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I think I’m going to have to make two posts from this Halloween weekend. It was just too good.

Julianne the Painter

Friday night. Halloween party at a friend’s apartment downtown. Since it was only the night before Halloween, I got quite a bit of attention as I made my way on the train downtown in my get up. I thought there would be more people dressed up already, but people must have been saving their costumes for the actual Halloween night. So I just looked crazy in a huge white (faux) fur jacket, out-of-control black and white hair, red gloves and red lipstick. When I stepped into a car at Atlantic Ave, an entire group of girls screamed. I’m not even kidding.

It was kind of fun, ;)

So, the party: It was on Pearl Street, in a huge place shared by 7 guys from Apostles Church. They had put cobwebs all over the apartment, put out all kinds of Halloween treats and had a DJ who was more than happy to take my requests. When one of the girls wanted MIA, “Paper Planes” but didn’t want to ask, I went ahead and got it played for her. Who’s not going to listen to Cruella De Vil, anyway?

You should also know that the most popular song of the night, the one where ALL the guys made it to the dance floor was actually Miley Cyrus, “Party in the USA.” I had no idea.

Here’s some of the treats that were on the table:


ghost cookies!

There was also pumpkin pie, chocolate chip cookies, brownies and a giant bowl of Halloween candy. All I needed was one of those cupcakes though. Delicious.

dance floor

This is the dance floor in the beginning of the night. You can see some mimes, a flamingo and a penguin. There was a girl who did the best Juno I’ve ever seen – I actually thought she was pregnant for a good five minute. One of my friends dressed as the Octomom and totally creeped me out with red lip stick all over/around her lips and a wig and all these pictures of babies in a shawl in front of her stomach. The Octomom is scary!!

what up

My friend Lucy was Jelly Beans which was hilarious because no one knew what she was and then I saw a guy on Saturday night doing the exact same thing and called out, “You’re Jelly Beans!” as we walked by him. I think he was pretty pumped I knew what he was.

I danced A TON and got very tired and my friend Julianne (who was a painter and had paint ALL over her) and I left together and took a picture with the bull. Cause why not?


More pictures and stories will be up tomorrow from my adventures on Saturday night, when I pretended I was still 21 and stayed out until 6 a.m.! Crazy! So stay tuned for part 2. :)

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Guys from MIT

Last night I went to a gathering at the largest apartment I’ve seen in New York occupied by people my own age.  Five guys lived in this apartment that took up an entire floor in a building on the LES. All five bedrooms were huge and the common space was beyond words, complete with beautiful walls of exposed brick. Everything was really open and there was so much space they clearly didn’t know what to do with it. Rumor has it they sometimes set up putt putt.

This picture does not do it justice:


And in case the ping pong table didn’t give it away, there was also a kegorator to remind us that there were in deed five guys living here and they did, in fact, all go to MIT. Now if only I was a Polo shirt kind of girl…

Okay, not really.


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