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I am so trendy. First The Standard and now The Dutch. Okay, then. Actually this post has been a long time coming.

I finally, finally went to The Dutch a few weeks ago when my roommate’s brother was in town. We tried a million things. Oysters to start, obviously. I am SO glad that I like oysters. Seriously.

Broccolli rabe and mashed potatoes. I enjoy mashed potatoes.

And now with Asian White Boy Ribs (what?). I enjoy ribs.

And the chicken that is no longer on the menu. Now there’s chicken stroganaff which I would not mind trying. This particular chicken (sorry about the color, btw) had foam with it and foam just doesn’t impress me. But the chicken itself was very good. This was one of those meals where you’re like, “Ok, I’m full now” and then you keep eating. I guess that means it was good!

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It’s fancy time!

But first… a word from our sponsor: Michigan State University.

JUST KIDDING. Obviously my university does not sponsor this blog but after the glorious win against the Michigan Wolverines this past weekend, I just have to say something. I have lots of friends that went to Michigan and most of them are great, and we’re playful about the rivalry and it’s all in good fun. But some are just nasty and I’m hoping since now we’ve beat them in football four years in a row I won’t hear a peep for awhile. Have some respect! Go green!

AND back to the topic at hand- gettin fancy!

I had seen a list of “top lobster rolls” in the country and was surprised to see a restaurant from Texas listed. So I did a little research on this place, Perla’s in Austin and decided that while in Texas, I had to go there. And also my friend Stacy had suggested we go there as well, from the positive things she had heard about the restaurant as well. So by the time I finally made it there, I had built it up pretty big in my head.


Oysters, as you do. Some East Coast and some West Coast but I can’t remember for the life of me what they were besides absolutely delicious. I told the server which kinds I typically go for and he was a huge help and his suggestions were spot on.

And then you wait for the good stuff:

I have had a lot of lobster rolls in my life and dare I say *gasp* this may be the best one I’ve ever had! PERFECT. And the fries were good and we also had brussels sprouts and asparagus and my dad also loved his lobster roll and Stacy really liked her fish. So basically if you go to Austin I highly, highly recommend eating here and I highly, highly recommend getting the lobster roll. When I return, I hope to eat here again. Because it was so good! My dad and I talked about it for days. DAYS afterward.

And the place is really cute, too.

Ahhhh thinking about this again is making me think about going back to Texas immediately! Who is coming?

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The best meal we had in Chicago a few weekends ago was the last one. Thanks to my awesome cousin who rules Chicago and her suggestion, we went to GT Fish & Oyster. It’s a gorgeous and fun setting, the service was fantastic and the food phenomenal. Easily the best meal of the year so far. Thank you, Chicago!

The menu is made up of small plates so it’s best to order a few. Or five thousand. As we did. Our server was so awesome and he made it really fun for us as we told him we were celebrating Nora’s birthday. Also – he could have sold us a plate of salt if he wanted to. He had us in the palm of his hand. If he suggested we try one more thing, we did. If he suggested we get more drinks, we did. Dessert to split? Yes, please!

So we ordered a lot. I am showing approximately four percent of the dishes that actually came to us. Starting with the clam chowder as you see above. Isn’t it cute how it was presented? And it was so good. You know I love me some clam chowder.

We got some oysters, duh:

Do you know how much fun it is to like oysters? I am so glad I am a fan. Here is an oyster I don’t remember which kind (shame on me for slacking with my Oysterpedia app!) and some mignonette on top. Delicious.

This was PHENOMENAL. Black gnocchi with squid ink, carrot lobster broth, prawns and fiddlehead ferns. AMAZING. I love gnocchi (esp when it’s good) and I love prawns. Excellente.

This is the lobster roll. They were kind enough to cut it in three for us. Also delicious. I’m excited because it’s going against The Mermaid at this year’s Tasting Table Lobster Roll Rumble, which naturally I’ll be at. Also the fried onions behind it – normally couldn’t care less. NOPE. Delicious and addicting.

The last picture of food I’m going to post is the lobster mac and cheese:

Ok these are my favorite kind of noodles that mac and cheese is made with. Yes. And they brought this dish to us last, which we appreciated, so it didn’t fill us up in the beginning (like I said before – we ordered five thousand other things I am not posting.) Perfect.

