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I’ve had a lot of visitors lately. One of which is my dear old Canadian, Tim. Love this kid. And the fun part is that I didn’t always. You never know who will turn out to be a really loyal friend, especially when you maybe did NOT like them at all when you first met. Haha.

So… Timmy. He has a new appreciation of Brooklyn after I showed him the beauuuuutiful Brooklyn Heights Promenade at sunset:

And here’s me:

Another awesome thing we did: Skating at Rockefeller Center

I think Tim forgot I used to be a figure skater because A) He was really impressed by some of my skills (hence the photo) and B) he showed up in a suit (per usual) while I was in Lululemon pants and a sweatshirt ready to SKATE. We raced around a few times and tried not to run over anyone, which we did pretty successfully.

Who is going to visit me next?

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Hello! Tuesday night I went skating again at Bryant Park. Since it’s peak season and it was after work, you can probably imagine how packed it was.

The ice was so bad and there was so much snow, I felt like I was walking through a cloud instead of skating on ice. I probably dulled my blades something good. I tried to do a few things but there were just SO many people! I did a couple axels and a few spins but that was pretty much it.

I did a flying camel in the middle of the rink and then the lady teaching lessons came over and told me that she was teaching a lesson and she couldn’t really tell me not to skate in the middle but, um, could I not skate in the middle? Huh? And I was with my professional photog who also got yelled at, but for taking a picture of me (no electronics on the ice!). So many rules in figure skating!

At least the lady was nice enough to let me know when her lesson was over so I could use the middle again and I did a few more spins. I did two sit spins which I definitely have not done in years. Legs = sore.

Here’s me trying to do a layback:

As packed as it was, it was actually pretty fun. And I only knocked over one person (seriously). Also, now there’s a huge Christmas tree in Bryant Park which makes it even more lovely.

Skating at Bryant Park makes me want to skate every single day. And it makes me even more excited to finally try skating at Prospect Park, the rink that’s super close to my apartment. It’s ridiculous how close it is to me actually (I can see it from my bedroom window) so I need to get me and my skates over there ASAP.

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Ice skating in New York City: one of the most popular winter activities for tourists and locals alike. Oh, I wish I could love you. But it’s actually my biggest (perhaps my only?) complaint about living in NYC: the lack of ice rinks. And don’t even suggest Chelsea Piers. Sure, there’s about five outdoor rinks that pop up every winter, but for someone who used to be a bit of a figure skater, it just doesn’t work. Last year I made the mistake of trying to skate at the big rink in Central Park and I got yelled at for spinning in the center ice (private lessons only!). Another time at Rockefeller Center I almost landed my skate on a kid’s face. Oops. These rinks are just wayyy too crowded! And let’s not even talk about the cost of admission to get into one of these bad boys. Oh, and don’t forget your rental skates!

The Pond at Bryant Park, however, is a diamond in the rough. First, admission is free, so if you don’t need to rent skates, you’re good to go (I think renting them is about $12, though). Second, the rink opens at 8 a.m. EIGHT A.M. How many people want to get up that early to skate at 8 a.m.? Not many.

So, yesterday morning, as I had the day off of work, I made my way over at Bryant Park and was one of the first people on the ice. It got a little more crowded closer to 9, but it was nothing like the insanity it is on the afternoons, nights, and weekends. I was actually able to try a few things without worrying some little kid was going to die. And that felt great.

I’m thinking skating in the morning at Bryant Park could potentially become a regular thing for me, at least on days I don’t plan on going into the office until 10. Just keep it hush hush, please, cause I don’t want any more people showing up.

Oh, except, who wants to come with me next time and take my picture? :)

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