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Kellllyyyyy. We have gone on soo many dates together lately and one of the best ones recently was at Momofuku Noodle Bar. You all know how David Chang is famous and you all know that I love him. There are some popular chefs I don’t really care about, but I think David Chang is the real deal. So Momofuku Noodle Bar it was! And we got to sit at one of the bar seats where all the action is, so that was awesome.

Momofuku ramen! With pork belly, pork shoulder, poached egg and a million other ingredients I am not sure of. But everything is delicious. There are tons of ramen restaurants in NYC and I never go because I don’t know what to order, but after trying this I’m going to have to be a bit more adventurous.

And of course we got pork buns (again):

And of course we took pictures:

I did drop my super nice camera on the ground when we were leaving, but no worries, I’ve got a 3 year warranty! And it looked okay when I examined it after the “thud.” Warranties are a fabulous thing.

Also when we left I am 99% sure the singer from Passion Pit was waiting outside. I mean he’s kind of easy to identify (he’s so cute!) so I’m pretty sure it had to be him. Actually he is my boyfriend, so I’m going to go ahead and say it was him. Or his twin brother. Ya know.

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I lurve Passion Pit. I lurve Governor’s Island. Let’s make that a combination. Okay!

Last night I kept moving with my Busiest Bee initiative (saw Next Fall the night before – amazing!) and took the good ol’ ferry over to Governor’s Island with my Missypie to see good ol’ Passion Pit. I saw them last year at Central Park with Phoenix, so I was more than happy to see them again.

I love outdoor shows and the weather last night was perfect. This picture with pretty lights is of Tokyo Police Club, who played before Passion Pit. Here’s a picture of Missy and I before we turned into Dancing Machines:

I assure you I was actually wearing something. Besides my glasses that everyone loves/hates. Last night the score was 2 loves and 0 hates.

And here’s my homeboy Michael Angelakos:

I have a feeling that he is just an excellent person. Probably because he reminds me of this excellent person I used to work with. And I also think he’s a cutie. He kept thanking us for coming to the show. It was the biggest show they have ever played and he couldn’t believe that we all took a ferry to an island to see them. Hilarious. And he said that they may be a band from Boston, but NYC made them. Duh.

Passion Pit is so fun. I danced lots, got some beer spilled on me, no big deal. Waited ten hours to get on a ferry on the way back. Not really. And the people in line were doing a sing-along anyway. Even included the Star-Spangled Banner for some reason. That’s talent. Passion Pit, you’ve got some pretty cool fans.

Well Summerzville is Funnerzville, my friends.

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Phoenix Thomas(Photo by friend/music journo Laura Leebove)

Life is just too good. I must admit that I spent a half hour googling my little heart out trying to find out WHO THE HELL was on drums for Phoenix Saturday night in Central Park because he just may be my new man. Indeed.

I have never been more impressed by a drummer. Ever. Something about him, he just rocked it. I can’t get over how good he was and how much passion he poured into the drums. Insane.

(Editor’s note: I made a mistake in stating Ronald Bruner was the drummer for Phoenix. In fact, he was not. But continue reading anyway.)

Apparently his name is Ronald Bruner (Jr?) and I found some little videos of him on YouTube and am even more impressed. He kind of reminded me of this guy I used to date in a weird sort of way, maybe it was just his body type or something (muscle-y) but I couldn’t really figure it out. He also smiled a lot, which helped. Oh, he was just so nice. I was glued to him for almost their whole set. It didn’t help I had Tall Man Number One on my left and Tall Man Number Two on my right so half the time the drummer was the only thing I could see clearly anyway.

If you saw him on drums, you’d understand. But since you can’t, here’s some pictures I found of him on the internet (You can say it: staaaalkerrrrr):


ronny ronny

cutie in the middle

Yep, I’m a freak.


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