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Well hello there, Goulash. Have you had goulash before? It’s a glorified stew of sorts with meats (duh) and potatoes (duh) and who knows what else depending on where you go/what kind you get. This here is some goulash soup half way up the trail to Neuschwanstein. Neuschwanstein is a castle that is famous to Americans because it was the model for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. For realz. So it’s all kinds of tourists up in there. Thankfully, Matti and Didi had never been anyway, so I felt less bad about dragging them there with us (and by that I mean driving us an hour and something outside the city to go see it… very nice boys). So if the area is touristy than the restaurants are touristy too. The Germans thought their food was crap and it probably was to their standards, but to me my goulash was soooo goood.

Another thing that was so good was D’s pancakes with plum sauce:

A-mazing. Nora said the plum sauce is one of the best things she’s ever had in her life.

And now here is me and Didi:


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Where do you go to lunch when one of your friends from Michigan comes to the city? The Adore of course. It’s one of my favorite little places in the city. It’s a Japanese French bakery of sorts which means it’s French but the chef and everyone who works there is Japanese. They close early (around 4 or so everyday) but if you’re lucky enough to get a banana cupcake (read: the best muffin of your life) or a sandwich before they sell out, it’s really a treat. And it’s my favorite hot chocolate in the city.

It’s a tiny space and you might never know it, but there’s seating space upstairs if you’re staying for lunch. So we did. We each got baguettes (hers grilled eggplant, mine a croque monsieur) and spinach puree soup.

It was very green and very delicious:

It looks a little intimidating, but I assure you it was good.

Besides that, last night Kayti and I had the best night of our lives. We went to a speakeasy of sorts and got the number for another speakeasy of sorts that I thought I probably was never going to be able to go to. So we’ll be going there tonight. I’m having the best birthday ever. :)

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Did you know there’s a Restaurant Week Truck? Well, there is and it’s been taking soups all over the city from various Restaurant Week restaurants this week and last. It’s been parked a few blocks from my office the past few days so you know I had to check it out.

I went on Monday and I brought Will with me ’cause he’s one of my faves. Here was the menu for the day:

I haven’t been to any of those three restaurants, but it’s pretty hard for me to pass up a bisque. So I didn’t. Will got the roasted corn from Maya because he loves his veggies.

I was especially impressed with the branding of the Restaurant Week Truck. They had a Coca-Cola station set up next to it giving out free 100-calorie bottles, as they are one of the sponsors of Restaurant Week. And the paper bags were cute:

Inside the bags were the Restaurant Week menus for the three restaurants who made the soups as well as a Restaurant Week booklet. And apparently Will got a JetBlue keychain, but I did not. Haters!

Will liked his corn soup and said that he was ready for another and I liked my shrimp bisque from North Square as well:

Nice work, Restaurant Week Truck, you get an A.

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