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Photo by Matthew David Chai

Hello, hello! Just had a crazy whirlwind blast of a weekend with my BFC (Best Friend’s Club) Michelle Murphy and we did so many things and our legs got so many tired and now I would like to collapse and sleep for days and days (not to mention I had a huge work event last night that I had been working on for quite some time and it is now over, hallelujah).

This is the first photo of me and my homegirl M.E.M. and it was taken at The Spotted Pig (where else?) waiting for a table with M.D. Chai so we could get some gnudi and some burgers. My my. We waited for like five days it felt like, hence the look on our faces, but in the end it was worth every moment of our time. So thank you, Spotted Pig, for still being delicious, and thank you, M.D. Chai for taking this photo with your iPhone. I appreciate that.

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Omg. I only wrote one post last week? Well that is embarrassing. And now I’m back on the horse.

So this weekend was a crazy whirlwind and likely one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time. I just went so many places and saw so many people and it was just awesome. Also I have the hiccups as I am typing this.

One of the great things about this weekend is that I met the great Sara who I’ve been wanting to meet in real life and she was kind of fantastic. This photograph is from The Spotted Pig where we actually had a super, SUPER late dinner last night. Eeks. But those burgers!

We also went to other fancy places this weekend like Bemelmans and the Jane Ballroom and right now I am tiiiiired. I think I will sleep for ages. More on the weekend later, but say hello to Sara cause she’s sweet. :)

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Dan’s not going to like this. He’s very particular about his photographs (as are many guys I know… hmm) but as he said, there’s not much he can do if I put a picture of him on my blog. Hehe. You people know what you’re getting into when you go out to dinner with me. Let’s be real.

So there is Dan and myself at The Spotted Pig, aka my new favorite restaurant! I’ve said this to a few people since dining there last week, and pretty much everyone’s reaction to me has been, “What?! You’ve never been there before?!” Hard to believe, I know, but it’s true. I have not yet been to every single good restaurant in NYC. And I probably won’t!

But The Spotted Pig. It is cuuuuute. There’s a downstairs and an upstairs, and the upstairs has a bar too. We had to wait maybe 25 minutes so we had a drink upstairs by the bar before they found us and gave us a table downstairs. There are pictures everywhere and it just has so much character! I remember pointing out that they had strings of lights in the shape of pigs. Pigs! Who makes those!? Anyway, they are famous for not only being cool, but also for their fabulous burgers, which we both ordered.

And here is a picture of Dan’s cheeseburger with a flash (funny because he scoffed at me taking pictures originally and then was all, “Now, you’ve got to take a picture of THIS” when he looked at the inside of his burger).

Oh yeah, those fries are crazy too. HEAPS OF FRIES!

We also had devils on horseback which were figs with pear wrapped in bacon? I think? Delicious. And we also had the sheep’s milk ricotta gnudi with basil pesto which was CaRazy. Flavor!

The only thing I wasn’t as thrilled with was this:

Flourless chocolate cake. Now, I have tried many flourless chocolate cakes and I’ve never really understood why it matters if there is flour or not, but this wasn’t really like a cake at all. It was more of a slice of frosting/fudge if you can imagine. Extremely chocolatey and a good flavor, just not what I expected. For the record, Dan doesn’t really care about chocolate and he thought it was great. He wanted you to know that.

So there you have it. The Spotted Pig is the ISH and the service was impeccable and I would glady, glady return.

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