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Hello. I am obsessed with this glassware. Sadly, these glasses not available for purchase on the interwebs. And I need them in my kitchen. Sheep Station, if I were you, I’d keep a close eye on those pint glasses of yours…

And now, it is story time.

I went to Sheep Station last week with my homegirl Jordan (basically the only person I’m talking about lately, I promise you I do have other friends) and her friend Kelly who was in town. One of the first things we noticed when we went inside was a giant stroller just hanging out. No biggie. I’ve seen strollers before. We sat down at a table and next to us was a group of about 4-5 adults with three kids, all age 2 or under. No biggie. We talk to our server, order our food, everything comes out. Normal dinner. We’re in the middle of an interesting conversation and all of a sudden we hear an “AHHHHHHHHHH!” coming from the 2-year old’s mouth about four feet away from us. I look over and jokingly send a dirty look in that direction (I mean, you can’t really give a 2-year-old a dirty look) and then us girls laugh to ourselves and think, “Wow, that baby is crazy.”

60 seconds later. “AHHHHHHHHHHH!” This kid is screaming at the top of his/her lungs. Again our conversation comes to a halt. The baby does not stop. The mom and dad keep saying to it things along the lines of, “You can’t do that Name of Baby. You’re distracting those around you Name of Baby.” Name of Baby does not care. Keeps yelling and yelling. By this point us three are bewildered that one of the parents has not taken the child outside to calm him/her down. They’re just sitting there ignoring its screams. I mean, I’m all down for ignoring kids when they’re acting up, but when you’re out in public, such as in a restaurant, you’ve got to do something. I’m sure it’s embarrassing for you, but take the dang kid outside. So the kid is still yelling. Also, mind you – the family has paid their bill. WHAT are they doing there? Anyway, staff comes over to talk to them two times and finally the OWNER comes out and tells them that they understand the baby is a baby but they have a full dining room right now and it’s distracting for everyone trying to enjoy their meals and would you please do something? Mom’s response is as follows: “She’s two, what do you want me to do?” OH REALLY? The owner then asks them to leave.


I mean it’s the same thing if you’re in a crowded movie theatre or church, you take the kid outside and calm him/her down and then you bring the baby back in. Hello!

So once they finally left (while taking their sweet time and passive-aggressively telling Name of Baby quite loudly that she really needs to calm down because they’re getting kicked out of the restaurant now) the owner came over and apologized to us (we were the table closest to the baby, FYI) and we all commiserated together about what just went down and laughed it all off as we were all on Team No More Baby Yelling. I jappreciated that they did something, ya know?

So that’s my story about Sheep Station and why I love it. Besides the food. Also I don’t mean to sound anti-baby or anything because the fact is I actually do like kids! They are cute! I make faces to them all the time on the train. It’s just that I just like to be able to have a conversation with my friends at a restaurant, too. So please do not be offended if you are a parent of a child, I have more respect for you then you will ever know and I hope to one day join the ranks and get kicked out of a restaurant myself when the kid is acting up.

And, for good measure, a photo of the seafood pasta special they had that evening, which was fantastic:

The end!

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One of the best things about moving is all the new places attached to the new neighborhood that is attached to your new apartment. It is lovely. Last week, Stacy, Lucy, and I were trying to find a last-minute spot for dinner and we randomly discovered Chesnut – a hole in the wall – literally but not figuratively. It’s basically a cave. And it’s cozy. See all the bottles behind Stacy and Lucy? It makes a really nice feel. Makes you want to sit there and read books and feel nice.

Each table starts off with some bread and olive oil and homemade pickles.  I love pickles.

Lucy started with some beautiful greens.

And Stacy and I started with the gnocchi. I think my personal preference is for a creamier base, but it’s good to try new and different things.

And this, my dears, was the housemade cavetelli. THIS was the winner. It was delicious. Noodles and meat and cheese. Because that is the combination of life. Cheers to you, Chesnut.

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I’m pretty sure it’s been awhile since my last hamburger and sometimes, a hamburger is exactly what you need. Even if you’re in a cute little French restaurant. French food? Nah, please give me the hamburger. At Bar Tabac (in my neighborhood, hayyyy!) I was just hoping for one foursquare tip about their hamburger and I found one, so I told myself ordering the burger was okay. The burger is actually called “The Late Night Giant Bar Tabac Burger” and I get where they were going with that but it was not late night, it was actually prime time: 7 pm on a Saturday. But same thing. It was delicious and the fries were also phenom. So there ain’t no shame on ordering a burger here.

We also got some pasta because the way we do things around here is order two entrees and then do a splitzies.

Fettuchini carbonara with bacon and mushrooms. Hayy. I’m so glad I have friends who don’t think it’s completely absurd to share their entrees with me and vice versa.

Also, this restaurant is C-U-T-E. It was also the first location Missy made a reference to “Babe City.” I will be coming here again.

A demain! (French for see you tomorrow)

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I’ll say it again and again: NYC Restaurant Week can be sooo hit or miss. But when a restaurant does it well, it’s worth returning to. Hence, Gotham Bar and Grill. I am always impressed by their menu and I am always impressed by their chocolate cake (which I am not posting another picture of, but you can see it here).

The best part about this particular time at Gotham was that Michelle and I almost missed our reservation completely. I called to let them know we were going to be late and they let me know when the kitchen was closing and we still almost missed that. There may have been some running down the sidewalk. Maybe. But in the end, we arrived and they were actually running behind – which was awesome for us – and keeping the kitchen open. Hallelujah.

Ok I don’t remember exactly what this was, but every time I have some sort of pasta at Gotham, I am pleased. So I was happy I went with this choice. Michelle loved her salmon as well. Their restaurant week menu is different now on their website but if they’re still running it, you should take advantage. Don’t forget to wear your pearls.

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Look at me, look at me. Cipriani Downtown. Did I ever think I’d be there? No. But there I was on Sunday, with my eggplant parmigiana. It was all Tim’s idea. I was about to have the girls meet me on the LES for some eggs and french toast and somehow I got whisked away to the magical world of Cirpriani and Venetian pasta.

Cipriani is gorgeous. It makes me want to cover my walls in giant pieces of artwork. Of course, I can’t imagine how much the artwork costs in Cipriani and I won’t have quite the same budget, but I can pretend. So who wants to be my art director? Let’s get this project goin. :)

Here are some of the plates at our table. I tried them all and they were delicious. The closest one to the camera is Kayti’s mushroom risotto. Mmm, mmm. And here’s the rest of our smiling faces:

Look, Tim Revell without sunglasses on. Imagine.

So Cipriani. I’m sure everything they make is phenomenal, I mean we barely touched the menu. And I’m a little upset with myself for not getting a Bellini, juice of white peaches and Prosecco, which Giuseppe Cipriani served for the first time in Venice in 1948. There’s your history for the day.

I can’t wait to lunch at Cipriani every day when I’m 80 and we all have a billion dollars and nothing else to do with our time. Yeah, that’s going to be great.

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