “Wow.”

Thank you, Bent Spoon!

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It always impresses me when people’s facebook statuses say they are making some sort of bread. Banana nut bread, chocolate zucchini bread, whatever. I mean it can’t possibly be that hard to make bread, but I’ve certainly never done it. Actually, I’ve only used the oven once since I moved into this apartment. In April. Wow.

When I used to babysit in the city, one of the moms had a bread maker and she just made regular loaves and they were always amazing. Just add a little honey¬† and – perfection. She also made ginormous blueberry muffins. Hmm… maybe I should be a bit more domestic.

Anyway, last week I wrote about the amazing apples I bought at the Union Square Greenmarket. Well, they were Golden Crisps from Terhune Orchards in New Jersey and I also got a little thing of peach bread.

Peach bread. I certainly wouldn’t have thought of that. But it is my new favorite. So I bought some more yesterday, ate half and the rest of it is waiting for me at my office.

I ate some

So good.

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