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I don’t often speak highly of Chicago, mostly because it’s no New York. But – I’ve got to give credit where credit is due. Chicago can be a pretty cool town. Maybe it’s because on this particular trip I did zero things touristy (no Bean, no Museums, no Millenium Mile or whatever) or maybe it was because I was with two of my best friends, but I really enjoyed being there.

I saw some great things and thought to myself that maybe Chicago is not the WORST after all. If you’ve never visited Chicago, it’s time you should. The following posts will hopefully convince you.

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I realize it’s not exactly summer yet, but looking at these pictures makes me feel like it is!

Rooftops are fun. I don’t have one, but Missy does. So does my friend Lucy. Rooftops are the bomb. So after our adventures to DuMont the other day, we went to Missy’s pad back in Bushwick and chilled on top of the sky. There we are looking at a book about social media. For realz. And this is us taking a break:

And here is the big rooftop with the big sky with the big Manhattan in the background:

Later that day in Manhattan I saw this:

And got this:

Looks like summer to me!

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This was a strange weekend and I can’t really figure out why. Here are my two boys in Long Island City. We were chilling on these fancy chairs having a chat. I actually got a little pink from the sun! It was gorgeous out and the park right there is really nice. A waverunner gang went by us and we were jealous.

Other things I did this weekend:

Met up with two lovely girlies for dinner and drinks (margaritas!) at Tortilla Flats. Tequila is an acquired taste and I’m working on acquiring it. These margaritas are pretty good! Tortilla Flats is kitschy, fun, and PACKED on Friday nights! Well, at least when we left. We got there at seven and waited probably five minutes for a table, which they gave us on the condition that we could only have it for two hours and twenty five minutes. Ha! So yeah, that was a really fun dinner and I hope to go out with those girls again (Kimberly and Victoria, are you reading?!).

And the other thing I did this weekend:

These lovely pancakes are blueberry with ricotta and mascarpone. Mascarpone! Ummm… do I even have words for this? Everyone else’s food was lackluster but I will go back to Cranky’s Cafe simply for this wonder of griddled goodness.

That was my entire weekend. I thought about going to the Hester Street Fair, but didn’t. Besides dinner with the ladies, I just hung out with the boys! Plus it rained Sunday so my only adventure was going to church.

Wow, I can’t usually sum up my weekend in one blog post but I’m feeling it today and I think this week should make up for it. ;) Happy Monday!

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Walked the Manhattan Bridge on Wednesday night and found a random thug who let me take pictures of him. Ha. He’s such a ham, he posed for a million pictures, most of which he put on his mean face to let us know how much of a hardass he is. But I got a little smile in this one.

And this is where he wished he lived:


Rooftop covered in graffiti with lower Manhattan skyline in the back. Pretty cool. And here’s the view from the bridge a further down:


We walked across the bridge to DUMBO and I showed him a secret I discovered down there one day – ok, so it’s not much of a secret but I had no idea of its existence and was thrilled to stumble upon when I did. I have to go back and photograph it soon, but for now it’s staying a secret.

Another thing I was happy to discover that night (and by discover I mean it was shown to me) was the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. That area is just beautiful in its own rite with the different brownstones and apartment buildings but the promenade was nice as well. There were older gentleman gathered around a bench singing what sounded like some old Irish tunes just for fun. Not husking, just singing to sing. So Brooklyn. There’s some construction going on underneath the promenade for what’s going to be what looks like a pretty big park – including a pool. Right now it just looks like a mess to me, a mess I needed to take a picture of.


Yep, just another good night in Brooklyn, New York. I’m never going to get sick of this.

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Back in New York! And it feels great. Even when I was going through customs on my way back, I just had the hugest smile on my face because I’m so happy here. I love traveling but I also love coming home.

Thursdays are early days at work for me so when I got off today I was like, “What am I going to do with myself?” It was so strange to have hours that were unaccounted for since it’s been go go go these past two weeks. I couldn’t just go sit at home, so I went to Long Island City and sat on a friend’s couch instead! Well, there was also some dancing to some great 90’s pop music. But’s that’s why you’re getting a picture of some hot orange toes and a skyline when I decided to take a seat while talking to my friend Mara on the phone. Good ol’ LIC.

Right now I have:

  1. Three Time Out New Yorks to read
  2. Groceries to buy
  3. A boy who needs to call me

How about that.

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I’m trying really hard not to make this a blog about ice cream, I can’t help that I like it so much!


This weekend, to my mother’s dismay (she would have rather gone to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory) we stopped at Jacques Torres’ ice cream shop in Dumbo. It opened sometime in the past year and I was finally able to try it a month or two ago. I thought it was quite swell, their chocolate chip cookie ice cream has both chocolate chip cookies AND chocolate chunks in it. Yes, please.


By the way, their Wicked chocolate ice cream is called that because it’s got a spice to it. We tried it but I think I’m a purist when it comes to chocolate. Or I just don’t really like spicy things. I think Chocolate Chip Cookie is the way to go.


And afterward, we took a little walk towards the Brooklyn Bridge. Wasn’t a bad night.


Ignore the blur, please. But look, I caught a plane in the sky!

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So the rest of my Saturday hanging out with Joe was pretty fantastic too.


Went to Williamsburg. Checked out the park which was closed (boo). Then we walked down this super sketchy road and there was no one in sight and I kept making jokes about us dying. For realz. Cause there was no one. But we finally made it to our destination: Miss Favela, a hidden gem if I’ve ever seen one.


Brazillian food, Brazillian drinks, Brazillian people and Brazilian dancing. That’s all you need to know. Not ten seconds had I walked into the door (with Joe, btw) did some guy start teaching me how to samba. Ha! This is really a great place, somewhere I want to go back to so I can dance like a fool and dance with a stranger. The whole atmosphere was fanfreakingtastic, everyone was happy, everyone was moving and everyone was probably willing to be your friend. They have live music a lot I guess, but the DJ was rockin’ it pretty well on this night. Joe and I danced for a bit and he twirled me around but I need to go back when I’ve got my dancing shoes on.

After Miss Favela, we drove back toward my hood and on our way, what did I see out of the corner of my eye???


Junior’s Cheesecake! I knew of this location in Brooklyn (the original Junior’s) and had never seen it for myself and then there I was and there was it. Score! So I made Joe cut off traffic for the second time in the night and pull over so I could check it out.


Went inside and got a piece of plain to go. One day I’ll be more adventurous but for now the plain is good enough for me. I haven’t even eaten it yet but I’m pretty happy to know that I have it waiting for me in my fridge.

So now you have my complete Saturday night. Thank you Joe and thank you Brooklyn, again, for such a very nice time.

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