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This is necessary. Sundaes at Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain on Henry Street in Brooklyn, the most prettiest street in all of Brooklyn. Walking down it inspires me to be better at life. Ice cream on the other hand does not. But it is still nice, too.

Above is a mocha madness sundae, or something. Coffee ice cream, chocolate sauce, perhaps a brownie on the bottom? Definitely out of control. Behind it is an “any day” chocolate sundae.

But this, my dears, is the winner. The Sundae of Broken Dreams. Yes, indeed. If you have a dream and it breaks, go to Brooklyn Farmacy and get this. Also if your dream is still intact. Vanilla ice cream, warm caramel sauce, broken pretzels and whipped cream. So simple yet so divine. Di-vine. This is what you order here! Make no mistake.

Also, Brooklyn Farmacy is the cutest. Makes me love Brooklyn.

A very nice woman seated next to us saw us taking photos and offered to take one of the three of us. Myself, my homegirl Jordan, and her friend Kelly in town for the week. The three of us are going to our first ever Brooklyn Cyclones game on Friday and I am PUMPED. But back to Brooklyn Farmacy’s cuteness. Do you see this?

So cute. Next time I want to snag a barstool so I can watch all the action. Also, Brooklyn Farmacy sells a lot of adorable things. Mostly foodstuffs, but on my way out my eyes unfortunately landed on this:

Look. at. the. anteater. Sigh… All I know is I am going to be in trouble the day I have kids. I’m going to buy them lots of creatures that are secretly actually just for me. I don’t know what my problem is. I mean I have like five stuffed animals on my bed right now as it is. AND I AM TWENTY SIX YEARS OLD. No matter. I love ’em. So this anteater. If he’s still there the next time I’m at the Brooklyn Farmacy, he might be going home with me. Maybe.

And that, my dears, is the Brooklyn Farmacy.

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So this might be weird and a little embarrassing but um… I like it so… yeah. Bumble is the Abominable Snowman in the animated Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer movie. And for some reason, I love him.

One time, I was emailing with Kelly about some boy I liked and she wanted a picture and I accidentally sent her a picture of Bumble instead. Cause you know, I have that on my desktop. And if you can see the teeny tiny icon next to the URL you’re looking at on this page… guess who it is! Bumble!

So there I was at Somerset Collection in Troy, Michigan, one of the nicest malls in Michigan if not THE nicest, with lots of quality brands and none of that cheap stuff. And there I was with my mom about to walk out the door when we just HAPPENED to glance inside the Build-A-Bear. BUILD-A-BEAR, PEOPLE! I AM TWENTY FIVE!

Anyway, my mom was actually the one that pointed out the Bumbles to me and I had to investigate, so I picked up a limp Bumble (he had no stuffing in him yet) and I thought, “Am I really considering getting a Build-A-Bear?” And the answer was yes. I just couldn’t let him go. So I went through the crazy process they make the kids go through when they are at a kindergarten classmate’s birthday party. I had to jump up and down and warm up a little red heart to put in his body and make a wish “bigger than any other wish” I’ve ever made. The pressure! I also had the opportunity to give him an original name, which I found to be absurd as this is BUMBLE we are talking about here, the one and only, and he already has a name!

I made Bumble and he got a birth certificate and a little house, and he is with me now actually sitting next to me as I type this. I have problems.

So I love him and I went out to dinner with my mom afterward or the next day or something at a chain actually if you could believe it. We went to Logan’s Roadhouse which is not our favorite except for their warm rolls and I do happen to like their ribs. And so does Bumble.

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Well, well, well… what have we here? Somebody has a chalkboard heart.

Yes. Indeed. In my room. Now.

My bedroom is huge for a New York City apartment. Last year I was living in an 8×10 craphole in the East Village and now that I’m living in Brooklyn, I’ve got a thing called SPACE! It was a strange concept at first.

I have this huge wall that has just been staring at me since I moved in. I’ve been slowly putting my room together piece by piece since I didn’t own much (or anything) before. And last night I finally got around to that blank wall.

I got the idea to make a chalkboard after seeing my friend Laura’s loft apartment in Bushwick with an entire wall of chalkboard. But I decided I didn’t want an entire black wall, I wanted a chalkboard in the shape of something: a heart. I like hearts. Not girly pink ones (usually) but I do like them. I have a little heart tattooed on one of my ribs. So heart it is.

Missy came over and helped me. First up was cutting up a bunch of paper shopping bags I was holding on to for some reason (this one, obviously) to make a tarp for the floor since I didn’t even think about getting one. The next part was the hardest: drawing.

Go up to a wall and draw a giant heart free-hand and take a step back and see what you’ve got. It probably ain’t pretty. It probably looks like a million things it shouldn’t. Missy and I had lots of laughs over this process. But the drawing was really the hardest part. This is when it was kind of crooked and we couldn’t figure out why:

We kept trying to make this side wider and that side more curved and this side inside out until I finally realized I had a tape measure so we made some measurements and some improvements and it finally looked like a pretty damn good heart. A damn good one. The painting part took an actual five minutes, but the preparation into it was pretty intense. Haha.

I want to say thank you to my good friend P for letting me borrow his painting supplies which I am not going to return. This chalkboard paint is not gonna come out (or it is, but I don’t really want to try… I’ll buy you a new paint tray, P). Here’s me showing off my skillz:

Here’s Missy showing off her skillz:

And here’s us with the final product after it dried:

It’s kind of daunting to have this giant black heart in front of my face as I’m typing this, but it’s gonna be way less daunting once someone draws a pretty picture on it. Who wants to come over and draw or write something? I’m supposed to wait three days before I draw on it, but I already have the chalk!

