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Well, hello chocolate layer cake from The Chocolate Room. Also called “The Biggest Piece of Chocolate Cake in My Life.” Sorry (or not sorry) to say I could not eat the entire thing. Miss Jordan introduced me to The Chocolate Room a while back. There are two locations in Brooklyn, one is quite close to me. The one we went to was in Park Slope. Apparently there was a time Jordan went so often she knew every server who worked there. No one was surprised. The dessert menu is pretty good, they have specials every night so there are a thousand options if you like chocolate. If you don’t like chocolate, who are you?

And this is called “Jordan Loves When I Take Pictures of Her.” Actually, she does. I like going places with her because she doesn’t mind playing model for me. And because she’s a good time. Tonight we’re going old-fashioned bowling for our friend Shar’s birthday.

The cake Jordan has here is a flourless chocolate cake with raspberry something or other. For the life of me I cannot figure out why I don’t like raspberry with my chocolate cake. I like chocolate cake and I like raspberry but I do not like them together. But the flourless cake itself was delicious. So take note, head to The Chocolate Room, and tell me what you get.

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Hello. I am obsessed with this glassware. Sadly, these glasses not available for purchase on the interwebs. And I need them in my kitchen. Sheep Station, if I were you, I’d keep a close eye on those pint glasses of yours…

And now, it is story time.

I went to Sheep Station last week with my homegirl Jordan (basically the only person I’m talking about lately, I promise you I do have other friends) and her friend Kelly who was in town. One of the first things we noticed when we went inside was a giant stroller just hanging out. No biggie. I’ve seen strollers before. We sat down at a table and next to us was a group of about 4-5 adults with three kids, all age 2 or under. No biggie. We talk to our server, order our food, everything comes out. Normal dinner. We’re in the middle of an interesting conversation and all of a sudden we hear an “AHHHHHHHHHH!” coming from the 2-year old’s mouth about four feet away from us. I look over and jokingly send a dirty look in that direction (I mean, you can’t really give a 2-year-old a dirty look) and then us girls laugh to ourselves and think, “Wow, that baby is crazy.”

60 seconds later. “AHHHHHHHHHHH!” This kid is screaming at the top of his/her lungs. Again our conversation comes to a halt. The baby does not stop. The mom and dad keep saying to it things along the lines of, “You can’t do that Name of Baby. You’re distracting those around you Name of Baby.” Name of Baby does not care. Keeps yelling and yelling. By this point us three are bewildered that one of the parents has not taken the child outside to calm him/her down. They’re just sitting there ignoring its screams. I mean, I’m all down for ignoring kids when they’re acting up, but when you’re out in public, such as in a restaurant, you’ve got to do something. I’m sure it’s embarrassing for you, but take the dang kid outside. So the kid is still yelling. Also, mind you – the family has paid their bill. WHAT are they doing there? Anyway, staff comes over to talk to them two times and finally the OWNER comes out and tells them that they understand the baby is a baby but they have a full dining room right now and it’s distracting for everyone trying to enjoy their meals and would you please do something? Mom’s response is as follows: “She’s two, what do you want me to do?” OH REALLY? The owner then asks them to leave.


I mean it’s the same thing if you’re in a crowded movie theatre or church, you take the kid outside and calm him/her down and then you bring the baby back in. Hello!

So once they finally left (while taking their sweet time and passive-aggressively telling Name of Baby quite loudly that she really needs to calm down because they’re getting kicked out of the restaurant now) the owner came over and apologized to us (we were the table closest to the baby, FYI) and we all commiserated together about what just went down and laughed it all off as we were all on Team No More Baby Yelling. I jappreciated that they did something, ya know?

So that’s my story about Sheep Station and why I love it. Besides the food. Also I don’t mean to sound anti-baby or anything because the fact is I actually do like kids! They are cute! I make faces to them all the time on the train. It’s just that I just like to be able to have a conversation with my friends at a restaurant, too. So please do not be offended if you are a parent of a child, I have more respect for you then you will ever know and I hope to one day join the ranks and get kicked out of a restaurant myself when the kid is acting up.

And, for good measure, a photo of the seafood pasta special they had that evening, which was fantastic:

The end!

