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I have a new favorite place. It’s called The Lot on Tap and we went there twice this weekend. Above is Norabear mowing on a burrito from Korilla BBQ, one of my favorite (if not top favorite) food trucks in this city. They visit my current work neighborhood every Tuesday and I get Korilla BBQ almost every Tuesday. Even turned my coworker “Dad” onto them, which is exciting. So if you’re not lucky enough to have them cruise over to your office once a week, check out the Lot on Tap schedule and see when they’re there. Kimchi bacon fried rice. That is all.

Lot on Tap is just awesome. It’s under the High Line and you can drink beer. We did. Brooklyn High Line Elevated Wheat, to be exact. Delicious.

And also there was pizza.

Eddie’s Pizza. I ordered a cheese pizza with meatballs. Kelly and Nora made fun of me. They were sorry. It was good! Eddie’s is also often by my current work neighborhood but this was my first time trying it. Good stuff.

Another thing to know: there is now a roller rink in the space across from the beer garden!

Awesome! I think I was maybe five the last time I had on *actual* roller skates, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t wear them again! Also it’s really fun just standing there watching everyone, too. This one dude was going around and around playing with his flip phone the entire time like WHAT are you doing? Surprised he didn’t run into anyone. There was maybe one person with skillz and everyone else was a beginner or worse, so don’t be scared if you’re not very good. I promise you’ll have a good time. Also, there’s dessert trucks if you want to reward yourself afterward.

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Well if it isn’t little miss KP! I am so glad to have this girl back in my life. She’s a jet setter like you would not believe. And Artichoke pizza! KP and I met up for dinner last week and she suggested the only Artichoke location I had yet to visit – right underneath the High Line. And they have table service!

Artichoke pizza is good (if you haven’t tried their “artichoke” slice yet, I don’t even know you). I actually branched out and had some meatball thing baked in dough. I made a comment that I was super hungry so it had better be a decent size – and it was HUGE. So huge that KP burst into laughter when it arrived and the chef came out and jokingly asked if it was too small for us. Also during this meal a crazy man (we learned) started shouting things to us from outside the restaurant window and we couldn’t understand what he was saying so we ignored him and the next thing I know he was INSIDE the restaurant sitting at the bar on a stool directly across from our table when all of the stools were open. He had a beer while continually looking in our direction, and then before he left, interrupted us and introduced himself and told us it’s really rude for us to take pictures of him and assume he’s crazy because he’s wearing interesting clothing. He assured us he is actually not crazy, he’s an artist and he shows in galleries all around the city. Say what now? We were like, “Um, we weren’t taking pictures of you. We were taking pictures of our food.” DUHHH.

So that was entertaining. He apologized and then kept going on about how people assume he’s homeless and give him money and he turns around and gives it to actually homeless people. And he stressed that he shows in galleries multiple times. I think he was wearing a solid color – like bright blue – including a top hat, so I mean he did look a little different but we didn’t think he was actually crazy until he came inside the restaurant, had a beer and paid for it just so he could tell us it’s rude for us to take pictures of him. Which we weren’t.

Moving on…

This is Kelly at The High Line where no crazy man bothered us. Behind her is “Rainbow City,” an art installation that’s actually closing today. So get ye to the High Line after work if you have not yet seen these interesting shapes and creatures.

They were cleaning it when we were there but during the day (and before sunset, I imagine) you can walk around inside. It’s pretty cool. It’s also right across from Lot on Tap, a new beer garden from Colicchio & Sons. We checked it out for a minute – there’s also food trucks that park there on different nights – and had we not been to Artichoke that would have been our dinner instead. Which is why we’re already planning another day at the High Line.

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I’m not sure if pictures will do this place justice. First off, Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co is like a cave on the inside. A very old-timey bar and you give your name to a man who does not write it down but remembers your group in thirty minutes any way. So that’s pretty cool. Also – this is not pizza. This is pizza PIES.

But first.

The world’s best greek salad. Nope, the picture does not do it justice. Nor does it tell you it’s size but it is HUGE! And it comes with two dressings, which the server told us are best when mixed. It was true! One was sour cream based (what?) and I think the other was a vinaigrette. Perfect combination. And everyone at the table liked feta.

