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This is Michelle. She flew into NYC for the weekend to visit and I made her play model for me. As you can see, she got a little bored. We went to my friend’s Gossip Girl-themed birthday party on the LES Saturday night and she wore a dress from the Anna Sui for Target collection, which was inspired by the show. Yeah, girl.

One of our first stops for the weekend was the Doughnut Plant.



Um, yeah. If you’ve never been here, you don’t know what you’re missing. I mean, it’s not just doughnuts, it’s a way of life.

I made her get the blackout doughnut and a creme brulee doughnut which is exactly what I got too. At first she wasn’t convinced, but after her first bite, there were no complaints. She couldn’t believe how good they were either. Of course there are more options (tres leches for one) but the blackout and creme brulees are too good for me to pass up for anything else.


The blackout is a cake doughnut but to me, it’s really just cake. It’s so chocolatey: chocolate crumbs on the top and gooey chocolate in the middle. It’s hard to describe but basically, you should get one now. A word to the wise: The Doughnut Plant is closed Mondays. I learned that one the hard way.

And the creme brulee:


Another not-your-average doughnut. It may be small on size but it is huge on taste. My mom’s favorite dessert is creme brulee so she absolutely loves these doughnuts.

After the Doughnut Plant, we somehow found ourselves in the middle of the San Gennaro Festival.


We played tourists and took pictures just like everyone else.


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For the record, I don’t always eat like crap. I post a lot of pictures of sweets and nonsense but I actually eat a substantial amount of healthy food. Breakfast, for example:


Delicious. Peaches, plums, blackberries and raspberries; all from the farmer’s market. I love fruit.

The rest of the day, though… not so much.

Is it okay to be kind of drunk by 6 o’clock on a Tuesday? I think so. I actually don’t drink a lot, but sometimes, when things are crazy, a drink (or two) sounds really nice. Tuesday was one of those days.

My friend Joe picked me up after work (yay, riding in cars!) and we went to Pala on the Lower East Side. Mmm pizza.


This is the bufala cruda: buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomato sauce, fresh basil and prosciutto. This is very good. I’m a huge Grimaldi’s fan, but I’m going to say Pala is right up there on my list. It’s just got a little more style (and you need a few more dollar bills, naturally).

We sat at a table on the sidewalk and the best part was when double decker tour buses would roll by. By the way, since when do they go on Allen street? Interesting. But they would stop at the light and look at us and I, with interesting wine glass in hand, would look back at them and say ridiculous things (mainly only audible for me and Joe) like, “Welcome to New York. I’m having fabulous pizza and drinking wine. You’re on a bus.” It was funny – at least to me, as I was the one with the wine. And of course, when you’re on the LES, you get nothing but interesting folks walking by. Joe was one of them. He went to put more change in the meter and when I saw him walking back I burst into laughter because he was wearing his aviators and it was clearly not sunny out anymore.

After Pala, we ventured over to the Levee in Williamsburg and he kicked my ass in Connect Four. Humiliated me. I probably won three of 20 games. My Connect Four skills have room for improvement.


Beer, cheeseballs and Connect Four. Such is life at 7pm on a Tuesday night. :)

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