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Roasted oysters (with smoked bacon and leeks) are fun. At Brooklyn Fish Camp with my girl Jordan. Since there’s a post for you today you can safely assume I’ve been procrastinating like nobody’s business on the whole packing thing.

Yellow tuna sliders.

Pan fried cod sandwich and Jordan eating french fries. Who doesn’t love french fries? Jordan goes to Brooklyn Fish Camp a bit and she says the po’ boys are fantastic and I am also interested in trying the lobster roll. Brooklyn Fish Camp is cute. I like it. They were also nice enough to not make a big deal about the giant stack of oversize boxes I had along with me (did I mention I’m moving?! It’s the worst!). A dude asked me on my way out if I was going to make a fort. I wish!

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This is depressing. A certain friend of mine is texting me pictures of him and another certain friend of mine hanging out together in LA. I’m posting pictures of spaghetti.

At least it’s good spaghetti. Franny’s in Brooklyn is the real deal and *so* Brooklyn. It was on Martha Stewart’s Brooklyn episode actually. Menu that’s constantly changing with what is available and in season, everything sustainable, something about renewable energy, cows butchered right in the back… okay maybe not that last one, but they do have a butcher shop somewhere I believe?

Like I said, it’s the real deal. And the spaghetti with meyer lemon was insane. I think it involved lots of butter, which was awesome. Also, this pizza:

It was a white pizza, which means no tomato sauce. I wonder if my sister Emily would be down for that since she’s not into the red sauce so much. What was on this pizza? Prosciutto? I think maybe. Whatever it was you probably can’t get it anymore, but you can probably get something similar. I want to go back here on a date. Don’t I say that about most places? Is that bad? Like, “Hey friend, this is fun and everything but I’d rather be here on a date”?

Anyway, to my friends having a blast and a half on the beach and places with palm trees and fancy clubs: I could kill you.

I need to go to LA this year. And PDX. And Chicago. When is this gonna happen? How about that pizza?

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Guess it’s time to go back to restaurant talk! Last week I went to dinner with my fabulous friend Mara in Park Slope at Al Di La. It is just adorable and there’s a really nice chandelier, and you know those fascinate me. And the house wine is pretty dang good, which I know because Mara works in the wine industry so for her to say that means it’s really legit! We had some. Of course. And we shared entrees. Mara got the braised rabbit with polenta and I got the duck. Both were good but I would recommend the rabbit, although I’m pretty sure you actually couldn’t do any wrong here.

This is the swiss chard and ricotta gnocchi which was A-mazing.

And then for dessert we had some chocolate ice cream thing with hazelnuts and whipped cream which was also A-mazing.

Yep. We went big at Al Di La! They also have a little wine bar next door if you can’t get a table at the Trattoria. I highly, highly recommend going here. Their website may be the worst website in the history of the world, ever, but apparently it’s not stopping them from getting any business – so hey!

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I realize this picture is out of focus, but I like it anyway. I went to dinner last night in Park Slope with my new homegirl Jordan, who also lives in Brooklyn and also loves restaurants. We’re a match made in heaven! She took me to Fonda for some Mexican food and the guac was truly delicious. The chips were delicious, too and there are not many places where I wouldn’t mind just simply eating the chips. Mmm.

This is the duck zarape, which is delicious as well. I love duck. Love, love. And here’s my homegirl:

Jordan will probably be in lots more pictures to come. Besides the guac and zarape, we also got lamb enchiladas. All good. And some Coca Colas. :)

Fonda is cute and the service was great. Like so great I noticed. The owner/manager noticed I was taking pictures so he made sure to clear our first dishes when our second dishes came so I could get a cleaner picture. I appreciated that! Very nice people.

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This is my friend Leah who I’ve known since we were little kids in church and we went to school together from fifth grade on and now she’s here in NYC for her first time ever! Our first stop (after a slice of pizza) was The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, for my 800th time, but my first time in Brooklyn. Doug parked in Park Slope which is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from me. So that’s what we did. Ate Big Gay Ice Cream while sitting on a random stoop in Park Slope. I love it! And I’m so excited for our adventures for the rest of this weekend!


