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What do you do when you take a Friday off of work and you need to go somewhere for breakfast to prepare you for a day’s worth of shopping in Soho? Balthazar, of course!

Balthazar is known for its pastries and its fanciness. Or at least that’s what it’s known for to me. It’s classic and it’s classy and rich people go there. So we did too.

Nora had the eggs Norwegian with smoked salmon.

Miss Amanda Lynn had scrambled eggs in a puff pastry with mushrooms and asparagus. So that little pastry pit at the top was soooo flakey. And I thought that was the pastry until I started to peel away at the eggs and I realized my eggs were in a pastry boat! They say pastry puff, I say pastry boat! Well I couldn’t eat nearly a third of it because there was so much pastry but it truly was delicious. Perhaps the best scrambled eggs I’ve had in my life, and I used to be ob-sessed with the scrambled eggs at the Oakland Hills Country Club in Detroit. But these are good.

I like Balthazar and next time I need to get a chocolatey something something from their pastry shop/bakery next door.


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