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I checked into one of my many mobile apps last night and it informed me it was my fourth night in a row at a bar. Umm… at least two were work-related? And, inside scoop, last night I only drank a Coke. BUT on Tuesday, I did drink beer with my ZogSports volleyball team.

In case you’ve been wondering how my team is doing… Well, I don’t *think* we’re going to make the playoffs. But I do think we have a chance for best team spirit!

So after the game on Tuesday we went to the nearby bar where ZogSports sponsors a happy hour. Pitchers were $13, not bad, so we got a few as well as some appetizers (I saw tater tots come out of the kitchen and was like HEY). Anyway, I won’t lie – the happy hour turned out to be way more fun than the actual games. It’s nice getting to know new people and laughing so hard the team next to you tells you to pipe down. Maybe cause they beat us. :). While at the bar, I suggested we play a game. I was actually thinking a “get to know you” game since I’m new to the team but next thing I knew, we were playing flip cup. First time since college? Maybe. Did my team win three times in a row? Definitely.

I love ZogSports.

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I got the wrong socks.

So… ZogSports approached me to participate in a sport this fall (I chose volleyball, duh) because of this little blog here and they waived my registration fee. Awesome! I guess you can say this is my very first sponsored post. *SPONSORED POST EVERYONE* But, it doesn’t really matter because I’ve done Zog once before and I lurbed it so I knew I would lurb it again, so it doesn’t make it hard to talk about.

But, I got the wrong socks.

SO the team I was assigned to has played together before and they have so much team spirit they got special tshirts with the team name and special socks from American Apparel. So yesterday on my lunch I went to American Apparel and picked out the socks that said “Royal Blue.” Well… then I got to the game (after a bunch of glasses of wine at The Dutch, not to mention) and I saw that everyone is wearing WHITE socks with royal blue STRIPES. Not me, though! Of course I made a joke about it and everyone laughed and of course I’m going to wear the dang socks every game anyway, because it’s hilarious. At least it’s the right idea and not hot pink or sparkly gold stars. So that’s that.

My team itself… is not good. There’s no sense in hiding it. BUT I will say that we approved 200% from our first game to our last game last night so I think there may be hope! And my team is fun, which is what’s important and I’m sure we WILL win a game eventually. We’re going to go to some happy hours after the regular season starts so I’m pretty excited about that. Royal blue socks and all.

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Guess what – it’s baseball season! And also Water Taxi season, as you see in this picture. One of the best things about going to a Yankees game is taking the water taxi from downtown all the way up to the Bronx. And it costs all of one dollar to reserve your seat. It’s awesome. Who doesn’t like cruising on the Hudson? Also, you can buy beer. That’s Allison, Stacy, and I when we were still docked at the South Street Seaport.

And here is Stacy after we get cruisin’:

Hey, Stacy! Stacy is one of my awesomest friends and she currently lives in my neighborhood! Sadly only for about ten more days as she’s moving to Austin shortly. I will miss her ’cause we’ve had some super fun times. Also I look forward to seeing her when I go visit my dad in Texas in October. It’s gonna be SWEET.

And the one picture from the game with all the girls:

I love this picture. We all had fun at the game and the tickets were only six dollars! That’s some cheap entertainment. Of course we bought hot dogs and beers and garlic fries to make up for it though. Ha. I look forward to going to more games this season, especially as it gets nicer out. Go Yankees! (And the Detroit Tigers, natch.)

Oh also – we met Tracy Morgan after the game. He was nice and took a photo with us. Thanks, Tracy – we all love 30 Rock!

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I have been a bad blogger. This game feels like a million years ago already but I think it was only last week!

A couple of reasons I’ve been a bad blogger:

1) Blogging is expensive. Ok – only my kind of blogging, because I like to talk about restaurants. And in order to talk about restaurants, you have to go to restaurants… and who is paying for that? This girl! So I had to cool it for awhile. Actually, the past three weeks I’ve gone out to eat a total of maybe three times. It’s been crazy. I have a good restaurant for tomorrow’s post though.

Reason 2) Work. Okay, honestly that’s not as big as reason number 1) but work has been crazy crazy these past few weeks. Side note that sort of relates: I’m kind of dying to eat some oysters right now.

But welcome back to the bloggy blog life of Amanda. I’m happy to have you here.

