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Sometimes you just gotta get out of town, Charlie Brown. Have I mentioned that some parts of New Jersey are gorgeous? This past weekend we had to drive through it to get to Pennings Orchard & Farm Market and seriously, some parts of New Jersey are NICE. The lakes and the hills and the trees! Goodness. Same for upstate New York, too. Wouldn’t mind having a house there someday (upstate New York, I mean… not sure if I could ever say I live in Jersey, no matter WHERE it is).

Anywho. Riding in a car is fun. Even in a teeny tiny backseat:

And the reason for the drive, of course: Apple picking! I have so many apples in my fridge right now.

Ruby was the champ of apple picking, I think. And maybe Marty, too, because he is tall.

Ahh, how pretty is everything? Trees! Grass! I’ll say it again. This city girl also likes her space.

And cider donuts:

“Hi, we’ll take 40.” Just kidding. I did eat two, though, naturally.

So delicious. Best ever. I love life.

Also, this place had a beer garden and they were grilling sausages and there was a petting farm and kind of like a sports bar inside the “farm market” I guess with the Giants game on the TV. And also there were TONS of apples. They gave you a map with all the different kinds and we tried a whole lot of them. It was $25 for all the apples you could fill in your bag and we didn’t even fill ours to the top because we weren’t sure what we were going to do with fifty billion apples. Make apple pie I guess, but yeah… that’s not happening. At least not this week. :)

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There is cute and then there is cute. If you’re a cupcake, you should probably be cute. Or be surrounded by zebras. Seriously. The one wall of zebras made me really want a pattern wall of some sort of animal in my bedroom. That would be awesome. That is also my reason to have children – so I can decorate their bedrooms for them except really for me. Although I could totally do this zebra thing in any other room as well.

I have a lot to catch up here on City Mitten because I just spent the past five days or so in TEXAS of all places but first I have a couple of updates to finish from when Em Bem and my mommy were in town. Which is where we get this picture:

You see, Em Bem loves cupcakes, perhaps even more than me if that’s possible. And she was dying to go to Sprinkles once she heard they were opening one on the UES. They apparently were the first cupcake-only bakery and started in Beverly Hills and are now in a bunch of major cities.

And look, you can get some for your dog! How sweet.

So we got two chocolatey ones. One with chocolate sprinkles because my mom loves those and the other one because it was cute as a button. And I also love their wooden cutterly with “Sprinkles” spelled out onto them… such good branding!

Wheee, Sprinkles is good.


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I love Peels. I won’t deny it. I wrote a love letter to their brunch the other day. And on a weekend late afternoon, sometimes you don’t have to wait for a table at all! We had been walking around all day and our feet were killing us so my mom, Emily and I stopped at Peels for a little smores cupcake I saw in their bake case recently and some iced coffee and iced mochas.

Isn’t she pretty? We had to try. The whole top is a marshmallow basically.

And of course they also have really good iced coffee:

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Oh, Governors Island. I had been wanting to ride bicycles around it ALL SUMMER and time was running out! So when my sister and my mom came to town, I decided we would go for a little spin. And it’s really not bad – $15 for two hours on a bike. You really don’t need more than that since the island isn’t so big. Here we are taking a little rest to watch the trapeze school on the island:

It looks like fun.

Also fun in general is hanging out with my momma. Here I am looking like I’m trying to smush her:

And yes, that is the statue of liberty in the back.

Yay, close up of my face with momma in the background.

Vroom vroom!

And also I really liked my handle bars on my bike with a heart on the bell:

And that’s my Tumblr bag. Of course. I like going to Governors Island.

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There’s not much to say here except I really like pickles and I really like seeing pickles in a giant, big bucket for sale. These particular ones I found at The New Amsterdam Market and they had some mustard flavor (note the yellowish hue) and a bit of a bite.

If you haven’t been to the New Amsterdam Market yet, there’s only a thousand City Mitten posts already telling you to go. So here’s one more. It’s every Sunday through just before Christmas. And there’s always artisanal ice cream, I can promise you that.

And also, there are pies:

These babes are from Pie Corps in Brooklyn and in the front we have chocolate pudding pies with caramel, and grasshopper pies behind them. They were so so tempting but I think I had already spent five kajillion dollars that weekend on something so I was just at the market to look. And to buy a pickle. Which I did.

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Consider this a Public Service Announcement: Tomorrow is the last Saturday of Summer Streets, when Manhattan shuts down a HUGE BLOCK OF STREETS for bikers, runners, walkers alike to do as they please in them. It’s kind of awesome. And I wasn’t even on a bike. (Word to the wise, if you want a free bike rental, get there when it starts at 7 a.m.). There are a few “pit stops” set up along the way, the one at Broadway and Spring had a really cool set up from REI. Here you can see Sarah rock climbing in the middle of Soho. Because that happens. So that was awesome.

At Astor Place there was a Crunch Fitness pit stop and people were doing a dance/aerobics class on the pavement with an instructor from Dancing with The Stars. Further up at 25th st was a Whole Foods pit stops and there were tons of free samples. We got popsicles, as you do.

Summer Streets goes from the Brooklyn Bridge all the way up to 72nd st. So who knows what we didn’t even see. Take advantage before it’s over! And wake up early because it only goes til 1 p.m.

When Jessica and I walked back downtown, this man on a Segway was next to us and we started talking about it and he asked me, “Would you like to try?” Um… yeah? So I rode a Segway! And I almost ran over a baby in a stroller. It was fun! I mean, they are so incredibly dorky looking but they are FUN to be on. It’s so bizarre how they work. I really don’t get it.

Happy Summer Streets!

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I am only going to say this once: Social Eatz is a terrible restaurant name. Nothing about it says “American-Asian” and everything about it says “Food-related mobile app” or “random sports bar.” At least to me.

But the food is good. I’ve seen a thousand of my friends check in on @foursquare and say how good the Bibimbap Burger is (mini version above) and I got some positive comments myself when it was my turn to check in. So people obviously like it. It probably helps that the chef was on Top Chef and is very nice to look at. Also, he appeared to be extremely friendly.

So let me back up. My dear friend Missy Kayko, who is awesome at living in NYC, won this photo and caption contest with Taste of Korea, a company promoting Korean food in New York. She was then invited to “Angelo Sosa goes Korean Party” at Social Eatz with a plus one and I was lucky enough to be it.

(Sidenote: I recently won a food-related item in a contest that I’m pretty sure I DID NOT ENTER. And Missy was my plus one for that. Ha.)

So we went to Social Eatz and tried some drinks featuring Soju (a Korean liquor similar to vodka) and those were delicious. We also got to try some sweet and spicy tomato soup, some meatballs, some pork belly, and of course the mini Bibimbap Burger above. It’s ground beef with a slow cooked egg, lettuce and pickled carrot and cucumber. It’s good. I think I had one or five.

The best part of the event though was they blew up Missy’s winning picture and gave it to her to take home. And the picture was of herself. So there I was standing in this restaurant holding an almost life-size picture of my friend while I was standing next to her in the flesh, too. I also took it upon myself to make the Missy picture “dance” to the music that was playing and then get a picture of Missy feeding a meatball to herself in photograph form. It was hysterical. To us anyway.

So thanks, Missy for taking me to Social Eatz and letting me dance with the picture of you!

Ha. This event was like a month ago and I never got around to writing about it but I’m glad I did now.

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