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So many good things happened this weekend. But the first I want to tell you about is my Valentine’s Day. I have no idea what I did for Valentine’s Day last year. Really. And it’s been driving me nuts, so if you did something with me that night, please let me know. Obviously whatever it was, it wasn’t as lovely as what I did this year.

I had four Valentines and me and my four Valentines made sushi, salad, and miso soup. We are champs.




My fingers got so sticky! Missy taught Lindsay and I how to make nigiri and hand rolls: inside AND out. It was really fun. Some of the rolls turned out “ugly” but in a cute sort of way and it was okay because Lindsay and I were beginners. Laura and Missy on the other hand: pros.

Laura made the miso soup:

And here’s some of the final sushi product:

It was so good. We used salmon, avocado, cucumbers, and carrots. And it was delish.

For dessert, Mister Mike had picked up some Japanese desserts for us:

Some weird rice crackers and a bar of soap. Not really, but we like to joke. :) We had some sort of mochi, which I’ve actually never tried. I’m not really a fan of jelly-like desserts. I mean I guess I like jello, but mochi… I don’t know. Mike loves the stuff. We also had almost pocky sticks which I love.

AND in completely keeping with the Japanese/sushi theme: I brought cupcakes! Ha!

From Sugar Sweet Sunshine, my dears. And I mean come on, it was Valentine’s Day. Or as Liz Lemon told us this week: it’s Anna Howard Shaw Day, too.

It was a lovely, lovely evening hanging out with all of them. It’s really fun making dinner with a group of people, I don’t know why I don’t ever do it.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day, too!

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Saturday was rainy, sleety, and gross and I spent the whole day helping my friend P move from one apartment to another in Long Island City. It was freezing and a little bit dreadful but we had an entire team and after 8 hours (seriously) we were done. Yep, it took us EIGHT hours to move him across the street. We’re sweet.

When we were done, we unpacked his entire apartment and organized everything and then went out for a late dinner at the restaurant Shi that’s right in his building. At this point it was snowing a little!

I knew there was a sushi restaurant in his building, but I had no idea it was as nice as Shi. Shi is a restaurant/lounge with a huge bar area, chandeliers (as always a selling point for me) and a DJ above the lounge area. It was a pretty classy place. And there was me in the same jeans, tee and sweatshirt I had been doing God knows what in all day. Lookin’ good!

For whatever reason, my friends and I decided to spend the entire meal speaking in Southern accents. Actually, I don’t think we ever decided, I think it just happen. And we made it all the way to dessert before giving up. It was hilarious (to us anyway) and the people next to us must have thought we were crazy. because we were cracking ourselves up. I don’t even know what started it, I said something with a twang upstairs and the next thing I knew we were eating sushi, pretending it was our first time in the big city. Oh, we are nuts.

Anyway. Did I tell you how nice the view was? You could see straight to Manhattan through the windows. This next picture I took from my circa 1998 non-smart phone:

Gorgeous. And that’s the Chrysler Building. I posted the picture on twitter and someone thought it was my apartment. Not quite!

So, we got lots of apps (steamed shrimp dumplings for one) and then ordered some sushi rolls.

Sushi is so good. And I’m a major pro with my chop sticks, just so you know.

After all that, P suggested we got dessert so I opted we share the molten chocolate cake (duh). It was very warm and very moist and very delicious. Pretty, too:

I forgot to mention that the service here was impeccable, too. It was a very enjoyable dining experience and we stayed around for quite a while after our meal drinking hot tea (well, P and B were drinking tea, it’s not really my thing) and talking about life. A perfect night, I think.

When we finally got our bill it came in a cute little tin.

It’s all in the details. :)

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I have a new favorite restaurant.

Usually, people come to me for restaurant suggestions and ideas, but every once in a blue moon someone will have a restaurant they want to take me to. And sometimes, I’ve never even heard of it.


Ichi Umi is one such place.

It’s a Japanese sushi and seafood buffet, but you don’t even know what that means until you go. They have EVERYTHING. Everything. And most of it comes in tiny pieces so you can try it all. The buffet is one long row of white plates, separated by sushi on one end, cold selections in the middle, and warm food on the end. There’s also a self-serve dumpling station, fruit bar, crepe station AND a giant table of mini desserts. I could not believe my eyes.

I couldn’t tell you all the things I tried. I remember bacon-wrapped asparagus, lots of uni and tuna (my faves), all kinds of fish – both cooked and raw, spare ribs, different salads, and of course SUSHI! A thousand types of sushi, sashimi and nigiri to try. Out of all the things I had, there was only one roll I didn’t like, but I couldn’t tell you for the life of me what it was, so you’re just going to have to try it for yourself. The entire menu is on their web site, if you’re curious.





It’s kind of pricey ($30/person for dinner) but when you consider what you’re getting, it’s not so bad.

Go there now. And when I have visitors next, you know what’s up.

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