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Welcome to Popbar and adventures with my mom! I’d seen pictures of these lovely pops in magazines but it wasn’t until my dear cousin M went there that I realized I had, had to go. Not to mention I started walking by it sometimes on my way to work.

You should know that these are not popsicles, they are gelato on a stick. You pick your flavor and then you can have it dipped or drizzled in chocolate if you like, as well as add toppings. I had a mixed berry popsorbetto, which means it’s made of 100% fruit. My mom went with pineapple.

They were friends. And mine was better. But there are lots more flavors you can try!

I am such a fan of artisan ice pops. Love, love. Btw, this place is next door to Grom, which makes life rather hard. Just so you know.

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This is my favorite picture of Missy, ever, and she’s made a lot of cameos this week! She used to love ice cream sandwiches at the ice cream shop I worked at in college (which the storefront is now closed! So sad! But they’re still in wholesale/events business!) so imagine her surprise now, when she came across a giant freezer FULL of ice cream sammies at the Jacques Torres in Chelsea Market.

Pretty! And she let us each have a bite when we took it up to the High Line.

Also at Chelsea Market: People’s Pops!

This is Natalie from People’s Pops making some shaved ice, mmmm. She was really nice and I was talking to my peeps telling them about a text I had gotten (and tweeted about) and she goes, “Oh my gosh I just read that on Twitter!” Twitter in real life, folks. :)

On this particular day, the ice pop flavors were Pear-Jasmine, Raspberry-Basil, Blueberry-Cardamom, Apricot & Cream, and Plum-Raspberry. I got the Pear-Jasmine which was really sweet and really yummy:

So basically Chelsea Market is your one-stop shop for everything you’d ever need. Sweets they definitely have covered, especially with Fat Witch Brownie. There’s also a new gelato spot I have to try, as well as several places to get actual meals. And an Anthropologie! See, you’re all set. Won’t have to leave Chelsea Market for life.

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More popsicles! And by popsicles, of course I really mean ice pops. We went to the Farmer’s Market in Charlottesville on Saturday and imagine my reaction when I spotted a sign a few rows away that said, “POPSICLES.” Well, you don’t have to imagine too hard. ‘Cause I was on my way there.

It was all too cute. The dry erase board and the sign that said “Homemade” with hearts all over it. The lady behind this sign was thrilled (and maybe confused) that I was taking pictures.

Susan and I both got strawberry pops with chocolate shavings. Yes.

Chocolate shavings inside a popsicle? Brilliant!

We walked around downtown Charlottesville and looked at various things/people. Sat at a table and listened to this old scraggly guy play a harmonica like nobody’s business. Walked around some more. Saw people carrying boxes from a bakery. Went on a mission to find said bakery. Mission complete:

Crazy Cakes! Cutest name ever. And Carlos says hi. The way they twist the frosting makes the cupcakes look store bought to me. But the frosting was very fluffy.

This is Carlos’ oreo cupcake. Susan and I split a chocolate cupcake with vanilla ice cream and it had those candy legos on top. Mmm. I think I need to bake some cupcakes soon.

Also cute at Crazy Cakes was their little friend that held the business cards:

Cute! Well that’s all the snacking we did in downtown Charlottesville. Tomorrow we’ll talk wineries!

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If I just left this post as just that photo, I think we would be set. Have you ever seen something more beautiful? Yesterday, Miss Kelly Purkey asked what Nora and I ate when we went to the Brooklyn Flea last weekend and I am sad to say: not much. Brooklyn Flea has a million gazillion amazing food vendors that I need to go back and check out because this time we did not. But I am happy to say that I finally had my first People’s Pop!

Iearned of them on Twitter (duh) and after an entire year of faithful following, I claimed my reward.

At the Flea, they’ve just got a little spot, and they’ve also recently set up shop at the Chelsea Market, which I need to visit. Look at all those wise ladies in line for People’s Pops. It’s the perfect snack for when you’re walking around looking at tables like this:

I saw a really awesome unicorn necklace that I should have bought. Maybe it will still be there waiting for me. But back to my People’s Pops!

Nora had a raspberry mint pop (top picture) and I had a plum, yogurt, and tarragon. I loved it.

Obviously. Have a good weekend!

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