Now the pizza pies.

Just kidding. I forgot we got another appetizer. Which was bread – Mediterranean bread – because you’re never eating enough bread when you’re getting pizza. This was delicious, especially when you dipped it in one of the dressings.

And now the pizza pies:

They kind of look like mushrooms. The server actually brings them to you faced down and he then scoops out the plate or whatever was below it. It’s interesting. Your options are meat or no meat. Get the meat. It’s a very homey dish. Not really like pizza, kind of like a lasagne or something. It’s good. But it’s not pizza. So if you’re sitting there thinking, “I can’t wait to eat pizza!” you might be in the wrong place. But the salad and the bread. That’s what you need.

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This is depressing. A certain friend of mine is texting me pictures of him and another certain friend of mine hanging out together in LA. I’m posting pictures of spaghetti.

At least it’s good spaghetti. Franny’s in Brooklyn is the real deal and *so* Brooklyn. It was on Martha Stewart’s Brooklyn episode actually. Menu that’s constantly changing with what is available and in season, everything sustainable, something about renewable energy, cows butchered right in the back… okay maybe not that last one, but they do have a butcher shop somewhere I believe?

Like I said, it’s the real deal. And the spaghetti with meyer lemon was insane. I think it involved lots of butter, which was awesome. Also, this pizza:

It was a white pizza, which means no tomato sauce. I wonder if my sister Emily would be down for that since she’s not into the red sauce so much. What was on this pizza? Prosciutto? I think maybe. Whatever it was you probably can’t get it anymore, but you can probably get something similar. I want to go back here on a date. Don’t I say that about most places? Is that bad? Like, “Hey friend, this is fun and everything but I’d rather be here on a date”?

Anyway, to my friends having a blast and a half on the beach and places with palm trees and fancy clubs: I could kill you.

I need to go to LA this year. And PDX. And Chicago. When is this gonna happen? How about that pizza?

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Well, folks. It is Monday! Martin Luther King, JR day and I am at the office, how about you?

This is Kelly going all Pacman at Patsy’s Pizza. She’s probably going to love this picture so much she’ll use it for her Valentine’s Day cards.

Patsy’s Pizza is pretty popular and there are quite a few locations, so it’s interesting that I had never been until the other night when we visited the UWS location. This was actually right after I met good ol’ Johnny Weir.

Patsy’s is pretty good. We got pepperoni and sausage pizza and a caprice salad because you know, we needed some more cheese. The next day I heated up some Patsy’s in the office kitchen for my lunch and had two huge slices on my plate when some Salad Girls walked in. That was awesome. Sometimes you just need some pizza!

What’s the best thing YOU ate this weekend?

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It’s unbelievable actually that Artichoke had yet to make it onto City Mitten before today. Perhaps it was because during my first year in New York I happened to live two blocks away and now that I’m in Brooklyn it’s not so close in my radar. But my dear sister was here and I wanted to take her for some dear pizza, as well as somewhere I had not been recently so Artichoke it is. Look on the anticipation on her darling face.

And here it is:

This is the actual Artichoke slice, and it’s like artichoke dip on pizza. De-licious. She ordered that and I ordered their margherita because I think it is just as splendid. But if you take yourself there, you need to get the artichoke slice, because I can guarantee you’ve never had anything like it before.

And there it is. There’s a bit of the line, which is normal. We only waited for about ten minutes. The after-bar crowd is always insane. But that’s because it’s always worth it.

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Oh my goodness. What I would do.

I love Buddy’s Pizza in Detroit. It’s practically the only place I get pizza when I’m in town. Maybe I should live a little and try new places but why fix something that ain’t broke? Buddy’s is the shiz!

So we go there all the time. Above is the antipasta salad with cheese on the side. My sisters and I always fight over what salad to order because I always want Greek but they are both really damn delicious so it does not matter. Yes! Language! That’s happening!

Here is the pizza!

