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Oh my gosh. I have never been so exhausted. Can I take today off, please? No? Okay.

Last night was the best night EVER. I went to Tasting Table’s Lobster Claw-Off with The Mermaid Oyster Bar and I am SO glad that I went. Not only was I able to get some great shots of the event, hang out with awesome Mermaid people, and meet some new people; I also just got to hang out in this crazy penthouse in the West Village. It was kind of unbelievable. And I snuck onto the roof. By myself. Without my phone. Could have been the end of me if the door accidentally shut. But it was not, which is why you are lucky enough to get this self-portrait. It was the coolest experience, for the Mermaid and for me. I am one happy (and exhausted) camper!

Um, this is the view from one of the bathrooms. BATHROOMS. THERE IS A CHANDELIER IN THE BATHROOM. I can’t even talk, I must move on.

Sigh. I love this. All of this. Everything. Ever.

Tomorrow the Claw-Off will get a proper write up, and it’ll be on the Mermaid blog, too!

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