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Last night me and some girliecakes (plus Chad) went to the Brooklyn Beard Fest and Stache Bash at The Bell House in Gowanus, Brooklyn. The best part about it were these pillows you could buy. The second best part was the people with beards, of course, cause I like that, and the third best part would be chocolate peanut butter pretzel cupcakes from Robicelli’s. They had these cupcakes at Bell House last time for the BK Bloggers meet up (btw – somebody schedule round two, plz).

Here’s me and my ladies and our peanut butter chocolate pretzel cupcakes or whatever. There was also an Elvis flavor with bacon and I forget the other option, we all went for the pb choc pretzel. People are all a-twitter about Robicelli’s, for real. And it is good. But what does a lady gotta do to get her cupcake room temperature?

Oh, and by the wayyyyy… the top picture is of Missy making two cupcakes kiss. Cause what else would we be doing?

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New favorite venue: The Bell House, located in Gowanus, Brooklyn, aka The Middle of Nowhere. Two weeks ago, I could not have pointed out Gowanus on a map to save my life and then somehow I found myself there two days in a row last week. The funny part is it’s actually pretty close to me, it’s just small and industrial and I hadn’t found a reason to go there until now.

My first time there was to go to an issue release party for Pomp & Circumstance, which my girl Laura Leebove had her first cover story – an interview with Andrew W. K. It was at Littlefield, a bar/event space, and boy did I feel lost on my way over. But I made it and found my girl and some other peeps I knew (or didn’t know yet and now do) and we hung out for a bit. We chatted with Andrew and bonded over our Michigan accents. He was pretty cool and Laura had me take a picture of them with her fancy SLR camera that I want soooo bad. I know it will change my life.

Here’s Andrew and Laura, I’m not too sure why he’s making the crazy eyes, but alas:

And here’s the cover of the issue and the first page of the story:

Yep, that’s my girl! We worked together at The State News back in the day, and look at her now!

My second night in Gowanus was at The Bell House, which I mentioned is my new favorite venue. Even more in the middle of nowhere, but even better. It’s like a giant barn and the acoustics are phenomenal. And the bar is pretty cute, too.

Have a looksies:

The bar before the show.

The barn (that’s what I’m calling it) after Laura Veirs (pictured at top).

The reason we went: Blind Pilot! Blind Pilot is the coolest band, they once went on a tour by bicycle. Bicycle. Do you SEE that giant upright bass? That’s impressive. I don’t think they do that anymore since they are touring nationally but they still are sweet. I love all the instruments and the sounds: I don’t even know what half of them are. But I love their folksy sound and their attitude. It’s good stuff.

And tomorrow I’m going to Detroit!

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