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There’s not much to say here except I really like pickles and I really like seeing pickles in a giant, big bucket for sale. These particular ones I found at The New Amsterdam Market and they had some mustard flavor (note the yellowish hue) and a bit of a bite.

If you haven’t been to the New Amsterdam Market yet, there’s only a thousand City Mitten posts already telling you to go. So here’s one more. It’s every Sunday through just before Christmas. And there’s always artisanal ice cream, I can promise you that.

And also, there are pies:

These babes are from Pie Corps in Brooklyn and in the front we have chocolate pudding pies with caramel, and grasshopper pies behind them. They were so so tempting but I think I had already spent five kajillion dollars that weekend on something so I was just at the market to look. And to buy a pickle. Which I did.

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Yes, I have posted a picture of pork buns from Momofuku before. And I am doing it again. My sister Alexandra (whom I gave the nickname Sambe over the years) happens to be a huge fan of these pork buns so when she was here last week, you betcha this was on the list. We took our Mom of course and she liked the pork buns too.

Seasonal pickles. My mom bit part of a carrot and put it back for my shot (thanks, mom!).

Chili Soft shell crab! This was my favorite.

And here is Sambe eating some stuffs from her fish ball hot pot, which is her other favorite thing here.

I just like going to Momofuku Ssam because everything is so interesting! And that’s why I’ve written about it twice.

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Who has Easter brunch at Katz’s Deli? The Spurlock family, apparently. Last year we had a great meal at Frank and this year my uncle D wanted to change things up and go for gigantic sandwiches from Katz’s. I think I’ve been to Katz’s maybe once, when I visited NYC in high school. So I had no idea what I was doing when I went this time around. But I had my family to guide me! Above is a Reuben with corned beef. The correct choice. Mmm. Also, pickles. So many pickles. Mmm.

This is a pastrami sandwich. These babies are huge. I ate half of my Reuben and saved the rest for dinner. Of course I also had five thousand pickles and eight hundred french fries, so that only made sense.

This is Steve Buscemi, my cousin Steph and my uncle D. A very happy trio.

And we’ve got Colin, myself, and lots of friends behind us as well.

And this is my favorite picture: Pam and Stephanie talking outside. Candid photos are my favorite.

Things you should know about Katz’s

1) It was packed inside. Even on Easter Sunday.

2) Don’t lose the ticket they give you when you walk in the door or it’s $50 when you leave.

3) They have a legit intimidating doorman who stands there with his arms crossed.

4) Know what you want before you step up to order or they will yell at you.

Final note: I might have bumped someone’s glass of their table with my bag and it might have shattered everywhere and I might have kept walking and pretended I didn’t notice. But I’m not sure.

Happy Easter from my family to yours!

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I find some people very hard to trust. People who protect their Twitter feeds, for example. People who don’t like pickles. Just strange.

So chalk it up to one more good thing about NYC: We love pickles.

Horman’s pickles is on 6th ave and West 4th and they have new dill pickles, which are my favorite. They have other kinds in the other barrels, but it’s all about the new dill.

When my momma is here we do lots of snacking. We might not have an actual lunch, but we’ll have a gelato here, a pickle there and it’s all good. I currently have some new dills in my fridge. Yummay.

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So after church on Sunday I told my friend Lucy that I had something to tell her and it was going to make her mad. Now Lucy is someone you can’t really imagine being mad, and even she had no idea what I could say that could anger her.

Until I told her where I went for a late-night bite on Friday. This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef. Lucy has tried to get me to go there more than once and I would whine because I’d heard bad reviews, so we never went there. Well, I happened to find myself there on Friday night after going to the Poetry Project and the only thing I had had for dinner was beer. I mean, what was I supposed to do? Haha. I was supposed to walk a few blocks for something that I did not want before but at that exact moment sounded like the only thing I ever needed. And it was.

So you can order your roast beef “This Way” or “That Way,” which are the names of the subs. They have more, but these were teh ones we wanted. The one at the top is a “This way,” with Cheez Whiz! And then…

That Way! With mozzarella and au jus! Absolutely delicious! And there were pickles! And we got amazing french fries!

So basically, don’t knock it until you try it. And sorry, Luce. Next time you wanna go, I won’t complain. :) Seriously, it hit the SPOT.

Other note: This Little Piggy was chock full of MEN after we got there. And us pretty ladies were eating our delicate sandwiches at the front counter in front of all of them. It was kind of hilarious.

Other note number two: Vinny, the guy at the counter, was awesome. He remembered our names on the way out, which gives them an automatic plus ten points for customer service. Way to go, Vinny!

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