An all-around excellent meal. I can’t talk it up enough. If you go to Chicago, you must absolutely, absolutely go here. And here’s one last photo of me and my ladies before Kayti and I headed back to Michigan and said goodbye to Nora and my newfound love and appreciation of Chicago:

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DISCLAIMER! The Mermaid Inn and Mermaid Oyster Bar are actually my employers. And I’m totally going to be using these photos on our official tumblr too. WITH THAT SAID I could never work for a restaurant I did not like and with that said, I eat at the Mermaid Inn and Mermaid Oyster Bar more than I’ve eaten at a single restaurant in my entire life, simply because it is actually delicious. So, there’s that. If you are my friend, or if you read this blog, and have not yet eaten at one of the Mermaid locations – shame on you!

So… The Mermaid Oyster Bar is now open for brunch/lunch starting at noon on the weekends and that pretty much changes everything. Above is a $7 glass of Sangria (Yes, I AM promoting our specials so that you go there).

Also: dollar oysters from noon til 7:

Did you hear me? Noon til 7. That is seven hours. A dozen Blue Points, please. Also – see that little card sitting on the bar behind the oysters? It’s called a table tent and I made it. They always say cute and or hilarious things. At least to me.

Finally: a lobster roll/lobster sandwich. That’s what’s going on here:

I waaaaas going to try one of the brunchy specials, but I was with Miss KP and the second she said she was getting the lobster roll – that was a total game changer. I couldn’t not order the lobster roll if that’s what she was getting. Tom, one of the OB managers, who is fabulous, even made fun of me and said it was great that I was trying their new dishes and thinking outside the box. HA.

What can I do? :)

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Roasted oysters (with smoked bacon and leeks) are fun. At Brooklyn Fish Camp with my girl Jordan. Since there’s a post for you today you can safely assume I’ve been procrastinating like nobody’s business on the whole packing thing.

Yellow tuna sliders.

Pan fried cod sandwich and Jordan eating french fries. Who doesn’t love french fries? Jordan goes to Brooklyn Fish Camp a bit and she says the po’ boys are fantastic and I am also interested in trying the lobster roll. Brooklyn Fish Camp is cute. I like it. They were also nice enough to not make a big deal about the giant stack of oversize boxes I had along with me (did I mention I’m moving?! It’s the worst!). A dude asked me on my way out if I was going to make a fort. I wish!

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So the Ace Hotel is kind of awesome. First is the hotel by itself, with a super sweet lobby, and then there’s Stumptown, and then there’s The Breslin and then finally, finally is the new John Dory Oyster Bar.

It’s definitely a bar, you’ll be sitting on bar stools at the counter at the windows (like we were) or on bar stools at a tiny round table. Their raw bar presentation itself is pretty neato, and I wish we were seated over there. But instead we got to watch the random strangers go by outside.

So oysters are $3/pop, doesn’t matter what kind you get. We got Mermaid Cove and Royal Miyagi, which are both good stuff. After that we got some small plates:

This is the oyster pan roast with the uni crostini on the left. I wasn’t sure what an oyster roast was going to be, it was a creamy soup and Kelly and I were actually confusing it with the clam chowder we also got, both were very good but they were kind of similar. To the right are the Parker House rolls which were A-mazing. Best rolls ever. We almost stole some from the plate of the people next to us, but our mammas raised us better than that. We also had mussels stuffed with mortadella which was kind of like a meatball inside the mussel, also very nice.

The only thing that wasn’t so nice was the dessert:

On the left – Honeycrisp tart with almonds and creme fraiche (meh) and on the right – chocolate pot with whiskey cream and oatmeal cookie. Well I don’t care about oatmeal cookies to begin with but this one was hard as rock aaaaand the chocolate pot was very similar to a certain dessert I often have elsewhere. Interestiiiing.

ALSO – I feel like there’s been a lot of hype about The John Dory but we went around 7/7:30 on a Saturday night and were seated immediately, which was awesome. So here’s the scoop: I really like The John Dory and I like everything The Ace Hotel does, pretty much as a rule. So I would definitely go back to The John Dory when I’ve got money to burn, or when I’m with my momma cause I think she’d really like those rolls. Kelly and I sure did!

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There’s always something more to discover at Chelsea Market. This time, it was crepes and oysters. Interesting combination, no? We just happened to walk by Bar Suzette as they were making nutella crepes and it only took about two minutes of us standing their with our mouths open to realize we wanted one too.

