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I should be ashamed of myself. I live way closer to Coney Island than I ever have (still not exactly close, but at least on the same line and already in Brooklyn) and last summer I did not go to Coney Island once. I can now say, however, that this summer I did go to Coney Island once. Last weekend, which was the last weekend of summer.

First stop, was some grub:

Totonno’s in Coney Island, which is the oldest continuously operating pizzeria in the U.S. run by the same family. Holler! And it’s good. It’s a sort-of divey, cash-only spot and I love that they give you glass Coca-Cola bottles, because Coca-Cola in plastic tastes like ca-rap. We had sausage and pepperoni pizza and I would have this pizza again. Once a week.

Then we walked it off, exploring Coney Island and checking out all the weirdos (there were tons).

The iconic Wonder Wheel, which I will ride one day. Eventually. With someone.

Leah walking under the Wonder Wheel in search of “excitement” and “thrills.”

Myself in front of this giant mural about the history of Coney Island and the Aquarium, which is another thing I will do one day. With someone. Or not. Actually, I would totally go by myself. Next weekday I have off of work… which will be never. Eek!

Anyway, the moral of the story is I love Coney Island!

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Surprisingly enough, I have never written about Posto, one of my first favorite restaurants when I moved to the city. It was a block away from my first apartment (in StuyTown) and I have been there with many a’friend. And it’s definitely the first place I think of when I want a good Greek salad. In Detroit, you can get a Greek Salad at what seems like pretty much any restaurant in the city. When I moved here, I remember being shocked at how hard it was to find one on a menu (besides in Astoria, but how often do I feel like trekking out there?). So this one is pretty good. Lots of vegetables and a heap of feta, paired with olive oil and vinegar. I could eat in any day of the week. Oh, and they also have pizza:

We ordered two individual pizzas; one meatlovers (which I hate ordering, the word “meatlover” sounds so gross) and one fromaggio bianco (fresh ricotta, fresh mozzarella, spinach, and basil). I actually think my favorite here is the Meatball Classic, but we didn’t get it this time around. We did, however, get some bread pudding for dessert:

Cause that was necessary. The butter/sugar combination on the plate turned into a glaze that you could pick up with your fork. It’s all a little much. But it’s also a little good. And Posto is cute! You sit outside on picnic tables, which we snagged no problem, eating that day an old person’s dinner of 5 p.m. Score!

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Welcome to Roberta’s: Grimaldi’s for hipsters. Delicious. Roberta’s has nothing to do with Grimaldi’s except that it’s exactly like it. The same fantastically droopy pizza, the same glorious cheese. Oh my. I am so glad for this. No wonder everyone likes Roberta’s so much.

Roberta’s is for hipsters because it’s in Bushwick and because when we ate there, we saw people with red X’s painted on their faces. No idea why. We also made the observation that in Brooklyn, you can wear anything. Even if it looks like pajamas. We also saw Julianne Moore and her kids. It’s been a starstruck week. I saw Agyness Deyn earlier this week too and Missy had seen Andrew Keagan.

So Roberta’s is really good. We got a margherita and an RPS with tomato, mozzarella, sopressata, and roasted red peppers. I also had a glass of wine. Mmm. It was right after we watched the US/England World Cup game and it was exactly what we needed. My only complaint is that at the end of the meal, the server asked, “Can I get you anything else?” Uh yeah, the dessert menu. I like it better when they just bring it or at least ask if we want to look at it, instead of making me feel like you want me to leave. So we didn’t ask for it.

Inside Roberta’s is super cute, too. It’s a good date place, too, methinks. Which is why I went with Missy Kayko. ;)

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Motorino is NYC’s latest pizza obsession. Slice loves it. I tried to go a few weeks ago and the wait was too long. But I finally made it to the East Village location with some of my peeps and it was pretty good. This top pizza here is cremini and sweet sausage and we also had margherita (’cause you always have to try the margherita) and stracciatella: which was basil, olive oil, and sea salt. YUM!

Yes. It was all nice. There’s also a Motorino location in Brooklyn, so I’m going to have to check that out.

My pizza-shaped heart still beats for Grimaldi’s though. Just wish that wasn’t always the place with the longest line.

Motorino usually has tiramisu but the night we were there it didn’t set properly or something so we weren’t able to try that. Bummerzville! We went on Nora’s actual birthday and they were accommodating, we got chocolate soft-serve with a candle and they came out and sang happy birthday to her! It wasn’t tiramisu but it still was nice! We ended up getting a *real* dessert somewhere after that but I’m gonna leave that one for tomorrow. ;)

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Omg. I am killing myself right now looking at this picture. Blurry or not, that pizza was good. Last weekend I went to Veloce Pizzeria with P (and B) and we split three pizzas. Clam, which was a bit dry, and a margherita, and a sausage; which were both delish. So get those. They were so good and we have leftovers and I wonder if P and B left them at the bar we went to afterward. Probably.

