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So. If I didn’t mention that we were rear-ended when Kayti and I drove to Chicago a few weekends ago – we were. And if I didn’t mention my sister Emily very graciously let us take her car instead – she did. Her one condition: bring back Molly’s cupcakes.

So before we left for our drive back to Michigan – Molly’s is where we stopped. Kayti got some for her mom too. Molly’s has lots of different kinds of cupcakes and I almost didn’t know what to do. I decided to buy six random flavors: The Ron Bennington (chocolate cake, peanut butter filling, chocolate ganache, crushed butterscotch topping), Boston Cream (classic vanilla cake, delicate pastry cream filling, chocolate ganache), Cookie Monster (vanilla chocolate chip cake, raw cookie dough center, buttercream, mini chocolate chip cookie), birthday cake (duh) and something really chocolatey. I got them for my mom, my sis, and my Michelli to do a taste test for me and their winner was birthday cake.

But back to the store – it was cute. Look at this small child sitting on a swing:

I feel like it’s illegal (or just potentially creepy) to take pictures of other people’s kids which is why unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the kid’s adorable face that – I’m sure you can imagine – was covered in frosting.

This is a strawberry shortcake cupcake that Nora bought, which they only have in the summer:

And this is the definition of friendship:

Gotta love Molly’s Cupcakes.

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Last weekend The New Amsterdam Market had a mini (and we mean mini) Valentine’s Day Market. We hit it up for some snacks. Above is Shandaken Bake and some squirrel cookies that made me think of my little sister.

Here is some apple monkey bread that I bought and had for breakfast the following morning.

But the *real* star of the show. The Bent Spoon. As always. We came for the market for The Bent Spoon, really. It’s just the most fabulous and inventive flavors of ice cream. I wish they would open a store in the city. See our excitement:

Here are some of my peeps, trying flavors and deciding what to get. You can get mini cones, which is awesome. I think they were $2?

Yeah, you’ve seen this before. But it’s the BEST. Bitter chocolate on top (amazing) and chocolate-covered strawberry on the bottom. I need to start planning my New Amsterdam Market adventures so that I can take a pint home with me afterward.

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Hi. I’m just here to tell you I’m singing a whole new tune about L’Arte del Gelato after trying their strawberry gelato when Mic was in town. I never order strawberry ice cream or strawberry shakes or anything because I just don’t care about the strawberry flavor beyond actual strawberries. But strawberry L’Arte del Gelato apparently I really like. And so does Michelle by the expression on her face above.

Get yourself to the Chelsea Market.

Also, if you’re wondering what I did on Valentine’s Day, that was not it. I had a date with KP at Patsy’s Pizza (again) – which by the way KP already has a ridiculous picture of me on her blog – and then we went to Chloe‘s to eat Buttercup Bake Shop cupcakes and make fun of The Bachelor. There were nine of us ladies and it was hilarious. Especially hilarious was Chloe’s friend Jenna, and she actually makes a living off of being hilarious so check her out.

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Hi, Kelly. Where are you in my life? Oh yeah, probably on a plane some where, flying to other lands for no good reason except just to go.

Well, this photo is from Sundaes and Cones, which I went to for the second time in my life and this was Kelly’s first. I’m not going to lie, it was not half as exciting as the time we went to Milk and Cookies.

This is my tiny scoop of Strawberry Cheesecake, which was pretty good. It’s actually completely absurd of me to get a flavor besides vanilla with chocolate chips. This Strawberry Cheesecake needed some chocolate, so Kelly let me steal a bite or two of hers. Doesn’t the world know that everything is made better with chocolate chips? Strawberry Cheesecake Chocolate Chip probably would have been perfect for me.

Just so you know, Sundaes and Cones has fancy flavors like wasabi, ginger, and corn. Kelly and I both tried the Black Sesame and Kelly and I both made faces. We’ll stick with the classics, please.

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More popsicles! And by popsicles, of course I really mean ice pops. We went to the Farmer’s Market in Charlottesville on Saturday and imagine my reaction when I spotted a sign a few rows away that said, “POPSICLES.” Well, you don’t have to imagine too hard. ‘Cause I was on my way there.

It was all too cute. The dry erase board and the sign that said “Homemade” with hearts all over it. The lady behind this sign was thrilled (and maybe confused) that I was taking pictures.

Susan and I both got strawberry pops with chocolate shavings. Yes.

Chocolate shavings inside a popsicle? Brilliant!

We walked around downtown Charlottesville and looked at various things/people. Sat at a table and listened to this old scraggly guy play a harmonica like nobody’s business. Walked around some more. Saw people carrying boxes from a bakery. Went on a mission to find said bakery. Mission complete:

Crazy Cakes! Cutest name ever. And Carlos says hi. The way they twist the frosting makes the cupcakes look store bought to me. But the frosting was very fluffy.

This is Carlos’ oreo cupcake. Susan and I split a chocolate cupcake with vanilla ice cream and it had those candy legos on top. Mmm. I think I need to bake some cupcakes soon.

Also cute at Crazy Cakes was their little friend that held the business cards:

Cute! Well that’s all the snacking we did in downtown Charlottesville. Tomorrow we’ll talk wineries!

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