The above picture is from when the Michigan State Spartans (what up) came to Madison Square Garden to play against Syracuse. There was a lot of orange in that stadium, that’s for sure. And it was kind of gross. And then we got killed.  And it was embarrassing. But I’ll always love my Sparty. Can you spot him down there?

Sparty is such a big man. Kelly and I went down to the sidelines to meet him and get our picture with him, which is something I can now cross off my bucket list (seriously). So that was fun. I also like to take pictures of Missy cheering:

So yeah. I hope MSU comes back to play at MSG again and I hope this time we beat some butt. Go Green!

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Goooooooo Team! And by team we mean TIGERS! Wednesday night I went to the Tigers/Mets game at Citifield with six other native Detroiters and one kid from Florida. Yep. Unfortunately the Tigers were creamed. CREAMED. 5-0. But it was fun; we had things to eat, badges to earn on Foursquare, cheers to cheer, and lots of people to look at. Baseball too. And we got giant foam fingers! First, the food:

Here’s Abhishek’s hot dog with lots of things on it:

I don’t even know what all that is. Onions? Japalenos? Relish? Out of control. And now here is a vat of cheese:

Also out of control. Finally, my pulled pork sammie from Blue Smoke:

Erm, delicious. Only the slightest hint of barbeque sauce and only the slightest hint was needed. And there were pickles. How come I’ve never been to Blue Smoke before? It’s on the list now.

And now, me and my friends:

It’s an accomplishment to get an awesome group of 8 at the same place at the same time. Nice work, team. :) Have a good weekend!

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My friend Julianne and I had the BEST time last Friday night. Yes, I was sick, but I had been given tickets to the Knicks game and they were not about to go to waste.

I’ve been to one Knicks game before – last December vs. Detroit, and those tickets were nosebleeds. This time, it was a whole new ballgame. Even though we had our own seats from my friend Manny, he informed us of two better seats that would be open during the game and told us to sit there instead. And they were good. We felt sweet. Look at how close we were:

On top of that, during the game we were miraculously (somehow, totally random by coincidence only and not because we knew the person picking the winner at all) chosen as the “Lucky Fans” of the game.

What did this mean?

It means Manny came over and personally escorted us from our seats to the DJ booth. It means we had to climb over these railings (seriously, that was odd) and stand with the broadcast girl and the promo guy with a giant sign behind us that said, “Lucky Fan.” It means a promo girl was throwing confetti at us while we were put on the JUMBROTRON and the broadcast girl announced us, by name, as the winners for some college basketball tickets at MSG.

Hello, New York:

Yep, there we are, famous.

It was so weird. I didn’t know where I was supposed to look and if it would be stupid for me to wave, but I waved anyway. It’s a really weird feeling to know your face is on the giant screen that mostly everyone in the Garden is looking at. Weird and AWESOME!

The best part was that Julianne had never even been to a Knicks game before and she’s a huge basketball fan, so there she was with great seats and then guess what, she’s a lucky fan of the game.

It was awesome.

Also awesome because the Clippers lost and the Knicks won, in the craziest fourth quarter matchup I’ve ever seen. Go Knicks!

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I may have lied about last week being the end of City Mitten: Detroit version, cause here I am about to talk about the Detroit Red Wings. That’s right, last night they played against the New York Rangers here at Madison Square Garden.

First, let me tell you about Madison Square Garden.

1) It is the ugliest building you’ve ever seen in your life. If you’ve ever seen pictures of the old Penn station they idiotically demolished in the 60’s, your heart will ache with sadness when you see what stands in its place today. Hid. E. Ous.

2) So far I had been at MSG only twice. First: nosebleed tickets to Coldplay‘s free show last year. Second: nosebleeds tickets to the Pistons/Knicks not free game last year. We could not see anything. So we moved around and eventually settled in the lower area, which was great, but all to say, you do not want to be too far back at MSG.

So yesterday when I picked up my tickets (from a friend who works for the NHL, holla) and she told me they were in a suite, I’m not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed. I thought that for sure I’d be watching the whole game on a tiny TV in a crowded room.

Well, my dears, that was not the case. There was practically nobody our suite and I’d venture that we had a better view than probably a third of the people in the arena. This suite hung almost directly over the ice so we were actually pretty close. And it was on the lowest level of suites, which was also the same level as many regular seats. So, I was pleased.

And then the Wings took the ice.

Rangers scored first, which was lame.

But then the Wings game back with a goal. And then another. And then one more in the final seconds, just for fun. Wings win 3-1. What up, New York.

Welcome to Hockey Town.

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