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I promised Emily a gelato tour when she was here, but she was only here for two days so what was I to do?! Take her to L’Arte del Gelato of course, inside Chelsea Market. Kelly, my homegirl, says it’s her favorite and I’ve been dying to compare it to Grom so here you go:

L’Arte del Gelato seems to have simpler flavors than Grom. Or I just couldn’t tell what it was to begin with and I didn’t want to ask. I had stracciatella, which is like chocolate chip, and the other flavor I believe was just chocolate or espresso or something. One thing I like better about Grom is that you can read what is in all of them before you decide which ones you want to try. At L’Arte del Gelato (and most gelato shops), your guess is as good as mine and I really hate asking the employees about a thousand different flavors when there are a thousand people waiting in line. So I just pick one and hope for the best. Which is probably why I went with stracciatella, which is not very exciting.

Now Emily on the other hand – hers was legit:

Emily had pear and something else. But no one cares about the something else because the pear was ABSOLUTELY amazing! And I normally don’t care about fruity flavors when it comes to ice creamy type things. But pear! Oh man! I need to go back and only try the fruit flavors, apparently, and one that I will try will be pear. So now you know.


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