Anyway, Veloce is yummy. So now you know that. Some other things you should know:

I have had cereal for dinner every day this week. And by this week I mean since Sunday because Saturday was this here pizza. It’s getting old. But it’s okay cause my friend Nora comes into town today and I’ll be taking her to the best of the best for the entire weekend.

Second: I got a new camera! A Canon t1i and it is already so life-changing it sickens me that I have been dining and posting pictures with my old point-and-shoot. Now I just need to figure out all these crazy features, but basically, it’s gonna be good. And Nora has no idea what she’s getting herself into. :)

Third: I am obsessed with the new Miley Cyrus video.

Tomorrow’s Friday!

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The first place I took the Germans to when they got to the good ol’ USA was to Grimaldi’s for some good ol’ New York City pizza that I haven’t had since September. One of the first things they asked: “Is it as good as Pizza Hut?” Oh, slay me. Love these Europeans.

Of course after their 10 hour plane ride they wanted to shower and I was a Starvin Marvin so I made them go as fast as they could and I was pleasantly surprised how quickly they were ready. We made it to Grimaldi’s by nine and got a table right away. Fantastic!

They loved everything. The decor, the old music, the service and of course, the PIZZA!

I also made them try Brooklyn Lager:

When in Rome…

The owner of Grimaldi’s came over and talked to us at one point and the boys loved that too. He asked what a good girl like me was doing with those crazy boys (good question) and he asked them where they were from and talked about Germany and such and asked how they liked their pizza. The boys were really impressed because they said in Germany nobody talks to you and nobody is friendly at restaurants because nobody cares. So this was good.

We got two large pies. One pepperoni/sausage and the other ham and mushroom. Nice work, boys.

Man, I just love Grimaldi’s.

Afterward I walked them down to the landing on Fulton St, of course, so they could see Manhattan in its glory.

I think this picture is kind of awesome despite their blurry faces:

These guys are kind of awesome and super fun so I’m pretty excited to show them around the rest of the weekend. I even have the day off of work today! Have a great weekend and a very happy Easter! I get to see some of my extended family on Easter Sunday and go to church with them too so I’m pretty excited about that. I’m just excited for everything. :)

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Hi. Those are sliders. On top is onions. All delicious.

Let’s have a chat. When I hear the restaurant is called “Matchbox,” I immediately think of a few things. First is Smashbox, the makeup brand. Second, would be Matchbox 20. Third would be a boxcar and fourth is an actual matchbox. I’m not sure why I felt that was important, but I did.

Now, tell me we’re going to a pizza place in D.C. called Matchbox and I think first, that the best pizza is already in New York, and second, I should expect white and red checkered tablecloths. Perhaps it was because Matchbox was billed to me as the “pizza place down the street” that I had such low expectations, because let me just say, Matchbox is not your typical pizza shop. Do you order heaping plates of sliders at your pizza shop with gorgonzola cheese? I didn’t think so.

Matchbox is not a pizza place. It is a really good restaurant and one of its dishes happens to be pizza. So here it is:

Tempura sandwich for Missy.

Crab soup for P, which I ate.

Pizza also for P, which he ate.

Meatball pizza for Benny Boy.

I didn’t take a picture of everyone else’s food because we weren’t besties yet.

And I hate to say it (not really) but I was the winner. Since we were there on Sunday morning during brunch hours and there was an actual brunch menu (not to mention that I, as a New Yorker <3 brunch), I ordered something completely off the charts:

Stuffed french toast. With honey cream cheese inside. Maple butter. Fruit Salad. Complete.

I am nice and I share and everyone who tried it almost died. It was amazing.Why is it that you can put cream cheese with anything and it is pretty much delicious? Bagels? Check. Cheesecake? Check. With pickles and bologna (don’t ask)? Check. French Toast? CHECK. It is goooooood.

So Matchbox was fun. And I love going out to eat with large groups of people. Oh and this is what their menus look like:

And here is the entire gang:

So basically, if you’re in D.C. and you need a place to go for some good eats, I would definitely recommend Matchbox. Leave your preconceived notions behind.

In other news, when we were there, we saw a kid wearing a “South Butt” sweatshirt. Apparently this is a thing. (Get it, North Face, South Butt?) I digress. I like Matchbox. The end.

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