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Okay, so maybe Thanksgiving was last week but you’re going to have to get over it for five seconds and look at all this good food!

Thanksgiving is the best. Lots of family and lots of food. And lots of Lions football but I’m not going there this time. :) Always love my Lions!

This year, Thanksgiving was at my cousin’s house in Rochester, Mi and there were 8.5 billion people and 8.5 billion dishes. Above you see turkey and mashed potatoes with green been caserole coming up from the back. There was this guy there I’ve never met before and he was like, “Why are you taking pictures of the food?” Um, hellooooooo! Haha. He was nice. ANYWAY.

Would you like some ham? Sweet potatoes? Carrots? The most amazing salad ever with strawberries and walnuts? Seriously, the salad. My aunt makes it every year and every year I love it. Yay thanksgiving!

Here is an added bonus of my little sister looking completely thrilled. It was during the part when you’ve got your plate all ready but you’re not sure if it’s rude or not to start eating. Ha.

Here is one of the lovely desserts. There were all kinds of pies and mini pies and who knows what but above is some sort of oreo creation and oreos are always so fab.

And here’s a piece of that action. Followed by some homemade pumpkin ice cream!

Pumpkin ice cream! Geeze, looking at these pictures makes me feel so worthless. I’m 25 and all I do is show up! I think my Dad brings a bottle of wine… so there’s that. We definitely weren’t lacking anything at this meal, but still. Maybe next year I’ll bring the wine. Haha.

And here’s one more pictures of my little sister trying to tame one of the thousand dogs that were running around. Oh, and if you’re wondering yes, she is dressed like an elf, and no that’s not a usual thing (someone did ask us that) but we dressed like elves for the Lions game this year. It was fun! We even had little elf hats. I brought mine back to New York just incase, you know, I need it one day or something.

Happy weekend!

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Oh, BLT Burger, I miss you. Basically, I miss all the same restaurants I used to complain about that were sort of near Union Square and were available to me for lunch every week day for the past three years of my life. Now my office is in the middle of deadzville in Soho, and I wasn’t even aware there was a deadzville in Soho. I’ve started to actually bring my own lunch, which used to be a foreign concept to me.

Actually, there are some decent lunch spots nearby my new office, but I don’t exactly have an hour for leisurely lunch every day anymore, so I gotta make some changes.

ANYWAY, this was supposed to show how much I miss BLT Burger, and I do, because I used to go there with my girl Lisa when we could get away with taking lunch at the same time. And it was legit. Do you see that juicy burger in front of you? And those fries so plentiful, you can’t even get through five? And we haven’t even mentioned the best part!

Milkshakes! This was the mocha mudslide, O. M. G. Oreo cookies, O. M. G. coffee ice cream, and O. M. G. chocolate syrup. I am actually mad at myself for posting this picture right now because it looks so delicious because it is so delicious and I will never have it for lunch again in my life. Seriously, one time the only thing I had for lunch was that shake. Somebody has PROBlems! Oh and they make *spiked* milkshakes, too! DANGEROUS!

These photos are actually from my Union Square lunch days, which have passed unfortunately. And because I can’t remember for the life of me the last time I actually had a burger, I have a feeling that’s what tonight’s dinner will be. Especially since we’re going to the Frying Pan.


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If I had my own cupcake shop, it would have an awesome name. That goes without saying. When I say the sign for, “Hello Cupcake,” in D.C. I thought, “Hey, that’s me!”

In college when I was a designer for The State News, we created a page of valentines for people to cut out and I drew a picture of a cupcake for mine with the simple text, “Hey there, cupcake.” It was cute.

