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Hewo, bebe. This is a little cupcake. It actually loves quite large in this photo, but it was actually a $1.50 two-bite cupcake from a little cart called “Little Cupcake Lover” that was right outside Urban Outfitters in Soho. Another thing I was expecting to be less than stellar but was actually delicious.

Here’s my sisby being shy:

A funny thing that happened while we were taking this picture, a man with a slice of pizza walking down the street looked at us, looked at the cupcake, and threw his piece of pizza in the trash, opting for a mini cupcake instead. Hilarious.

Oh, we also had one more cupcake this past weekend. This was from the Cupcake Stop in the Limelight Marketplace. Root beer flavored and we had to get it because look at the cute straw!

Another thing I expected to be gross and wasn’t. I mean a root beer cupcake? How can that be good? Well it is possible and I will tell you that whatever frosting they decided to pair with that root beer flavor went perfectly. So we split this little bad boy and happiness was had by all.

In other news – and this is BIG news – I’m headed to Germany today! A nice little back to where I came from because I first started this bloggy blog to document the adventures I had in Europe with my mom. And now I’m going back to Europe, and back to Germany – but this time with friends! I’m not sure how frequently I will be able to post but I’ll see what I can do! And I’ve got one more post going up on Monday of shots with my sisby just to hold you over until then. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you when I see you! Auf Wiedersehen!

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Look at me, look at me. Cipriani Downtown. Did I ever think I’d be there? No. But there I was on Sunday, with my eggplant parmigiana. It was all Tim’s idea. I was about to have the girls meet me on the LES for some eggs and french toast and somehow I got whisked away to the magical world of Cirpriani and Venetian pasta.

Cipriani is gorgeous. It makes me want to cover my walls in giant pieces of artwork. Of course, I can’t imagine how much the artwork costs in Cipriani and I won’t have quite the same budget, but I can pretend. So who wants to be my art director? Let’s get this project goin. :)

Here are some of the plates at our table. I tried them all and they were delicious. The closest one to the camera is Kayti’s mushroom risotto. Mmm, mmm. And here’s the rest of our smiling faces:

Look, Tim Revell without sunglasses on. Imagine.

So Cipriani. I’m sure everything they make is phenomenal, I mean we barely touched the menu. And I’m a little upset with myself for not getting a Bellini, juice of white peaches and Prosecco, which Giuseppe Cipriani served for the first time in Venice in 1948. There’s your history for the day.

I can’t wait to lunch at Cipriani every day when I’m 80 and we all have a billion dollars and nothing else to do with our time. Yeah, that’s going to be great.

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What do you do when you take a Friday off of work and you need to go somewhere for breakfast to prepare you for a day’s worth of shopping in Soho? Balthazar, of course!

Balthazar is known for its pastries and its fanciness. Or at least that’s what it’s known for to me. It’s classic and it’s classy and rich people go there. So we did too.

Nora had the eggs Norwegian with smoked salmon.

Miss Amanda Lynn had scrambled eggs in a puff pastry with mushrooms and asparagus. So that little pastry pit at the top was soooo flakey. And I thought that was the pastry until I started to peel away at the eggs and I realized my eggs were in a pastry boat! They say pastry puff, I say pastry boat! Well I couldn’t eat nearly a third of it because there was so much pastry but it truly was delicious. Perhaps the best scrambled eggs I’ve had in my life, and I used to be ob-sessed with the scrambled eggs at the Oakland Hills Country Club in Detroit. But these are good.

I like Balthazar and next time I need to get a chocolatey something something from their pastry shop/bakery next door.

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Oh, the Germans. How I miss them so. Them and their always-matching outfits. Seriously. On this particular day they were all wearing light v-necks with khaki shorts and they looked exactly the same when we had gone out the night before. They also have an affinity for ripped jeans. But I love them anyway.

So Cafe Habana. One of my favorite hotspots. Also where I’ve seen David Arquette eating at the bar. But, it’s all about the food. The corn, specifically. And for me, the steak.

I took the boys there last Friday afternoon for lunch and it was a Mad House. And there was no way we were waiting for anything. So we (and by we, I mean I) decided to opt for Cafe Habana to go. And it still took forever.

