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Another day in Bruges. We went on a boat tour through the canals and the tour guide was saying everything in at least three languages. Now, that takes talent. Sometimes I pretend I can speak a little French but there’s no way I could get away with doing that here. Pretty much the only word I’ve understood so far is “chocolat.” Yeah, baby.

Speaking of chocolate, there are literally chocolate shops on every corner. Sometimes two. And they make everything in the weirdest shapes. I’ve seen lots of ducks and things and today we were walking down a street and we saw some chocolate boobies. Out of nowhere. This is not Amsterdam, this is an old medieval town with a lot of history, beautiful cathedrals and chocolate boobies. Weird.

We finally saw an old-fashioned wind mill today which was one of my goals for this trip. And making my mom take pictures of me has produced some hilarious results.


I told my mom to take a picture of me in front of the windmill and she kept making me march further up the hill, saying she couldn’t get both me and the windmill in the picture. Well, she did it! And now I’m the size of my baby toe. Oh, mommy.

Our other feat of the day was climbing the Belfry tower, all 366 steps. Let me tell you, the stairs are narrrrrow. And I have a thing with stairs to begin with, certain ones just freak me out. Once in college I was looking to sublease an apartment for the summer and I immediately dismissed one because I didn’t like the stairs. So, needless to say, as we were trekking up these super steep, super windy and super narrow stairways, I was a little nervous. I just don’t like it when I can’t see around me, I’m just surrounded by endless steps above and endless steps below. Freaks me OUT. But we made it.


Now, in the movie, “In Bruges,” (which I am talking about again because my mom and I seriously just watched it on my computer) you can see the main square by looking down from the tower. Well, I sure didn’t see the main square when I was looking! I think maybe you can see it from some of the lower levels, but you just can’t look straight down from the top. And also they have those barriers, which I’m wondering if they’ve been added since the movie or if they were there before. Anyway, it was QUITE a long way to the top and the hardest part was that people were using the same staircase to go up and down so sometimes it seemed almost impossible for you to pass someone without knocking them (or yourself) down all 366 stairs. Somehow, we survived.

And here’s a picture of exactly what we conquered.


Alright, next stop: Brussels!

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