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This is depressing. A certain friend of mine is texting me pictures of him and another certain friend of mine hanging out together in LA. I’m posting pictures of spaghetti.

At least it’s good spaghetti. Franny’s in Brooklyn is the real deal and *so* Brooklyn. It was on Martha Stewart’s Brooklyn episode actually. Menu that’s constantly changing with what is available and in season, everything sustainable, something about renewable energy, cows butchered right in the back… okay maybe not that last one, but they do have a butcher shop somewhere I believe?

Like I said, it’s the real deal. And the spaghetti with meyer lemon was insane. I think it involved lots of butter, which was awesome. Also, this pizza:

It was a white pizza, which means no tomato sauce. I wonder if my sister Emily would be down for that since she’s not into the red sauce so much. What was on this pizza? Prosciutto? I think maybe. Whatever it was you probably can’t get it anymore, but you can probably get something similar. I want to go back here on a date. Don’t I say that about most places? Is that bad? Like, “Hey friend, this is fun and everything but I’d rather be here on a date”?

Anyway, to my friends having a blast and a half on the beach and places with palm trees and fancy clubs: I could kill you.

I need to go to LA this year. And PDX. And Chicago. When is this gonna happen? How about that pizza?

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