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So, it’s been a little while. Just a little. I’m currently stuck at the Newark International Airport on a 4 and a half hour flight delay. I’m now scheduled to depart at 12:20 a.m. for my last-minute #puremichigan weekend. But I’m pretty excited to go home to the Mitten State and hopefully take advantage of the sun, go swimming and boating a little up north.

But what have I been doing this summer? Well, it’s been quite an unexpected summer. Things always happen differently than you expect, I think. Sure, there’s the awesome stuff you know will happen, such as the rooftop party me and some girlies are on our way to in the photo above. Rooftop parties are my jam. Seriously. If you’re trying to get me to go somewhere with you and you say “Rooftop” somewhere in the sentence, you’ve just increased your odds of my attendance at least 60%. So that’s good.

Something that was unexpected: A trip to Hawaii! Yep. That happened. Booked it about three weeks before we were leaving and I got to use Delta Sky Miles so my flight was all of $10. Deal of a CENTURY. And the trip was amazing. Some photo highlights below.


This is my hair doing some amazing tricks at Pali Lookout in Oahu.


AMAZING fish tacos at Paia Fish Market. Maybe my favorite meal there, but don’t tell Jackie because she didn’t have any. (Crazy girl)

Hello adults-only pool! Aka the best creation ever! You didn’t have to worry about some kid throwing a ball at your head or accidentally being kicked by some 8-year-old boy wearing Googles. Yeah, I’m not into that. I was, however, very into the SLIDE, which was not a part of the adults-only pool, obviously, but was worth dealing with a bunch of ten year olds every time.

One of the coolest things we did: ZIPPING! Can you see how high we are? Can you see how easy it would be for us to FALL INTO OUR DEATHS? I kid. Safety first! But it still was a little freaky deaky. I am dying to come back and do this with my mom and sisters, the look on all their faces while we did this together would be PRICELESS.

So that’s pretty good. Not sure if I can beat a trip to Hawaii the rest of this summer, but I’m going to see what I can do. Summer is funner, even when it’s 900 degrees like it currently is all over America. Global warming is serious people. And next year there will be no Polar Bears and we will all be sad.

Omg the airport lady is walking around giving out blankets right now while we’re STILL SITTING IN THE AIRPORT! A little over an hour and a half to go until we finally, finally (supposedly) board. Cross your fingers for me! Until next time, City Mitten.



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Hello, gorgeous. I’ve introduced you to this corn before, back when the Germans came to town. That was Cafe Habana in Soho. this is Habana Outpost in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. This spot is a bit more happenin’ – since they have outdoor seating and you order inside before picking up your food outside at a truck. When we got there a little after 7 on Wednesday night, the line was out the door. But we had reasons to stay as you can see above. Also, it was Tracee’s birthday.

Here are two of the Savan sisters. They had guacamole and queso sandwiches which HELLO, why didn’t I order that? Next time I will know.

We had to wait quite some time at the truck. I think since it’s been raining so much this may have been their first day being really busy because it was a little insane. They had to stop taking orders at one point so the kitchen could catch up. Also – patience is not rewarded here. If it’s busy and you want your food, you have to make yourself known.

And of course, once you get your food it all is worth it. Cubano sandwich at left and of course some more of that glorious corn.

And now we come to the section in which we were asked nicely to leave. As I said already, it was Tracee’s birthday. So Tracee’s roommate Leigh Anna made her some glorious strawberry cupcakes with vanilla frosting. We even sang her a song:

Well, it didn’t go over well. As soon as we were done singing, the lady in charge at Habana was standing there and in one breath said “Happy birthday” to Tracee and “I need to talk to you” to Leigh Anna at the same time. Basically, there’s a $20 charge to bring outside food in. Which I mean, I get. But cupcakes? Birthday cupcakes? They don’t even have dessert! Like I said, I get it, rules are rules – but you’d think after we all came and had food and drinks, it wouldn’t really be a big deal if we took three seconds to all eat a birthday cupcake. So as we did not pay the $20, we had to leave.