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I have a new favorite restaurant. Isn’t that how I start a lot of these posts? Well, what can I say? Eating in NYC is nothing but impressive and fun all the time. Except not all of the time. 95% of the time. So here I bring you to my new favorite restaurant in Park Slope: Alchemy. I also bring you my sister, Alexandra, for the upteenth time, but that’s what happens when I have a visitor as fabulous as she. Plus I love her hair. So I’ll keep posting pictures of it.

Anyway, Alchemy. I went there for the first time last week with my friend Mara and had their amazing, amazing shells and cheese. Mara had the burger which was also fabulous since, like me, likes to share. We sat outside in this beautiful backyard and I had just charged my camera and somehow forgotten my memory card! Bummer!

So now you are getting indoor pictures instead, because it was hot as Hades. It was also brunch.

Yogurt, granola, and fruit for Val.

Eggs Bennie for me. And of course Alexandra had their brilliant burger. You know, I really like Park Slope. And I really like Alchemy.

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Okay, this week has been a little weird (I’m about to disable texting on my phone… except not really) so I think I need to leave you with something sweet for the weekend. :)

When Kayti was here we had a horrific brunch at Flatbush Farm and afterward we just felt unsatisfied and kind of like blah. We started walking through the Slope and viola! There was Wafels and Dinges!

I follow Wafels and Dinges on Twitter so I always know where they are, but they’re rarely by me, so to see them when I wasn’t in a crazy rush and when I was looking for something good was pretty fanf*ckingtastic. Kayti didn’t want one, so I knew she was just doubtful, but she hadn’t experienced the amazingness of the Belgian waffle in Belgium this past summer like I had, so I forgive her.

You don’t even need the dinges (toppings such as fruit, chocolate, etc..). The Liège waffle is perfect on its own. Light and gooey and a little crunchy. Just add a bit of powdered sugar on top and you’re good to go.

And by the way, I didn’t know how to say it because it’s Liège with an accent thingy over the first “e” (which I just figured out how to use on here, by the way) so I tried to be slick and just ordered “the second one” but the dude saw right through me and made me try to say it… which I actually succeeded in, thank God, since I only took how many years of French and remember none of it now…

And guess what, Kayti tried mine and wished she would have gotten one for herself. But it wasn’t a problem ’cause I like to share. :)

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Um, I have a new favorite restaurant in Park Slope. It’s called Bogota Latin Bistro & Mojito Restaurant and my question to you is why am I not there right now?

My friend Mara introduced me to this place on Saturday night and it was perfect for splitting a bunch of small plates/appetizers. We had Elote Asado: grilled corn, chipotle mayo, queso fresco and lime juice. Mara told me about a guy  she knows who just doesn’t like cheese. At all. And I must tell you, my friends, that that is a DEALBREAKER. Haha.

And the other appetizer that I am now obsessed with is the Papa Criolla: Colombian bite-sized potatoes with salsa rosada, which was like a dipping sauce (something about Latin 1,000 island dressing?)

Yay for blurry pictures! The potatoes were good and the sauce made them even better. It reminded me a lot of the sauces you can get with your french fries at Pommes Frites. Geeze, I haven’t made it there in ages. Put that on my list of to-dos, please.

We also had rice and beans and some gauc and Mara had a Caipirinha or two and I started with a Strawberry Mojito for reasons I do not know, as I do like strawberries but neither mint nor lime. Opps. It just sounded nice, I guess. But then I pretended it was summer and ordered a Strawberry Colada and it made everything better.

Excellent choices, all around.

I like this place, lots, and I can’t wait to go there again. The ambiance is really fun.

I’m going to blame my drinks for the blurriness of all of these pictures. Notice how my first picture was completely fine but it just goes downhill after that. After Bogota, we went to my new favorite bar in Park Slope: Union Hall, which everybody and their brother already goes to but it was the first time for me. It’s huge and it looks like a library inside and there’s bocce ball and bands play downstairs. We met up with some people before going to Bar 4 and crammed seven of us in one car to get there, which I remembered yesterday while sitting in my kitchen. Can it be Saturday again, please? Sometimes it is just too much fun. :)

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