Gorgeous. And delicious. And an FYI – they put the wrapped paper around the crepe for a reason. Kayti thought she’d be slick and take it off, but then when she took a bite, nutella fell onto her legs and my dress. Oops!

And now the oysters:

I’ve walked by, gone inside, eaten chowder from The Lobster Place many o’ times, but this was the first time that I saw them shucking oysters to eat on the spot right outside the store. At only a buck fifty a pop! I just tried a Wellfleet and a Skookum Inlet:

Now Kayti may be holding them, but she definitely didn’t eat them. The three girls just stood in awe/disgust as I slung ’em back. It’s so funny to me because it wasn’t until I moved to NYC that I even thought of trying an oyster so I can sort of understand the initial reluctance people have, but now oysters are half of my life and I have zero sympathy for anyone who won’t at least try one. I was very impressed with my little sister for trying them when she came to the city a few weeks ago. That’s my girl.

Well, that’s a wrap of the pictures with Kayti and company. Now my momma’s here and we’ve got a few things on the docket (popbar for one!) so stay tuned and enjoy your weekend!

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I apologize if you do not like oysters because I’ve been featuring them on City Mitten quite a lot lately. And what am I supposed to do? I work full-time for a seafood restaurant and I happen to be thinking about oysters for most of my day. Not to mention, it’s pretty much the only thing that sounds good all the time. If you’ve never tried them, I’m not going to make any promises, because not everyone likes them, but I think they are refreshing and delicious and if you’d like to try them, I’d love to be the one to take you there.

This is my sister’s friend Kelsey trying her first oyster. I don’t think she was *entirely* sold but I was a moron and only ordered enough for everyone to try two. What was I thinking!? They all taste different!

It was also Sambe’s birthday so she got an extra large pudding (did I mention yet that we were at the Mermaid Inn East Village?).

Love it. We had a super early dinner because 1) we didn’t have a reservation so I knew that was our best bet and 2) we were seeing Next to Normal afterward!

If you haven’t seen Next to Normal yet, I really really suggest that you do. I’ve seen it twice now and I just think it’s fantastic. So get some tix!

In other news, you got lots of my sister Samb this week and you might get more of her next week too because I’m headed to Detroit again this weekend for her real birthday party! I’m so excited to see my family. Who knows what we’ll be up to. :)

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Last week I felt like I hadn’t gone out in a long time, so what did I do? Grabbed my girl Missy Kayko for some beers. We went to dinner and then our favorite secret spot, and then somehow ended up at McSorley’s Old Ale House. McSorely’s is famous because it’s been there since 1854! It’s OLD! And they only serve their light and dark McSorley’s Ale and they give you two smallish mugs for $5.

It’s super cute inside too, with black and white photos and newspaper clips covering the wall. The ladies restroom is a converted closet from when the days women weren’t permitted (which, by the way they weren’t permitted until 1970). Crazy. And Fun. Lots of characters inside, and on this particular day it was lots of characters mad at LeBron James for not choosing to come to New York. This huge man kept slamming down his glass and we thought for sure it was going to break. We also stole some saltines and a pickle from this man when we thought he left… but then he returned! Oops!

Good times. I will go back to McSorley’s, especially since the tables are communal if you have smaller groups, so you’re forced to meet new people. :)

Oh… and in regards to that picture of oysters I posted on Friday from Birmingham, Michigan – this is how oysters are supposed to be served:

From the Mermaid Oyster Bar, natch. Kumamoto, Shibumi, Wellfleet, and two more from Washington whose name I don’t remember. YUM.

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Oysters and ice cream. An interesting combination, no? Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. In Detroit last weekend, I went to a new restaurant called South Bar in downtown Birmingham and we ordered some Blue Point oysters. I’m becoming a huge oyster fan but I thought it was strange when they were served on salt, not ice. Not a fan.

South Bar is a strange place, anyway. My friend Abby told me it was like a restaurant in Miami and she was not kidding. It had the plush couches on an outdoor deck and seemed very… Miami. Or Meatpacking District. Is this the way downtown Birmingham is heading?

This is the Birmingham I prefer:

Dairy Mat! I’ve been walking (or driving) up to this place from my home since I moved there when I was two. And it’s still exactly the same. And you can get a face on your ice cream cone:

Or a flurry:

Now excuse me while I hunt down the nearest Mister Softee truck.

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