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Hello. That’s me. And my house in Michigan. My little sister is totally crazy and fun and wears weird things so I bought this awesome hat for her in New York and now she’s refusing to wear it. Everybody was shocked. Even her best friend thought it was weird, cause the hat is obviously awesome. I wore it into Target and everyone stared at me and it was great. I love this hat. I also love these boots which are, guess what, Hunter boots! I got them for Christmas and was so excited! I can’t wait for a rainy day in New York because I plan to wear them all the time.

By the way, the hat is so cool, even my friend Eugene wore it when we were picking out movies at Blockbuster:

So there’s that.

In other news, it’s the last day of 2009 and I am back in New York City. Thank goodness. My girl Abby is here and we have some major plans so everyone have a Happy New Year and be safe! See you in 2010! :)

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Alright, so I may have already set this picture as my profile pic on facebook AND the background of my twitter page but I just think it’s too great to not have its own post on City Mitten, too.

Remember how I mentioned my friend Laura and I got a picture with a panda that would be on the 3rd ward’s flickr page? Well, here it is, y’all. I think it’s hilarious. I showed a couple people at work and they were all like, “Is that Sad Panda?!” Hi-larious. Sad Panda is so famous. But as I said, no, it was not him.

In other panda news, my girl Susannah from SKT Ceramics emailed me and told me she’s misplaced the penguin she set aside for me, but no fear because she’s firing up one just for me and she promises it will be even more beautiful than the other one. I am getting it Monday or Tuesday and I am v. excited.

And my final news: I’ve been kind of sicky all week but I’d BETTER get better cause I have lots of Christmas shopping still to do and lots of festivities planned for the weekend. And it’s freezing. And still no snow. WHERE IS IT?

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It’s another Wednesday Craft Day here at City Mitten! Last weekend I went to another craft fair with miss Laura Leebove. We joked that this should be our lives, going to different fairs every weekend. It’s so fun!

We went to the 3rd ward in Brooklyn early Saturday morning for their Handmade Holiday Craft Fair. The 3rd ward is cool. We had to go up a fire escape to get to the second floor, which was more vendors and a bar serving Bloody Marys.

So let’s see. It was a craft fair. There were lots of cool t-shirts and homemade cards and soaps and other fun things. Laura and I were looking at a table full of shirts and I looked up at the two dudes selling them and blurted out, “Wow, you guys look like Williamsburg!” I don’t even know what came over me, they just happened to be the BIGGEST hipsters I’ve ever seen. I mean, I see hipsters all the time but these two gentlemen took the cake. The one guy with the sides of his hair shaved and the rest of it toppled above his head knew what I was saying and laughed, while the moustache dude seemed slightly offended and said, “I don’t even know what that means.”

How do you not know what that means? Williamsburg = hipster. We learned that in kindergarten. You know what that means.

Anyway. I didn’t buy much because I was an idiot and forgot to get cash beforehand. BUT I did see the girl with the SKT ceramics again and my baby penguin was still available and I’m going to pick him up from her this week! I can’t wait to take care of him.

What else? I saw this guy wearing this AWESOME cupcake hat:

I wouldn’t exactly walk around in that thing but I think it’s pretty sweet that he does!

There was also a panda roaming around randomly:

I bonded with one of the vendors over how much this panda reminds us of the Sad Panda that hangs around lower Manhattan and that was profiled in a really sad video on Gothamist.

This panda, however, was not so sad and Laura and I got a profesh picture with him that should be on the 3rd ward’s flickr stream soon.

In other news, last night it did not rain and I was able to enjoy a lovely evening skating around Bryant Park. More on that tomorrow. :)

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Besides the Wednesday before Thanksgiving being the biggest bar night of the year, it’s also the night when the parade people put all the floats on Woodward Avenue for the next morning’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in Detroit.

So after going to the bar, my momma picked my friend Nora and I up (yep, that’s right, drink responsibly!) and my aunt and cousin were in the car and we all drove to downtown Detroit. My friend and I were yabbing the entire way there, I remember that. We tried to convince my cousin that Michigan State University is a wayyy better option than Central Michigan (um, obviously?) and I remember all our reasons were ridiculous (I’m pretty sure I brought up Puffin’s Bakery and Urban Outfitters).

Anyway, we finally got there and just like last year, all the floats were just sitting there, all lined up in a row. Last year there were some police officers trolling around as security and this time there were a few trucks nearby keeping watch, making sure nobody did anything stupid to wreck the floats before their big day.

My friend Nora got yelled at for doing this:

“GET OFF THE FLOAT!” A strange voice yelled. So then she decided to play nice:

My mom played with Curious George:

And look, a panda driving a seal!

And of course, the reindeer practicing for their run around the world on Christmas Day. Nora wanted to climb on top of them (who am I kidding, so did I) and while it did look partially feasible, it also partially looked like a near-death experience as well.

It might have been awesome if there was no one around, but we had already been yelled at once by a truck man so it was probably a good idea we didn’t try something stupid again.

Anyway, it was fun and it was freezing. I think we might have fallen asleep in the car on the way home.

One final point. Has anyone ever been to The Whitney? I remember people talking about it a lot during homecoming season in high school, but I completely forgot about it until we found ourselves in front while walking along the floats. There was a party going on and I was getting curiouser and curiouser as the people standing outside stared at us, probably wondering what we were doing. The place is cool from the outside, at least:

Yeah, Detroit.

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