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Do you like ribs? Is there even more than one answer to that question?

I decided to torture myself by writing this post because I came home from Florida with zero groceries in the kitchen and zero time to get any.

Welcome to Michelbob’s. The world’s most amazing ribs. There is never a time when I go to Naples, Florida and I do not go to Michelbob’s. It’s a given.

Grandpa asks, “Is there anything you want to do while you’re here?”

I say, “Michelbob’s.”

And then E and I text photos of the food to our dad to make him jealous. One year in college, my friends Kayti and Nora came with me to Michelbob’s and we even had a Michelbob’s boyfriend (a cutie server). Now that is commitment.

But how can you not like it?

It’s kitschy, they give you soda in GIANT plastic cups, AND it’s full of old people. Old people who were getting a little tooo rowdy for Grandpa and Evelyn(my step-gma?)’s taste this last time, actually. All I have to do is go to Michelbob’s and know that when I am 85, life will be nothing but a par-tay! With ribs!

And they are THE BEST RIBS IN NORTH AMERICA which we know because they ship their ribs and barbeque sauce anywhere in America by next day air! Can you imagine?

Another thing you should know about Naples, Florida. There’s this insane store called The Best of Everything and they are Everywhere and they really are The Best of Everything. Or so all the ladies think because it is PACKED. It’s basically all different kinds of jewelry and bags and whozerwhatsits and there were stuffed animals even and who knows what else… oh yah, TIARAS!

But anyway, Emily and I went ahead and made purchases of matching headbands!

Woo woo! We are so Southwest Florida. :)

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So yesterday I said that after brunch, Melissa and I went somewhere every New Yorker has an opinion about. And it’s true. Every New Yorker knows what Magnolia Bakery is, even if they don’t want to.

Magnolia Bakery is a tiny little shop in the West Village that got crazy famous after being featured on Sex and the City. It’s a huge tourist attraction and there’s usually a line formed outside the door. There’s three locations in NYC, one opening in LA and one already open in Dubai. Either you love it or you complain about it.

Which one am I?

Well. I’m not a huge fan of waiting in long lines with tourists (although I do from time to time for places like Shake Shack) and the general “OMG MAGNOLIA BAKERY OMG OMG!” drives me a bit insane, just because I think there are so many bakeries in New York that are just as good or better. My cousin Melissa thinks Magnolia cupcakes are too dry, and I’ve definitely experienced that, but I’ve gotta say the frosting is pretty dang good. So would I choose to stand in line for a half hour waiting for one? No. But I wouldn’t cry about it.

And I like that they’re organized. They only let so many people in at a time so you don’t feel like you’re headed into battle diving for that vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting and blue sprinkles (even though one time I was there and someone did call me something that was not nice). And they’re constantly bringing more out.

Do you see that line outside? People are looking in ALL of the windows. I can not imagine working there.

So Whiney Amanda didn’t even want to go to Magnolia but look at what she got afterall (I mean I did wait in line!):

I didn’t even get a box. Just walked across the street and bam, it was gone. :)

And I would like to take this final moment to tell you the ABSOLUTE WORST cupcake in New York is Crumbs, which we’ve been over. And my favorites from the ones I’ve tried are Sugar Sweet Sunshine, which I brought over to my friends’ on Valentines Day this year, and Two Little Red Hens, which I have yet to give some well-deserved City Mitten love.

So go have a cupcake, ya’ll. It’s Tuesday.

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