So I like cupcakes. Another thing I like: oreos. So a cookies and cream cupcake has got to be tried. Crumbs has some sort of oreo something cupcake but we all know what I think of that. This cupcake wasn’t just a cookies and cream on top, the batter was cookies and cream too. And that’s sweet. Anyway, Hello Cupcake is cute and the cookies and cream cupcake is pretty good. They have so many crazy options, my friend Ryan was blown away:

Sophia was pleased too:

Helloooo cupcake. In other news, today is my baby sister Sambe’s 21st birthday! So happy birthday, Sambe! She’s also coming to NYC this weekend with some friends and it’s gonna be bomb. :)

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Oysters and ice cream. An interesting combination, no? Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. In Detroit last weekend, I went to a new restaurant called South Bar in downtown Birmingham and we ordered some Blue Point oysters. I’m becoming a huge oyster fan but I thought it was strange when they were served on salt, not ice. Not a fan.

South Bar is a strange place, anyway. My friend Abby told me it was like a restaurant in Miami and she was not kidding. It had the plush couches on an outdoor deck and seemed very… Miami. Or Meatpacking District. Is this the way downtown Birmingham is heading?

This is the Birmingham I prefer:

Dairy Mat! I’ve been walking (or driving) up to this place from my home since I moved there when I was two. And it’s still exactly the same. And you can get a face on your ice cream cone:

Or a flurry:

Now excuse me while I hunt down the nearest Mister Softee truck.

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This is Kayti and she may not be in NYC anymore (she was visiting) but this post is about her anyway because yesterday I got a glorious package from the little miss herself. It included some food she took from my kitchen and left crumbs of in my bed (Kashi cereal) as well as some other general faves of mine (oreos, what?!). I am pumped. And I had breakfast this morning.

The picture was from our underwhelming brunch at Flatbush Farm, which I never even wrote about because it was so underwhelming.

But, as you can see, anything is fun with KMD. :)

Also fun: my dinner plans for this evening. So stick around, y’all.

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There are some chains I absolutely cannot get behind. Actually, that would be most chains, so let me start over. There are some cupcakes I absolutely cannot get behind. And this one happens to be a chain. Coincidence? I think not.

Crumbs Bake Shop. Perhaps the most popular cupcake stop in New York, perhaps only due to sheer volume of stores. Seriously there is an effing Crumbs on every corner. They put one a block from my office last year. So it’s the most convenient. But sadly, not the most delicious.

The cupcakes are huge, and I’m sure that’s part of the draw. I remember my first time in, I got a giant Oreo cupcake and was extremely underwhelmed. The cake part was eh and the frosting was actually kind of hard. No thanks. People rave about these cupcakes and I try my best to hold my tongue, cause what’s the point in being bitchy about a cupcake?

Last week at my office’s holiday party, one of my co-workers brought in Crumbs and they were actually quite good. I tried the vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and thought maybe they got it right. Maybe Crumbs is actually good.

But then today, my friend surprised me with one of their brownie cupcakes. I was very excited to try my treat, but when I got home, again Crumbs was a disappointment:

It just doesn’t taste like anything. It even had frosting in the middle and that did nothing for me. Oh, Crumbs, why does everyone love you?

I don’t get it.

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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend! I have a lot of stuff to post from Detroit, so let’s get it started, shall we? I had a great time back in my hometown with my friends and family, and as you can see from the above photo, we had some really yummy treats!

On Friday night we had a dessert party at my mom’s house. I had brought goodies from New York: cupcakes from Butter Lane and a cheesecake from Junior’s. The best part was I didn’t even tell anyone what I was bringing so when I got off the plane with my Junior’s bag, my mom was like, “Ye-ah!” It’s her fave.

My best friend Michelle made this awesome cookie cake (above) from this recipe I had seen online and passed along to her saying, “Please, please, please!” I was thrilled that she actually made it and it was my favorite thing I tried. She made the whipped cream from scratch and it was delicious! My cousin M brought in a giant mocha cake, truffles, and Candy Cane Joe Joe’s (oreos) from Trader Joe’s.

Here’s some of the spread and here is Michelli trying to sneak some frosting from the mocha cake:


Look at the concentration here:

And here’s little B and her big cake:

After everyone had enough sugar to last us the entire week, we gathered around the kitchen table for story time with R:

Good times, good times. And geesh, after looking at all these pictures, who wants to go take a run in Prospect Park? Or, you know, just take a nap. :)

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