I think this picture is hilarious. Tracee is wearing a birthday sash, which is awesome. And nobody else you can really see. We all love Cafe Habana and it’s not like we won’t be back five million times this summer. We just won’t be bringing cupcakes.

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Um, do you normally see shots like this on City Mitten? Nope. But isn’t it pretty?

I love summer. The days are flying by, which means so are the weekends. But I love the weekends! Someone make them longer! This weekend really went by too fast and most of the time I didn’t even have my camera with me. Actually, on Friday night I had my camera but no memory card. AGAIN. We had dinner at Juliet Supper Club which was actually good despite lots of horrible reviews I’ve read online. It’s more of a club than a restaurant and it was very sparkly inside. Six of us ladies and P for Panos and we definitely had a good time. Then I went to the Hudson Hotel followed by Hudson Terrace (after I learned they are two different places) and I have pictures of neither. The pictures today are from Highbar, a bar in midtown of all places. It’s a rooftop and there was a barbeque and it was so much fun. Especially because my girl Kayti was in town!

I think this is one of three pictures we got of us two this entire weekend. Sad, sad. And here’s a picture of my boys Tim Revell and Patrick:

Tim is probably sad that you can’t see his purple pants. The rest of the night was spent at Rose Bar and Griffin. Rose Bar was beautiful and chill and I liked the art. Griffin has the most awesome chandelier I have ever seen… And that’s the kind of weekend I had. Tomorrow we return to our regular programming with a restaurant that is oh so fancy. :)

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OMG, I love the summer. Not only do I feel like I’ve been on fifteen different rooftops in the past two weeks, I also feel like I can’t stop having fun! I even tried to lay low this week, but fun still finds me. Look at this girl. She is all over my blog ALL THE TIME! I’m about to rename this thing Missy Mitten. Missy, you are cut off for a week. Oh wait, we already have two things planned this weekend, one of which is a CANDY TOUR and she’s the guide! So I guess I can’t help it, she’s my most willing partner in crime. There she is with a Salty Pimp (vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, sea salt, chocolate dip) that she couldn’t wait for me to take a picture of before she took a bite. Oops!

We stopped by the good ol’ Big Gay Ice Cream Truck last night before heading to Park Slope for a show:

There’s my homeboy, Doug Quint. He’s out there fighting for food truck rights (there is this crazy bill that would shut down trucks if they had two parking tickets in one year – two!!) and he’s out there bringing you the best gay ice cream you ever did see. Unfortunately, our trip there was completely impromptu and I had just had half a milkshake (Shake Shack, what?) so I’m going to have to bring myself over there again sometime soon. Doug is my homeboy cause I interviewed him when I was an intern for Gothamist, which I don’t think I shared before because I wasn’t sure if I wanted my full name on City Mitten… pff! He’s also my homeboy on Twitter. If you haven’t yet checked him out you should A) be embarrassed and B) get on it, he’s usually at 17th st and Broadway.

Our visit was right before this awesome show at Southpaw by Frontier Ruckus, who is getting a City Mitten shoutout today because they are A) really good and B) from Michigan:

I like going to Southpaw because there are so many attractive boys but I don’t like going to Southpaw because half of them look like guys I have already dated. One in particular last night looked exactly like the last guy I actually dated and it was driving me nuts! Even Missy was like, “Um, that guy kinda looks like…” GAH! Doppelganger, go away! But when that wasn’t distracting me, I was jammin’ along with the Michigan boys on the banjo. At the end of their set, they came in front of the mics and did a little ditty while half of the crowd sat down on the floor, like kindergarten kiddies watching a teacher read to them from a picture book. It was so cute and you can sort of tell from this blurry picture:

Things are happening. Life is good. It’s the weekend. Go see the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck and support your other local food trucks too!

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