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I realize this picture is out of focus, but I like it anyway. I went to dinner last night in Park Slope with my new homegirl Jordan, who also lives in Brooklyn and also loves restaurants. We’re a match made in heaven! She took me to Fonda for some Mexican food and the guac was truly delicious. The chips were delicious, too and there are not many places where I wouldn’t mind just simply eating the chips. Mmm.

This is the duck zarape, which is delicious as well. I love duck. Love, love. And here’s my homegirl:

Jordan will probably be in lots more pictures to come. Besides the guac and zarape, we also got lamb enchiladas. All good. And some Coca Colas. :)

Fonda is cute and the service was great. Like so great I noticed. The owner/manager noticed I was taking pictures so he made sure to clear our first dishes when our second dishes came so I could get a cleaner picture. I appreciated that! Very nice people.

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This is not your average cherry pie. This is a cherry pie from Quarters Farm in Albemarle County, Virginia, made from their own cherries AND their own wheat. And it is delicious.

I had the pleasure and the treat to visit Quarters Farm in with my pals Lucy and Susan last weekend. I think I’ve been to a “real” farm (not just somewhere with a barn and horses) one other time in my life, so this was awesome. They have produce and lamb and goats and cows and chickens and guinneas and bees and who knows what else. And I got the whole tour!

Here’s Lucy milking a goat! I milked the goat, too, but I had zero skills and got more milk on my hands than in the bucket.

Instead, I got to know some other goats:

This was after our hike, btw. Hence the Michigan State T, shorts, and tennis shoes. Farm stylin.

They showed us the eggs in their brand-new incubator. Chicken eggs and Guinea eggs, each with notes written on them:

And of course, where there are eggs, there are babies!

This baby Guinea is one day old and in this next picture I look like I’m trying to kill him:

He was such a cutie!

The farm was so pretty:

And they had farm guard dogs:

The dogs sleep all day and stay awake at night to watch the farm. They scare away the deer and Farmer Bill says they’re up all night barking, which lets him sleep because heĀ  knows they are doing their job. Good doggies!

Farmer Bill also showed us some vegetables and taught us about mineralizing soil:

Bill and his wife, Cynthia, were so awesome and they taught us all about bee keeping (which is a HUGE endeavor) and chickens and eggs and goats milk. And not only did we get some of that marvelous cherry pie, we also had burgers from their grass-fed beef and a salad from their garden. Talk about Farm to Table! I think I could handle the farm life. For a little while, anyway. ;)

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I’m not going to lie, this is my new favorite picture. My life in one frame, haha. The Brooklyn Bridge and ice cream. Yes, please.

Yesterday I finally, finally was able to check out the New Amsterdam Market, a monthly market in the South Street Seaport where the Fulton Fish Market used to be. It’s butchers and bakers, farms and wineries, cheese and chocolate – all kinds of things – all local or locally sourced. And it’s amazing. Aaaamazing. And there’s lots of samples for you to try.

You’ll never guess what kind of flavor that ice cream is. It’s sweet potato pecan. I was a little apprehensive at first, but once I tried it, I was sold, sold, sold. It was from The Bent Spoon, an ice cream shop from Princeton, New Jersey. It had honey-candied chocolate pecans in it. Hello. I might have to buy myself a pint of whatever flavors they bring to the next market.

Before I tried the ice cream, I got myself a small lobster roll from Luke’s Lobster, which I have been hearing soo many wonderful things about. At their booth, they had a little chalkboard that told you exactly where today’s catch was from (in Maine, by the way). Luke’s had the longest line, well-deserved. I only got the “snack” portion of the lobster roll, but it probably wouldn’t have killed me to get a whole one, $14 or not.

This lobster roll is hands-down the best thing I’ve had in a month (okay, maybe besides Gotham Bar & Grill). They have a place on E. 7th street that I am going to visit immediately.

And here’s some other things you’d find at the New Amsterdam Market:





The next Market is Dec. 20th and you can bet your booty I’m gonna be there.

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Do you need some color in your life? Let the Union Square Greenmarket help:

red and orange



light purple

orange and red

the brightest green

What a great season.

I don’t think flowers get enough love. Who doesn’t love flowers? I mean just LOOK at those beauties! Those are brought in from the Catskills, the man told me. He was very nice and made sure I took a picture of those orange and red bouquets cause they’re the prettiest. I should have bought some.

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