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So… food trucks are one thing, but food trailers are another. And that’s what Austin’s got. They are cool and my next time in Austin I will eat at every single one.

Another thing you need to know: I was once a designer at The State News, the award-winning (had to throw that in there, we were SERIOUS) student paper and for Valentine’s Day each designer created their own Valentine people could print out of the paper. And mine was a cupcake and above it said, “Hey, cupcake.” I made all my friends guess which one I made and all my friends guessed which one was me.

ANYWAY my Dad surprised me in knowing all cool things Texas and said we were going for a “treat” after our lunch. SOLD. So we went to Hey, Cucake and I got a classic cupcake – vanilla with chocolate frosting. My, my.

I should probably be embarrassed by the amount of cupcakes I have tried over my life but I will tell you that this one was one of the best. Perfect cake, nice and moist, and perfect frosting. Hey, cupcake, I kind of love you.

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So. If I didn’t mention that we were rear-ended when Kayti and I drove to Chicago a few weekends ago – we were. And if I didn’t mention my sister Emily very graciously let us take her car instead – she did. Her one condition: bring back Molly’s cupcakes.

So before we left for our drive back to Michigan – Molly’s is where we stopped. Kayti got some for her mom too. Molly’s has lots of different kinds of cupcakes and I almost didn’t know what to do. I decided to buy six random flavors: The Ron Bennington (chocolate cake, peanut butter filling, chocolate ganache, crushed butterscotch topping), Boston Cream (classic vanilla cake, delicate pastry cream filling, chocolate ganache), Cookie Monster (vanilla chocolate chip cake, raw cookie dough center, buttercream, mini chocolate chip cookie), birthday cake (duh) and something really chocolatey. I got them for my mom, my sis, and my Michelli to do a taste test for me and their winner was birthday cake.

But back to the store – it was cute. Look at this small child sitting on a swing:

I feel like it’s illegal (or just potentially creepy) to take pictures of other people’s kids which is why unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the kid’s adorable face that – I’m sure you can imagine – was covered in frosting.

This is a strawberry shortcake cupcake that Nora bought, which they only have in the summer:

And this is the definition of friendship:

Gotta love Molly’s Cupcakes.

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Last night me and some girliecakes (plus Chad) went to the Brooklyn Beard Fest and Stache Bash at The Bell House in Gowanus, Brooklyn. The best part about it were these pillows you could buy. The second best part was the people with beards, of course, cause I like that, and the third best part would be chocolate peanut butter pretzel cupcakes from Robicelli’s. They had these cupcakes at Bell House last time for the BK Bloggers meet up (btw – somebody schedule round two, plz).

Here’s me and my ladies and our peanut butter chocolate pretzel cupcakes or whatever. There was also an Elvis flavor with bacon and I forget the other option, we all went for the pb choc pretzel. People are all a-twitter about Robicelli’s, for real. And it is good. But what does a lady gotta do to get her cupcake room temperature?

Oh, and by the wayyyyy… the top picture is of Missy making two cupcakes kiss. Cause what else would we be doing?

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One thing Germany has a lot of is gelato and I would have never guessed. This gelato happened to be down the block from Hofbrahaus, but it could have been anywhere, because it’s everywhere. I get the feeling that there is one gelato company that owns half of Germany because a lot of the branding and flavors were the same too. Of course it was no Caffe e Gelato. But it was still good. Lots of different flavors that the Germans translated for us – one that is based on a popular German candy/chocolate that I tried. It was delicious:

I’m so glad these boys were into sweets. Made life very nice.

And this is where I leave them. They didn’t come with us to Prague so say goodbye to the Germans! They should be coming back to the U.S. sometime in the spring – maybe April – so don’t worry, this isn’t the last you’ll be seeing of them. :)

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What happens when you have awesome friends? You do awesome things. Like get a group of ten people together on a Sunday afternoon to take a candy tour of the city. Missy Kayko, City Mitten Star. Get to know her. And sign up for her candy tours once she starts giving them to the general public. The top photo is of liquid Chocolate at The Chocolate Bar in the West Village. I had one a couple years ago when they were in the East Village, and it is good good good. The best version of chocolate milk money can buy.

I love the Chocolate Bar. I’ve bought candy bars there before for stocking stuffers because I love the packaging.

They have bars with monsters on them, RAWR!

Other places we went on the Candy Tour: Papabubble, Li-Lac Chocolates, The Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory, and of course Economy Candy!

Missy Pie! Economy Candy has all sorts of candies (duh) like homemade chocolate cookies, giant jawbreakers, and all kinds of old school treats:

Anybody got a boo boo that needs fixin’?

The only things I ended up buying was some dark chocolate non pariels from Li-Lac and also a little surprise somethin somethin for somebody from somewhere else. ;)

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Not all lobster rolls are made of lobster. This one, for example, is basically a giant cream puff. Cream and strawberry filling sandwiched between two biscuits. And ain’t it purdy?

Mike’s Pastry is a madhouse. I mean look at all the people outside. It’s a complete mobscene inside, too, with all kinds of lines in all kinds of directions. Luckily there was a woman somewhat directing traffic, but there was still the problem of not being able to see anything. There are cases and cases of baked goods and there are so many people you can’t see all the options. You can’t even see half. I tried to do some poking around but there were just too many bodies in the way and you can only push so many people. :)

Mike’s is most famous for their cannolis. Unfortunately, cannolis is one of probably four things that I actually don’t care for. Next time I may try one of their crazy flavors (since they have so many!) but I was not in the mood so I asked what they were second best known for. Ha. And that’s how I got the “lobster roll” above! I ended up carrying it around in my bag for the rest of the day and when we got back to the apartment it was good as new. It was kind of hard to eat, though! But I got the job done. Ended up eating some of it that night and a little bit of it in the morning. The boys thought I was weird to have it for breakfast, but come on now. I’d have ice cream for breakfast.

Anyway, what D and I did order and eat on the spot was something a little more my flavor:

I mean, I don’t know if you can ever go wrong with cheesecake. And chocolate chips happen to be one of my top ten favorite things in the world so it was basically perfect. D rarely eats dessert and he ate almost the whole thing. Mmm. Yeah, that was good.

Another thing I really liked about Mike’s was the packaging:

Isn’t the box so cute?

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