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Oh, Governors Island. I had been wanting to ride bicycles around it ALL SUMMER and time was running out! So when my sister and my mom came to town, I decided we would go for a little spin. And it’s really not bad – $15 for two hours on a bike. You really don’t need more than that since the island isn’t so big. Here we are taking a little rest to watch the trapeze school on the island:

It looks like fun.

Also fun in general is hanging out with my momma. Here I am looking like I’m trying to smush her:

And yes, that is the statue of liberty in the back.

Yay, close up of my face with momma in the background.

Vroom vroom!

And also I really liked my handle bars on my bike with a heart on the bell:

And that’s my Tumblr bag. Of course. I like going to Governors Island.

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Sooo one thing I have never done as a tourist in NYC is visit the Statue of Liberty. And I have done many touristy things. When they opened up the crown to the public again, I had to do it. You have to get tickets months ahead of time because they only allow a certain number of people into the crown every day so it’s the first thing I checked when Miss Michelle booked her tickets here.

When we first walked up to go through security (for the second time) to go through the crown, we showed the guy our tickets and he goes, “You have crown tickets!” It felt like we had golden tickets to the Willy Wonka chocolate factory. Except not. We did have tickets that allowed us to climb a bajillion narrow stars though. That was crazy! They were twisted so hard I was literally leaning against the stairs while walking up then. A little freaky deaky. But as you can see from the above photo, we made it. And the crown is tiny! There’s room for maybe six people to stand up there at a time. And you can hear the wind blowing all around and look outside and see the bottom of the torch to your right and it’s just crazy crazy! Also, the stairs on the way down – scarier! I kept thinking I was going to slip!

The best thing though, was going in the winter. A great idea. Especially because this particular day was a clear day but even more especially because it felt like there was barely anyone there on the island! We had so much room to take pictures and walk around on all the different levels outside and there was like NOBODY there. So that was awesome. We were very glad we did this. Maybe one day I’ll go to Ellis Island too, but we had a lunch date we couldn’t miss so we may be saving that for next time.

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Hello everyone! I just got back from the most fabulous weekend in Boston, but those posts will have to wait to start tomorrow because what do we have here? Mister Softee is back! Yay! NYC is so strange. I swear ten days ago it was winter and now it’s skirts, sandals, sunglasses, and Mister Softee season. Not sure what happened to Spring.

Most of the ice cream trucks in NYC are Mister Softee trucks and they serve all kinds of soft serve creations. And if you get them in Battery Park aka Touristville, you can pay twice as much! My single cone with sprinkles was four dollars. Holla. Julianne got a double, which is two cones fused into one and it was a whopping six dollars. Holla. And she lost half of it to the ground.

Julianne is a City Mitten Superstar. We had a girlie chat the other day down at Battery Park and watched the sun go down behind Lady Liberty. No big deal.

It’s funny how far away the Statue of Liberty always looks in these pictures, but it’s really right there and larger than life from those benches. So we had some chats and some laughs.

I love summer. And Boston, which I’ll get to tomorrow. :)

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I’m having some technical difficulty with the pictures I tried to post with my last entry so I’m reposting the ones that aren’t showing up here. Please enjoy:

Lady Liberty


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Sunday was one of the best days ever. It was practically summer out, the weather was so nice. I went to Governors Island with Lucy and Julianne. Governors Island is a small little island south of Manhattan that used to be a United States Army base. Now it’s open to the public on weekends for part of the year for picnics, concerts, bicycling and tours. Cars aren’t allowed so you can bike along in your own little world without worrying about getting run over (by vehicles at least).

We rented bikes and rode around the perimeter of the island before cruising through the middle and checking out the Jazz Age Dance Party – which had TONS of people in flapper-style costume! It was like they came from a movie set. I was impressed, some people had the look down perfect.

Also on Governors Island was a huge yard of different art pieces. There was a really creepy giant skeleton thing made out of scrap metal called “The Agony of Man” as well as a dragon made out of chairs and a big bug:

After we got a feel for the island, we had a little picnic right in front of The Statue of Liberty. And by little picnic, I really mean big picnic. We had everything: pita sandwiches with ham, cheese, and cucumbers… green peppers, strawberries, apples and peanut butter…. pretzels, cookies, carrots, chips… it was quite the spread. After our lovely lunch, we grabbed one of the bright red hammocks to hang out in.

This was by far my favorite part of the day. Just us chilling in a hammock, laughing our heads off about a million things. It’s not often you find a hammock in NYC. So it was great. Later, Lucy’s friend Stephen joined up with us, which made it four people chilling in a hammock, laughing our heads off. Oh, it was so much fun. I love hanging out with them.

Once we finally got ourselves out of the hammock (and boy, was it difficult to get us out of the hammock), we explored a bit of the grounds some more. I found a military house to live in. Then we took the ferry back to Manhattan, went to Lucy’s and made nachos to eat on her rooftop and had some beer before going to Apostles Church.


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