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This is the view when I leave my apartment building in the morning after it snows. I kind of love it. But sometimes, I have to leave it behind. So tomorrow is my birthday and I am on my way to Jamaica with my homegirls from Michigan State. Yay! I am so excited. I’m sure I’ll have a thousand pictures and hopefully I’ll be trying all kinds of food.

Speaking of. This week I went to Cookshop with my friend Melissa. We both started with salads which were deeeelicious and then she had the pan-seared scallops and I had sweet potato agnolotti. But I didn’t take any pictures until we got to this:

The Cookshop Candy Bars. Made of devil’s food cake, hazelnut-chocolate crunch, praline ganache, frozen peanut nougat and a chocolate shell. Oh, and there’s sea salt on top and everyone knows there is no better combination of chocolate and seasalt. So there’s that.

Um, happy birthday to me! My goal of this weekend away is to come back with some freckles. See ya. :)

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I could not have asked for a better birthday. This year went without a hitch. Above is the chocolate mousse we all had at The Mermaid Inn, where I chose to have my fabulous birthday dinner. Of course, mine was the only one with a candle. :)

First the day began with a snow day:

Then I came out of the shower to this on my chalkboard heart:

So from now on, whoever comes and visits me gets the privilege (and duty) of drawing on my chalkboard heart. During the day Kayti and I went to my favorite restaurant in the West Village for lunch and if you don’t know what that is by now, you’ll have to stay tuned for another post. Then we walked all around town, ending up in Soho to do some “shopping” (bought nothing). Then was nap time and preparation for the most fabulous dinner.

First: Look at all the drinks above. They gave us complimentary glasses of Prosecco for the table and then we also had two bottles of wine. And Missy had that beer. Ha!

Second: I love my friends. I had six of my favorite people with me and our time together was just hilarious. How I got to know such awesome people is beyond me. Lucky, lucky.

Third: I absolutely LOVE The Mermaid Inn. It was my first time there and it was beautiful and the food was delicious and the service was flawless. If I were to recommend a nice dinner in the city, Mermaid is now at the top of my list.

And they have their logo on the butter:

And here’s a really awesomely bad photo of all the food on the table (Mike, I’m still working on the white balance!):

Let’s see. We had two lobster sandwiches (one was mine!), one cod, two trouts, one salmon, and one shrimp avocado sandwich. Oh, and for appetizers there was some lobster bisque and New England clam chowder, and I have major love for the latter. I love everything. I love the Mermaid Inn. A lot.

There’s always so much pressure to plan a birthday party and everyone was really pleased with Mermaid and said they wanted to come back and that made me really happy. It was especially important for my birthday to be spot on, being the restaurant girl, and it was. Holler.

Missy and I really impressed with the butter.

Group shot!

Me ladies.

Miss lovely Stephanie.

Chocolate mousse cheers.


And an awkward family photo… Happy Birthday to me!

The rest of the night was spent traipsing around the city: The Bourgeois Pig, CV at The Hotel on Rivington and finally, an endless dance party at Pianos with just the girls. Oh boy, did we have too much fun. :)

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Yesterday was a snowww dayyyy! No work for meee! So I slept in late and ventured over to Prospect Park to check out the action. It was gorgeous.

I like trees. Kind of a lot.


Ben tagged along and we made snow angels.

He kind of sucks at making snow angels so I’m only posting a picture of mine. Haha.

We also checked out the sledding:

I love Prospect Park.

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It finally snowed this weekend. Like crazy. I first saw it Saturday, when I was getting out of the train station in Williamsburg with my friend Laura. There were flakes everywhere and I was so happy! Then it continued snowing. A lot. When I went to bed Saturday night, the sky was still bright with flakes. I loved it. Prospect Park was covered in snow Sunday morning. Also this weekend, I was sick. I’m still sick actually and it needs to go away because it’s about to be family time back in Detroit.

But anyway, I was quite the champ on Sunday morning. I braved my sickness and the cold and snow to get to the last New Amsterdam Market of the year. And I was not disappointed.

The first thing we saw when we got there was the guy in the cupcake hat from the craft fair last weekend! We saw him and I whispered to Laura, “He’s on my blog.” Haha. Oh, and yes, Laura and I hung out Saturday AND Sunday. :)

The next thing I saw that I felt was truly amazing were these giant gingerbread cookies from Breezy Hill Orchard. They were HUGE.

So cute.

Next up was some Moroccan bread, which looked pretty good, especially since it was served warm and we were quite cold.

It was perfect cause while I didn’t want to try any of the cheeses or spreads with me being sick, a little bread sounded just right. Laura and I each got one to try.

Laura’s all tough with her “Hell Yeah” gloves and here I am all “La la la”:

I think the contrast in our expressions in hilarious. Like my pink hat? Haha.

Next up, I got some duck, lamb and sausage cassoulet from Jimmy’s No. 43 which I actually cannot believe I haven’t blogged about yet, because I went there a few weeks ago and I love Jimmy’s.

That was preeeeety tasty.

Then we saw hot pockets from Quality Meats which looked pretty good and came with some strawberry thing on the side (yes, strawberry “thing,” my knowledge and handle on the English language is stellar).

From there, Laura got the lobster bisque from Luke’s Lobster:

It had HUGE chunks of lobster in it, to which Laura would look at and say, “I am so glad I still eat seafood” (she’s a vegetarian).

I also bought a pint of eggnog ice cream from the Bent Spoon, the same place I had that lovely scoop from the last New Amsterdam Market. I don’t even know if I like eggnog itself, but the ice cream was quite delicious so I bought some to take home. Can’t wait until I’m not sick and I can eat it.

I’d say the New Amsterdam Market was a success for Laura and I. We just walked around talking about how awesome it is and how we can’t wait for our friend Missy to move to New York in January and start joining us in all our activities.

I think the snow scared a lot of people away, some of the booths were even empty, but for those who made it to the New Amsterdam Market this weekend, I’m pretty sure it was worth it.

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