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And now we go to Austin! When I went to Texas to hang out with my dad, we drove ALL over the state and ended up in Austin before finally heading to Dallas for a little Detroit Lions football (WHAT). And my dad wanted to impress me by knowing all the cool places to be. And he did. Which brings me to Jo’s coffee, very popular on South Congress, aka a really cool street. Get ye to Austin, it’s kind of unbelievable. Also, pretty much everyone there has tattoos. So if I ever worry about what I’ll look like in 30 years with these tattoos, I should figure out where all these people moved to so I can blend in with the crowd.

Now, back to Jo’s. We were hungry so we got some sandwiches:

My padre got a pretty nice-looking smoked turkey sandwich and I got the Jo’s deli sandwich with hard salami, cappacola, AND smoked turkey on it.

And, obviously. I got an iced mocha as well. This was actually my only iced moca on the entire five-day trip and I think I deserve some sort of award for that. Maybe my award was that it was very good:

Well hello there, beautiful.

And the other best thing about Jo’s is their iconic “I love you so much” painted on the side of their wall. Which, by the way, I didn’t even realize until my Austin friend Stacy pointed it out later and we got this shot:

Anyway, it’s kinda true. Austin, I can’t say that I love you *so much* because that’s saved for my home, but I can say I kind of love you, because yes I do.

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And now we turn a new page in the book of City Mitten: Travels! Welcome to Prague! We took the train from Munich and it was about 6-7 hours. It was a gorgeous ride with farmlands and small towns passing by.

One thing you should know is right before we got on the train at the station in Munich, we bought a teeny tiny sandwich that was just bread, butter and turkey or something for Nora and I to share. Well we should have bought twelve of them because it was the best sandwich we have ever had. We kept talking about it and D kept making fun of us. Oh that random sandwich, I hope to have you again one day.

This is our room from Sir Toby’s in Prague. Um… my sister recommended this hostel and I am so glad she did because it was perfect! Not the most central location, but easily accessible by tram and it was SO CUTE! I loved our room and the strangers we shared it with (not really – one was a HUGE snorer and we’d throw things at him occasionally).

This is a picture of Nora and I from a walking tour we did the day after we arrived. It kind of embodies the spirit of our three days there – as you can see we were laughing it up.

This is just so you can see how pretty everything was. Here we were walking on the castle grounds.

And there we are on our tour again. That concludes today’s “Touristy pictures in Prague.” Next up will be some very good Czech eats. Man, I’m hungry.

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I may as well start from the beginning. Now that I’m back from Munich and Prague I have 8 billion photos and 8 billion things to share, so we’re just going to see how this goes. I have no idea how long we’ll be in City Mitten: Munich mode, but that’s what is happening.

This picture above was Nora and my first meal in Munich. Yep. After we bought our dindlrs for 8 million dollars a piece (you betcha I’m going to Oktoberfest again so I can wear that baby some more), Alex took us to the most random place to get food. It was in the parking lot of a grocery store. I felt like I was getting a hot dog from Home Depot, which is not a bad thing although I’m not sure if I’ve actually ever done it myself. Anyway, Alex suggested we get half a chicken with pommes (which they say pom-mes). Either I was starving (which I was) or it was truly delicious (which I think it also was).

Here’s the stand and the boys. Alex was appropriately wearing his I <3 NY sweatshirt. I appreciated that.

And this picture may either look gross or delicious:

Mayo anyone? For real. But the chicken was delicious. And HUGE. It was half of a chicken, more than enough for me and Nory and it was piping hot and a little cold outside so very good.

And so you get an accurate idea of how these boys eat in general, Alex went to the “bakery” later that night to pick up some dinner before going to Oktoberfest and this is what he brought back for us:

Yep. Donuts, really strange sandwiches with some sort of meat center that reminded us of spam and pretzels. We also had pretzels for breakfast the next morning. I don’t understand how these boys can eat like this (they also love fast food) and not die. It was days before Nora and I saw our first piece of fruit at the market and you can betcha we stocked up.

Those pretzels are delicious though. I could probably go for one right now.

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Hello, side of mac and cheese. Nice to meet you.

Welcome to¬† Kitchenette, where I used to take Anybody and Everybody back in the dayyyy! Mostly because it’s so cute and it was down the street from one of my best friend’s apartments who has since moved. Bummer! I used to go here all the time! Now I basically have no reason to go to Tribeca ever. So sad! There is a Kitchenette uptown, too, however, I just have yet to go there.

Anyway, Kitchenette is soo cute. They have all kinds of cakes and cupcakes up at the front counter, all the tables are made of old doors with a sheet of glass over them, and the drinks are served in mason jars. I love it!

Here’s Leah texting, because I have ceased to be entertaining:

And here is her ginormous turkey BLT that she got without tomatoes because she’s one of those people.