This corn is worth every minute though. Covered in chili powder and melted cheese… it does not get better than this. Didi liked it so much he got some on his nose:

Now Alex doesn’t like corn so he missed out. He also missed out by ordering a freaking cheeseburger. I do not get it. He complained about the crappy food he kept eating but everywhere we went, he ordered a cheeseburger! And he was disappointed when this one was so greasy. Come on now, Alex. :)

Now what he SHOULD have ordered is what I got:

Sure, it’s just replacing one red meat with another but at least it’s not another freaking cheeseburger! And it’s so delicious! Mmm mmm. I do love Cafe Habana, even though it’s always packed. :)

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This is Lure Fish Bar. I would say dining there is like dining on a fancy boat, but I’ve never dined on a fancy boat. But I think that’s what they want you to think. So it’s pretty impressive. The floors are even made of wooden planks in some areas, which for people in heels is very slippery! So the restaurant is very fancy looking but I’m going to say it wasn’t my favorite. Actually I feel like I haven’t been impressed by a nice restaurant in awhile. I went to Applewood in Brooklyn with some other restaurant bloggers and haven’t even written about it yet because it was good but it just wasn’t great. Maybe I’ll get to that.

But Lure. I had New England Clam Chowder as an appetizer.

It was good but it was no Mermaid Inn. What was really good? That lychee martini sitting right back there behind my chowder. Love lychee martinis.

So Lure is a fish restaurant and sushi bar but I had read somewhere that they had one of the best burgers in the city. But I was an idiot and didn’t realize there is a difference between their regular burger and their Lure Style Burger. Excuuuuse me. I did NOT see it on the menu and what I ended up getting was nothing but lackluster and a waste of time. And definitely cooked beyond the medium rare I ordered. You know it wasn’t good because I only ate half of it and let the other half get thrown away. Everyone had made fun of me for getting a burger at a fish restaurant and I was SET on proving them wrong, but in the end, they all got me! So don’t make that rookie mistake!

Missy’s looked good though:

And so did everyone else’s (please ignore the unsightly burger!)

My friends looked good too:

So basically what I have to say about Lure comes down to this: it is a very interesting spot, and I fear I may need to give it a second chance. I just won’t be in a hurry.

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Abby may be gone but I still have a few things from our weekend to blog about. One is Cafe Colonial, a Brazilian restaurant on Houston that we went to after deciding to forgo the insane wait at Clinton Street Baking Company. (But I WILL go there one day!)

Abby got the traditional Brazilian breakfast: a cup of fruit and pao de queijo, which is a Brazilian cheese bread.

I got the black eyed pea soup and half a sandwich of mozzarella, avocado, tomatoes, and olive spread on olive bread :


Cafe Colonial is cute. I went there once last December with my friend MB cause she was living in SoHo, but this time I went with Abby dear.

… and now I’m hungry. :)

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My mother is in town visiting me this weekend which is lovely. The weather hasn’t been too lovely for her though. Rained a bit today and it’s supposed to be even worse tomorrow. Oh, well! We walked to SoHo and I finally bought a brand new umbrella from Uniqlo (as seen above). And there is my mother dearest taking shelter under it on the streets on NY. It’s nice to have her here.

We took advantage of Restaurant Week (since it’s turned to Restaurant Year just about, extended til Labor Day) and had dinner at Kittichai, one of my favorite restaurants that I’ve been to in the city.


But I was disappointed for two reasons. One, the tuna tar tar was NOT on the RW menu as an app as it was during Winter RW and also as it is currently listed online! Actually the RW menu posted on their web site was all wrong. I was planning on getting the seafood bouillabaisse but that was not an option either (the second reason I was disappointed). Good thing the valrhona chocolate cake was on the menu or we would have walked out right then. Okay, probably not, but still. Instead of the tuna tar tar they had salmon tar tar which was good but not the same. I didn’t even know they made salmon tar tar. We also had a squid and octopus salad and for the main course we had short ribs with curry and blackened mackerel. The short ribs were the winner in that one and then we both got the valrhona chocolate cake for dessert. I love their cake, it’s yummy (very chocolatey) and it’s cool because it comes in a giant leaf that they unwrap after they put your plate on the table. It’s really exciting.


Mmm, mmm. It’s just got a really great texture and I love it even though it’s not served warm. It was served with some sort of cream dollop of sorts and I wonder if during the winter it was actually served with ice cream? I’m not sure.

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