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My first meal in Texas was barbecue. At a gas station. Yes, yes. My dad took me to Rudy’s BBQ and I ended up eating there three times over the five days. Twice were for breakfast – build your own breakfast tacos; I did egg, potato, and brisket. SO GOOD. And the first time was for dinner.

A pulled pork sandie:

It was so good I didn’t even need to add barbecue sauce. Also, everyone at Rudy’s was so nice – another reason we kept coming back. I did not mind being chatted up at 8 a.m. while I was waiting for my breakfast taco(s). And they played good country music and they had ESPN on the TVs and there were a billion long tables with checkered table cloths:

AND they have a “country store” inside. Cause it’s also an actual gas station. THIS PLACE IS AWESOME.

My only question… Rudy’s… why you not tweet me back?! I declared my love for them a few times over twitter and they did not respond. Boo.  I still love them anyway I guess since the food is so good (and cheap, btw – I gotta get me out of New York. Ok not really. At least not today.)

(PS Rudy’s you can still tweet at me now!)

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I have a confession to make. I play favorites. Kind of a lot. And one of my favorite couples right now is in the picture above. My cousin Steph and her boyfriend Colin. Two awesome people that when you put together only become more awesome. There’s not enough couples like that.

So I was thrilled to go with them and my uncle D to Dinosaur Bar-B-Q in Harlem on Saturday. I had been there once years ago and felt kind of “eh” about it (I want my rib meat to fall off the bone, and these do not) but I knew if I tried something else I would probably like it. And I did. So please meet my Memphis Style pulled pork sandwich:

Pulled pork is just a great thing. And so is barbeque sauce. And cole slaw.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the mac and cheese (too cheesy, and not in a good way… in like a blue box way) but the potatoes were legit and the cornbread probably would have been too if I had asked for some butter. But I loved my pork sandwich! And I tried some ribs which were actually good, even if they didn’t fall off the bone, and I had some of my uncle’s chicken and that was delicious.

So I do like Dinosaur Bar-B-Q. It’s huge! And here is a picture of my cousin and I:

I love Steph and I’m so glad we live in the same city. And I’m glad I get to see her tonight too, we’re meeting up tonight after work for a good old-fashioned game of trivia. At a bar. Happy Monday!

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Goooooooo Team! And by team we mean TIGERS! Wednesday night I went to the Tigers/Mets game at Citifield with six other native Detroiters and one kid from Florida. Yep. Unfortunately the Tigers were creamed. CREAMED. 5-0. But it was fun; we had things to eat, badges to earn on Foursquare, cheers to cheer, and lots of people to look at. Baseball too. And we got giant foam fingers! First, the food:

Here’s Abhishek’s hot dog with lots of things on it:

I don’t even know what all that is. Onions? Japalenos? Relish? Out of control. And now here is a vat of cheese:

Also out of control. Finally, my pulled pork sammie from Blue Smoke:

Erm, delicious. Only the slightest hint of barbeque sauce and only the slightest hint was needed. And there were pickles. How come I’ve never been to Blue Smoke before? It’s on the list now.

And now, me and my friends:

It’s an accomplishment to get an awesome group of 8 at the same place at the same time. Nice work, team. :) Have a good weekend!

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I don’t know any of these people in this photograph. Or at least I think I don’t. According to @foursquare, my friend Hagan was at The Big Apple BBQ at the same time, but I did not see him. This picture, however, establishes what the BBQ is about. Lines, first of all, and barbeque second; as seen on the construction sign. It’s just fun, really. And this year the lines weren’t even that bad. We waited for a half hour at the most for Big Bob’s, which is a crowd favorite, and some places had no line at all. Maybe it was because we were there earlier rather than later, but I liked it.

I worry sometimes about having children in New York. When the Big Apple BBQ comes around, do I have to bring them with me? Will I leave them in a stroller out of sight in front of a random barbeque pit? I cannot answer these questions.

Here’s the goods from Big Bob Gibson’s B-B-Q straight from Alabama. Pulled pork sammie and slaw. I added the BBQ sauce, cause that’s how I do. Yum, yumz.

And there we are at the picnic tables that show up at Madison Square Park for this weekend only. I recently got a haircut and it needs to grow back already. Also deciding what to do with the color. Continue dying it reddish? I feel so bad for all the chemicals I’ve put on it over the years and kind of want to give it a break. Feedback, if you want.

Here are my ribbies from the 17th st Bar and Grill in Illinois. No BBQ sauce for this one and still pretty good. And now I’m going to reiterate: how can people try so many samples? After this one, I thought I was going to be dead and I cannot imagine possibly trying a third. After the BBQ yesterday, I ran into NYC Food Guy on the street and he told me of all the samples he tried on Saturday and I could have had a heart attack. He also told me how he had Big Bob last year too and I thought to myself, “How can you possibly remember what you tried last year?” And then I remembered we have food blogs. Either I missed the BBQ last year or I didn’t have City Mitten yet. Ha. We are all insane.

And a picture of a pitmaster for ya:

Mr. Cowboy is from Checkered Pig in Virginia. But as I said, had I tried more BBQ, I would be dead. But I do love me some BBQ. Except that there are 18 different ways to write it. BBQ, Bar-B-Q, barbeque, barbecue… What gives? Barbeque is my favorite but Spellcheck always wants to tell me it’s misspelled.

The lines that were dead were all the joints from NYC. I get it, because if those restaurants are here for me every week, why would I try them over restaurants who are only here for the weekend? From Alabama, a state I will probably never go to?

In other news: This has been one of the best weekends for me in months. And I didn’t even “go out” Friday or Saturday. I guess I did make it to a bar on Saturday afternoon for the US versus England World Cup game, but I’m not counting it. Hope everyone else had a good weekend, too! Happy Monday!

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