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I have been spending a lot of time in Michigan lately. I went back FOUR WEEKENDS in the past couple of a months. Normally I go back in the summer *maybe* once. But it’s been nice. So nice.

And these are disco fries from Main Street Diner and Dogs in Harrisville, Mi. They don’t have a website so I’m not linking to it. It’s a tiny little place right by the lake (Lake Huron) and I was there two weekends ago when they were having a parade. A parade! There was a fire truck and there was Ronald McDonald (seriously) and a girl in a crown sitting in the back of a car. Maybe some boy scouts. Clowns throwing candy. I watched this all from inside the restaurant, eating my disco fries. That were so good. My sister Emily and I weren’t getting them until the people next to us did and then we were like, “Yeah… we’re gonna need those.” And they were amazing. Loved the gravy. My uncle Marc was like, “You need to come up to Toronto, they put gravy on everything.” Well maybe I will!

And there is my Emily Boo.

Since the place is called “Diner and Dogs” OBVIOUSLY we were ordering some hot dogs. They had all kinds of fancy ones. I got a BLT dog that was wrapped in bacon with lettuce and tomato and Emily got a deep fried hot dog with baked beans.

And here’s the outside for you so you can get a complete visual:

Another little fun fact about this place is that the following weekend (aka this past weekend) I was driving by this street and I got pulled over by a cop. Yes. BUT he let me go – did you know if you have an out of state license they have to take it from you and staple it to the ticket because out of state people don’t pay their tickets? Yeah. So I was luuuucky because I would not have been able to get back to New York and I also wouldn’t have been able to go out after my friends’ wedding that I came into town for. So thank you, Mr. Officer. Also – my sister Emily got pulled over in the same car the very next day and she was not so lucky.

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I made THE best decision last Friday. I was thinking about how I had zero plans for the weekend and wasn’t working for once and I was itchin’ to get out of town. Not to mention, it had been four hundred and twelve degrees for the entire week and the air conditioning system in my apartment is not much of a system at all. I knew if I stayed in New York there was a chance I would kill myself. So I looked up some flights and $200 on my AmEx later I was headed to Michigan on a 6 a.m. Saturday morning flight. YES!

The above photo is my very happy feet saying hello to Lake Huron.

And below is me and my momma bear:

I got to see my mom! My very best friend Michelle picked me up at the Detroit airport and we drove three hours to Oscoda, Michigan, listening to some girly jams from back in the day. Summer road trips are the best.

Also, I got to meet my boyfriend:

Paul Bunyan! I dig him kind of a lot. Unfortunately I was wearing my pajamas at the time we met, but I think he looked past it.

We also went on a boat. Twice.

This is Champagne Hill, a total party spot. The first day we went out on the boat some people had put up some huge handmade signs that said, “Sixth Annual No Kids Weekend.” Hilarious. The second day that crazy group was gone and we got a good spot to park and listen to some country music while we just chilled on the lake. I was LOVING IT. It was so beautiful and so relaxing and I had absolutely nothing to think about except the beautiful water and the beautiful trees.

Also, you can not tell in this photo at all but Champagne Hill is totally steep and it’s just made of sand and so it is *really* hard to get to the top. You have to take a thousand breaks because with each step in the sand, your foot slides half a step back into it. When I got to the top I really wish I had my camera with me but there was no way in God’s Green Earth I was heading back up there for a second time in a row. Now that I was in Michigan for the weekend, I did not want to kill myself anymore.

And here is me having a blast in the back of the boat:

Wheeee! By the way I have not mentioned yet that on the second day I got burnt to a crispy. Also, I hope my future involves owning a boat or having very good friends who own a boat.

And a bonus picture of myself on top of a giant seagull. My sister Emily and I stopped at this play ground with all these old painted animals when we were driving back to Detroit and she took this picture of me and I think it’s awesome.

So yeah. This past weekend was priceless. And Pure Michigan.

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