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Well, folks. It is Monday! Martin Luther King, JR day and I am at the office, how about you?

This is Kelly going all Pacman at Patsy’s Pizza. She’s probably going to love this picture so much she’ll use it for her Valentine’s Day cards.

Patsy’s Pizza is pretty popular and there are quite a few locations, so it’s interesting that I had never been until the other night when we visited the UWS location. This was actually right after I met good ol’ Johnny Weir.

Patsy’s is pretty good. We got pepperoni and sausage pizza and a caprice salad because you know, we needed some more cheese. The next day I heated up some Patsy’s in the office kitchen for my lunch and had two huge slices on my plate when some Salad Girls walked in. That was awesome. Sometimes you just need some pizza!

What’s the best thing YOU ate this weekend?

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Motorino is NYC’s latest pizza obsession. Slice loves it. I tried to go a few weeks ago and the wait was too long. But I finally made it to the East Village location with some of my peeps and it was pretty good. This top pizza here is cremini and sweet sausage and we also had margherita (’cause you always have to try the margherita) and stracciatella: which was basil, olive oil, and sea salt. YUM!

Yes. It was all nice. There’s also a Motorino location in Brooklyn, so I’m going to have to check that out.

My pizza-shaped heart still beats for Grimaldi’s though. Just wish that wasn’t always the place with the longest line.

Motorino usually has tiramisu but the night we were there it didn’t set properly or something so we weren’t able to try that. Bummerzville! We went on Nora’s actual birthday and they were accommodating, we got chocolate soft-serve with a candle and they came out and sang happy birthday to her! It wasn’t tiramisu but it still was nice! We ended up getting a *real* dessert somewhere after that but I’m gonna leave that one for tomorrow. ;)

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