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I have a new favorite place. It’s called The Lot on Tap and we went there twice this weekend. Above is Norabear mowing on a burrito from Korilla BBQ, one of my favorite (if not top favorite) food trucks in this city. They visit my current work neighborhood every Tuesday and I get Korilla BBQ almost every Tuesday. Even turned my coworker “Dad” onto them, which is exciting. So if you’re not lucky enough to have them cruise over to your office once a week, check out the Lot on Tap schedule and see when they’re there. Kimchi bacon fried rice. That is all.

Lot on Tap is just awesome. It’s under the High Line and you can drink beer. We did. Brooklyn High Line Elevated Wheat, to be exact. Delicious.

And also there was pizza.

Eddie’s Pizza. I ordered a cheese pizza with meatballs. Kelly and Nora made fun of me. They were sorry. It was good! Eddie’s is also often by my current work neighborhood but this was my first time trying it. Good stuff.

Another thing to know: there is now a roller rink in the space across from the beer garden!

Awesome! I think I was maybe five the last time I had on *actual* roller skates, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t wear them again! Also it’s really fun just standing there watching everyone, too. This one dude was going around and around playing with his flip phone the entire time like WHAT are you doing? Surprised he didn’t run into anyone. There was maybe one person with skillz and everyone else was a beginner or worse, so don’t be scared if you’re not very good. I promise you’ll have a good time. Also, there’s dessert trucks if you want to reward yourself afterward.

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Well if it isn’t little miss KP! I am so glad to have this girl back in my life. She’s a jet setter like you would not believe. And Artichoke pizza! KP and I met up for dinner last week and she suggested the only Artichoke location I had yet to visit – right underneath the High Line. And they have table service!

Artichoke pizza is good (if you haven’t tried their “artichoke” slice yet, I don’t even know you). I actually branched out and had some meatball thing baked in dough. I made a comment that I was super hungry so it had better be a decent size – and it was HUGE. So huge that KP burst into laughter when it arrived and the chef came out and jokingly asked if it was too small for us. Also during this meal a crazy man (we learned) started shouting things to us from outside the restaurant window and we couldn’t understand what he was saying so we ignored him and the next thing I know he was INSIDE the restaurant sitting at the bar on a stool directly across from our table when all of the stools were open. He had a beer while continually looking in our direction, and then before he left, interrupted us and introduced himself and told us it’s really rude for us to take pictures of him and assume he’s crazy because he’s wearing interesting clothing. He assured us he is actually not crazy, he’s an artist and he shows in galleries all around the city. Say what now? We were like, “Um, we weren’t taking pictures of you. We were taking pictures of our food.” DUHHH.

So that was entertaining. He apologized and then kept going on about how people assume he’s homeless and give him money and he turns around and gives it to actually homeless people. And he stressed that he shows in galleries multiple times. I think he was wearing a solid color – like bright blue – including a top hat, so I mean he did look a little different but we didn’t think he was actually crazy until he came inside the restaurant, had a beer and paid for it just so he could tell us it’s rude for us to take pictures of him. Which we weren’t.

Moving on…

This is Kelly at The High Line where no crazy man bothered us. Behind her is “Rainbow City,” an art installation that’s actually closing today. So get ye to the High Line after work if you have not yet seen these interesting shapes and creatures.

They were cleaning it when we were there but during the day (and before sunset, I imagine) you can walk around inside. It’s pretty cool. It’s also right across from Lot on Tap, a new beer garden from Colicchio & Sons. We checked it out for a minute – there’s also food trucks that park there on different nights – and had we not been to Artichoke that would have been our dinner instead. Which is why we’re already planning another day at the High Line.

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The Highline is a pretty cool spot. Everyone should check it out at some point. I’ve been there a few times and after dinner at the Red Cat on Friday, it was the only place to go. And by only place to go I mean, I knew if we walked around for a half hour we’d get exhausted and want to call it a night. And I did not mind that at all. Sometimes I’m really just an old woman.

Anyway, this is one of the fun places on the Highline:

We sat here for a while and watched the cars go by and then this strange man approached us and gave us his entire life story and then some.

Here’s the one picture I took at dinner:

This is the “light tempura of green beans with sweet hot mustard sauce.” And it was kind of fab. The hot mustard sauce definitely had a kick to it, and the crunchy green beans are pretty much a must-try if you go there. We also had some lamb and salmon and I had a Prosecco and muddled strawberry drink. Very nice.

Also, today is Labor Day. Hope you have the day off, too. And actually, I’m going into the office for a hot minute anyway. ;)

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high lineee

Today was a nice surprise of a day, considering the kind of weather we’ve been having lately. So with that, I decided to take a little trip over to the High Line. It’s a new park built on some old elevated freight train tracks running on the West side of Lower Manhattan. It opened early this summer but somehow it took me to mid October to get over there. It’s really pretty. From these pictures, it just looks like a regular park, but keep in mind it’s a story or two off of the ground. The path is a mile and a half long, with staircase entrances every few blocks and plans to expand it up to 34th street eventually.

trees and people on the high line

I don’t think I could have picked a better time to go up there. It was dusk and all the colors from the trees and flowers totally popped. The tracks are still there, the plants growing in through them which is pretty neat. Many people had their cameras out, but there were also a lot of couples and people reading. There’s a lot of seating, which is hard to come by in New York sometimes. See these chairs? They are on the tracks and they have wheels that let them move down a little bit. Totally fun.

old new yorkers chillin

I sat on one of these chairs and tried to read my book (The Reason for God) for awhile until a man walking by stopped and asked me about it. He ended up sitting down next to me and we talked for probably 45 minutes about butterflies, the way the brain works, the Gospel and living in a dome, of all things. I think I had him tricked into thinking I was more of an intellectual than I really am because he invited me to a lecture next week.

While I was sitting on the chair, the sun set, and the sky was beautiful:

black boots and green grass

I have no complaints. After the guy left, I walked around a bit more and I must say, the High Line after dark is tres romantique. I felt quite lovely, myself, but where’s a good fella when I need him? :)


night high line

This picture (above) is the same picture as the top picture in this post… just an hour or so later.

another photog

I’m a friend of the High Line, for sure.

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