And you know how I like my brunch:

Perfection! And I love their mac and cheese, too, which is why I used to go there all the time. And why I came back again:

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Somewhere along the way I got the idea in my head that I needed to try the Noho Star. The pear and walnut salad, specifically, when ended up being only okay. The best salad in NYC is still the all chopped up from Cowgirl. Oh, Cowgirl. But I took the girls to Noho Star when they were here so we could check it out, and my little sis ended up getting a BLT sandwich with a fried egg and avocado on it, which kind of shocked me. She’s not into food like I am and I thought for sure the fried egg would turn her off. But it didn’t, so apparently what I should have done was take her to Crifdogs for a real fried egg experience (on a hot dog)!

Anyway. The other girlies got chicken sandwiches or something. More exciting is that afterward we went to karaoke at Japas 38 and after that we went on a boat.

The boat ride was interesting. We danced a bit and then snuck our way up to the front of the boat for the prime spot when we pulled up to the Statue of Liberty, which was cool. And then we got very tired.

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Well this is my last post with the Germans. :( So sad! On their last day here we went to Battery Park and took the Staten Island Ferry to go by the Statue of Liberty before heading to the South Street Seaport. So where did I take them for lunch? Cowgirl Seahorse, of course!

Since I love love Cowgirl, I’ve been curious about their sister restaurant, Seahorse at the South Street Seaport but I never knew where it was (not to mention my only reason to go to the Seaport used to be the New Amsterdam Market, which hasn’t started back up again). So imagine my surprise¬† a couple weeks ago when someone texts me saying he thinks he’s found his new bar and it’s Seahorse! Time for me to check it out. This time with the Germans would be my second time there. The first, I had a bite of the chicken fried chicken and was utterly confused as to why I’ve never bothered to try that before.


Here’s some of the boys looking at their beers:

Matti went for the Red Stripe and Didi tried to figure out what Dos Equis stood for (ha!). Rremember how Matti is always the winner when it comes to eating? He did not disappoint as both of these dishes were for him:

Blueberry pancakes.

Grilled fish Reuben. Yep! White fish, melted cheese, sauerkraut on 1000 acre dressing (not sure if that’s different than 1000 island but I’ll go with it.) This was a treat because Matti let me try it. Actually he shared his pancakes with everyone too. I, of course, got my favorite salad but his Reuben was gooood!

So if you’re ever in the Seaport, Seahorse is where you need to go. Seriously.

And the next day the Germans had to say goodbye, so goodbye Germans! Hope to see you soon!


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If you want a sandwich the size of your head, look no further: Curly’s Vegetarian Lunch on 14th st.

This is one of my hot spots in Union Square, and I’ve covered it before. BUT I did not cover their sandwiches. The time I went with Missy (above), she got a veggie burg and I was major craving sloppy joe’s, which is probably the weirdest thing to crave. But I was. So I got the veggie sloppy joe’s and oh my goodness.

I don’t think I’ve had better sloppy joe’s. Even ones with meat in them.

So if you ever have a strange craving for a sloppy joe, this is exactly where to go. And, hello, also for the curly fries.

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Why is Florida so hilarious? Dolly’s Produce Patch may be a restaurant, but it also may be a senior citizen community center. But so is pretty much the entire state of Florida. Take a look at the inside of Dolly’s:

Oldies. Oldies. Oldies. And random chairs with random plates and random things on the wall. It’s frigging fantastic. Such a world that I am rarely a part of.

Now is the part when I tell you that one day in Florida this past weekend, E and I had clam chowder twice in one day. It just happened. First, of course, was Dolly’s:

Delisherous. And I’m aware of how I just spelled that. We also ordered sandwiches – egg salad and a tuna melt, which we both shared. Here’s the melt:

And here’s Emily eating her egg salad sandwich:

They also sell honey and muffins and pies and other baked goodies:

I bet this pie is delicious. You can also hang out with mannequins!

Or buy strawberries, which you know we did.

Dolly’s is in Bonita Beach and as you can see it’s a pretty interesting spot. And the food is good too! They also serve breakfast, which maybe we can make it to the next time I’m in good ol’ Flordy.

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Where do you go to lunch when one of your friends from Michigan comes to the city? The Adore of course. It’s one of my favorite little places in the city. It’s a Japanese French bakery of sorts which means it’s French but the chef and everyone who works there is Japanese. They close early (around 4 or so everyday) but if you’re lucky enough to get a banana cupcake (read: the best muffin of your life) or a sandwich before they sell out, it’s really a treat. And it’s my favorite hot chocolate in the city.

It’s a tiny space and you might never know it, but there’s seating space upstairs if you’re staying for lunch. So we did. We each got baguettes (hers grilled eggplant, mine a croque monsieur) and spinach puree soup.

It was very green and very delicious:

It looks a little intimidating, but I assure you it was good.

Besides that, last night Kayti and I had the best night of our lives. We went to a speakeasy of sorts and got the number for another speakeasy of sorts that I thought I probably was never going to be able to go to. So we’ll be going there tonight. I’m having the best birthday ever. :)

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