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Hello, welcome to my first food post from Chicago! One of the reasons Chicago is a great city is that lots of people I love live there. Case in point, my girl Nora, who you see right there staring intently at the ceviche sampler and guacamole trio. At Zocalo Restaurant and Tequila Bar, the servers take education very seriously and tell you a lot of things about what you will be eating. By this point we were all so extremely hungry it appears Nora was the only one listening but I’m sure they had good things to tell.

Another one of my favorite people in Chicago is my friend Eugene who I’ve known since my first job in high school. I worked at a movie theatre (free movie tickets, holla!) and I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but I still keep in touch with quite a few people from that job. It was fantastic. Anyway, it was Eug’s idea to suggest Zocalo and he and his lady (whom I also love) joined us there, so thank you Eug for that.

The trio de guacamole was very good. The ceviche was even better. I love ceviche! Why don’t I ever order it? Will adjust accordingly.

I am a fan of tacos at Mexican restaurants (specifically Mexican Village in Detroit, of course) and Zocalo is fun because you can choose up to three meats and then it comes with the fixins and tortillas to make them yourself.

And how can I forget! Our first order of business was glasses of sangria when somebody (ahem) was late.

Also – apparently there is a Zocalo in NYC. I had no idea. Good to know when I’m jonesin’ for some guacamole.

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Bushwick is a neighborhood in Brooklyn that is a little out on the L-train and is known for its warehouses and lack of trees. But there’s actually a little park there. I know cause I went there one time and ate Mexican popsicles with my friends on a bench. I said Mexican popsicles right there because there’s also a large Mexican population. And with that comes… dun dun dun… a tortilla factory!

When my friend Laura told me we were getting Mexican near her I just thought, “Oh yeah, Mexican.” Not anything special. I did not realize we were eating at a Mexican diner attached to a tortilla factory! That’s awesome!

La Tortillería Mexicana Los Hermanos is really like a diner and it is really cheap. There’s some standing room and some people were eating in tables on the factory side (seriously). And they have Coke in glass bottles.

I don’t remember what this was, but I remember it was good. If you’re ever in Bushwick, you know where to go.

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Ok, this is the last City Mitten: Detroit Edition, at least until Christmas. And I believe I have saved the best for last.

Mexican Village: not only the name of an area in downtown Detroit, but also the name of the best Mexican restaurant I know. And it is not to be confused with Mexican Town.

The last time I went home, I did not go to Mexican Village and I was very disappointed. And believe it or not, Mexican Village is one of only two restaurants I ate at when I was home for this recent long weekend. The other was a Leo’s Coney Island, for which Detroit Coney Islands will one day have a post of their own (hint: they have little to do with the Coney Island in New York and a lot to do with being The Best Thing Ever). But Mexican Village is the ish.

I went to MexVil with my padre and my big sister Emily.

The best thing about Mexican Village is their chips and salsa. The chips are warm and the salsa is like crack. It’s free and they just keep on bringing it and bringing it and we do not tell them to stop. Sometimes we even get some to go. It is aaaaaamazing. Take me there NOW.

Emily always gets a chimichanga with melted cheese on it and I always get the soft chicken tacos because they are not like any other chicken taco I’ve ever had in my life. I have no idea what my dad got – too occupied with the chips and salsa, I guess.

I don’t think there is one friend of mine back home that has not been to Mexican Village with me. It is that good. I once had a birthday party in high school that involved taking a Hummer Limo from my house to Mexican Village. No joke. I think we just drove around after that. Ha.

Every time I go there with my dad, he mentions something about the pictures on the wall. Usually he tells one of us we’re the girl in the picture and makes up a story about the guy, but this time it was, “Is that picture new?” He even asked the girl but apparently the picture had been there the whole time, we just never noticed.

So Emily took a picture with her new friends:

After Mexican Village, we went to the Honey Bee Market, a Mexican grocery store. I had never been before and boy, did I not know what I was missing.

The first thing I saw when I walked in was the chips and salsa display, with salsa and gauc for you to try. Had I not just filled up on the most amazing salsa in the world (and yes, I’ve been to Mexico), I would have tried it but there’s no way I could have handled it.

The next thing I noticed: pinatas EVERYWHERE: sitting above produce, sitting above Mexican things I could not identify.

The reason we went to the Honey Bee to begin with is because Emily wanted some old-fashioned bottled sodas but they also had a lot of Mexican treats, one whole aisle was Mexican candies and cookies.

Mmm, soda pop. I love Mexican Village and now I love the Honey Bee!

And next week we return to our regular programing, City Mitten: New York!

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