It’s square and it’s deep-dish and the sauce is on top. Oh my goodness! And I love the sauce. I need more.



I am a passionate person, I think. I get excited about many things. As you can see, I am passionate and excited about Buddy’s pizza. I think I’ve met one person my whole life who doesn’t like it and I’m going to have a heart attack trying to remember who that was because it really cannot be possible.

Here’s my sister giving me a strange look before she goes on Buddy’s Pizza attack. She’s also coming to the city today! Yippee!

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I should be ashamed of myself. I live way closer to Coney Island than I ever have (still not exactly close, but at least on the same line and already in Brooklyn) and last summer I did not go to Coney Island once. I can now say, however, that this summer I did go to Coney Island once. Last weekend, which was the last weekend of summer.

First stop, was some grub:

Totonno’s in Coney Island, which is the oldest continuously operating pizzeria in the U.S. run by the same family. Holler! And it’s good. It’s a sort-of divey, cash-only spot and I love that they give you glass Coca-Cola bottles, because Coca-Cola in plastic tastes like ca-rap. We had sausage and pepperoni pizza and I would have this pizza again. Once a week.

Then we walked it off, exploring Coney Island and checking out all the weirdos (there were tons).

The iconic Wonder Wheel, which I will ride one day. Eventually. With someone.

Leah walking under the Wonder Wheel in search of “excitement” and “thrills.”

Myself in front of this giant mural about the history of Coney Island and the Aquarium, which is another thing I will do one day. With someone. Or not. Actually, I would totally go by myself. Next weekday I have off of work… which will be never. Eek!

Anyway, the moral of the story is I love Coney Island!

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Surprisingly enough, I have never written about Posto, one of my first favorite restaurants when I moved to the city. It was a block away from my first apartment (in StuyTown) and I have been there with many a’friend. And it’s definitely the first place I think of when I want a good Greek salad. In Detroit, you can get a Greek Salad at what seems like pretty much any restaurant in the city. When I moved here, I remember being shocked at how hard it was to find one on a menu (besides in Astoria, but how often do I feel like trekking out there?). So this one is pretty good. Lots of vegetables and a heap of feta, paired with olive oil and vinegar. I could eat in any day of the week. Oh, and they also have pizza:

We ordered two individual pizzas; one meatlovers (which I hate ordering, the word “meatlover” sounds so gross) and one fromaggio bianco (fresh ricotta, fresh mozzarella, spinach, and basil). I actually think my favorite here is the Meatball Classic, but we didn’t get it this time around. We did, however, get some bread pudding for dessert:

Cause that was necessary. The butter/sugar combination on the plate turned into a glaze that you could pick up with your fork. It’s all a little much. But it’s also a little good. And Posto is cute! You sit outside on picnic tables, which we snagged no problem, eating that day an old person’s dinner of 5 p.m. Score!

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Welcome to Roberta’s: Grimaldi’s for hipsters. Delicious. Roberta’s has nothing to do with Grimaldi’s except that it’s exactly like it. The same fantastically droopy pizza, the same glorious cheese. Oh my. I am so glad for this. No wonder everyone likes Roberta’s so much.

Roberta’s is for hipsters because it’s in Bushwick and because when we ate there, we saw people with red X’s painted on their faces. No idea why. We also made the observation that in Brooklyn, you can wear anything. Even if it looks like pajamas. We also saw Julianne Moore and her kids. It’s been a starstruck week. I saw Agyness Deyn earlier this week too and Missy had seen Andrew Keagan.

So Roberta’s is really good. We got a margherita and an RPS with tomato, mozzarella, sopressata, and roasted red peppers. I also had a glass of wine. Mmm. It was right after we watched the US/England World Cup game and it was exactly what we needed. My only complaint is that at the end of the meal, the server asked, “Can I get you anything else?” Uh yeah, the dessert menu. I like it better when they just bring it or at least ask if we want to look at it, instead of making me feel like you want me to leave. So we didn’t ask for it.

Inside Roberta’s is super cute, too. It’s a good date place, too, methinks. Which is why I went with Missy Kayko. ;)

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