Oh and my animals really like it too:

That’s Owly, Rawly, and Somebody I Have Not Yet Named because when I got him his name was “Ghasty” and it’s just not sticking. And yes, I am 25 in about five seconds and I have stuffed animal friends. I’m awesome.

I can’t wait to draw on my heart!

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I love Christmas and I love Christmas Eve with my mom’s side of the family. Every year we go to my Aunt Sylvia’s for some (or a lot of) yummy foodz and family time and a Christmas gift exchange game. We fight about the rules every year. It’s great.

First, look at the beautiful cake my mom picked up at Mrs. Maddox Cake Shop:

The cake got a liiiittle messed up during transportation which is why it only says “ery Christmas” instead of “Merry Christmas,” but you get the idea.

There’s always tons of food at the family gatherings. Each year there’s some variation but the main staples are always: pierogies, kielbasa, and cheesy potatoes. My family is Polish and we make some great pierogies.

And here’s some of my family milling around the table:

My cousin Danielle likes to be front and center:

And of course we have lots of treats. Chocolate cherry cake:

Pumpkin cake:

Sugar cookies from Maddox:

All the treats:

We played the present game we always play, which my aunt just informed me is called “Dirty Santa.” This year the theme was “favorite things” and we were instructed to bring, guess what, a favorite thing. Some items were: a Sonic gift card, a giant basset hound figure, fuzzy socks, a coloring book with crayons, a remote controlled Ferrari (which my grandma brought, of all people) and a ShamWow. Hilarious.

My gift was something I picked up last week at Artists & Fleas in Brooklyn. It’s a Kreepy Doll from the Kreepy Doll Factory and I thought this guy was the cutest. I love creatures and this was perfect to be a “favorite thing” for me to contribute to the game. And then of course, I fought like hell to get him. I can always count on my sisters to get my back and scheme with me so we end up with what we want.

Look at my baby:

I love him. Oh, and that’s my little sister at the top. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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This past Sunday I woke up in the wee hours of the morning to meet up with my friend Laura Leebove and company in line for the Bust Craftacular. She went last year and showed me all the cool stuff she bought, so this year, I just had to see it for myself.

When I found her in line, it was already reaching around the corner and later it made its way around the entire block.

The line was worth it. Two dollars and a free goodie bag (for the first 500 people) later, we were inside and there was SO MUCH TO LOOK AT! I did not know where to begin. Vendors everywhere. Jewelry, purses, clothing, chocolates, cookies, toys, stuffed animals, handmade cards…

We made our way around the maze and I ended up with one thing for one of my sisters. I obviously can’t tell you what it is. There were a million things I could have bought for myself, but that wasn’t the point of going there now, was it?

I’ve realized I really like handmade cards. They are so adorable. And they’re about the same price as the mass-produced ones you find at Kate’s Paperie so why didn’t I buy some? You tell me.

Here’s a table of some interesting stuffed animals:

And a t-shirt display I was pretty fond of:

And now for the killer. There was one particular booth that really stuck out at me. You know I really like creatures. I especially like penguins. So here was this table with ceramic mugs and ceramic necklaces with different creatures on them. And the creatures were just so CUTE! I seriously wanted to cry about it, they looked so sad and lonely on the mugs and necklaces and I wanted to be their friend.

This necklace I wanted especially:

A penguin in front of the Brooklyn Bridge! This is even better than my amazing photo of the ice cream in front of the Brooklyn Bridge! This necklace is City Mitten!

Why didn’t I buy this? I don’t wear necklaces that much but that penguin should have been mine. The woman who made them was really nice, maybe she can make a pendant for me and make it into a bracelet. I would love love that. For now I can only hope that Mr. Penguin here found a home at the Bust Craftacular. And, you should check out the 3rd Ward Handmade Holiday Craft Fair this coming Sunday, cause SKT Ceramics is gonna be there.

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The other day we ventured over to KaDeWe, a really huge and really nice department store in Berlin. We checked out their gourmet floor which had all kinds of fish and meats and desserts and everything else to either purchase to take home or have them prepare it for you right there. People were drinking wine and beer and watching as their food was being made fresh in front of them. It was crazy though. We couldn’t read any signs, everyone was moving really fast and we couldn’t make sense of the whole process. We were clueless.

We sat at the fish bar for awhile trying to figure out what was going on before my mom decided to ask the youngest chef guy there, “Do you speak English?” “Yes…” So he was really nice and he gave us an English menu and we were able to order successfully.


There is the nice young man we ordered from and here is the grill where all the action was.


Yum, yum, yum. Also, I got a glass of wine. White German wine and my mom says she’s going to start feeding me wine more often.

Here’s our food. Our meals also came with small salads and bread.


Delicious! And I love love wine with dinner. Except this was lunch, so…

Anyway. I was feeling a bit buzzing after that glass of wine. You know I had my smiley face going on and we wandered our way over to the childrens toy section on one of the floors and I found me a new Steiff friend to take home with me from Germany.


Yep, yep. There’s me and my bear. Ok, not the big bear, the little bear. He’s my new friend. I picked him up and carried him around KaDeWe with me before finally purchasing him and now he is sitting on the bed, waiting for me back at the hotel. He is such a dear. I’m going to name him something German… perhaps after one of the areas in the city? But for now I’ve just been calling him “Bear.”


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