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This is Tim Revell. I believe you’ve met him before. Usually we don’t get to meet up often- he’s always in Manhattan, I’m always in Brooklyn, he’s uptown, I’m downtown and vice versa but this past weekend we happened to be within three blocks of each other three separate times. What in the world. So I saw a lot of Tim Revell.

And this is somehow the only picture of me and Robert, my lovely houseguest for the weekend, that was taken on my camera. Tim claims he has great photography skills and I actually really like this shot, bluriness and all.

Another thing I really like is the current art exhibit at Madison Square Garden. It’s “Scattered Light” by Jim Campbell and it will be up through February and if you have the chance to check it out, it’s pretty cool. It’s huge strings of lights that flicker beautifully against the night and they also make it look like you’re viewing people’s shadows walking behind it. It’s just cool.

And finally, more adventures with Tim Revell. This is Tim Revell playing in Central Park, carrying his brand new hat from J.J. Hat Center, which leads to conversations about automobiles versus mass transit and how that affects shopping in the city. Oh, shopping in the city. I want to go shopping. Anyone want to pay my AmEx?

And those are your beautiful pictures for the day in this beautiful city. More weekend, please?

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Have you been to Grom? No? Well, what are you waiting for?

Gelato, baby. And gelato is delicious. Kayti and I each got the same thing, which you see above: half stracciatella and half crema di grom (with battifollo biscuits and Colombian chocolate chips). My, my.

Even Tim Revell was in love.

Had no idea I was such a big fan of gelato, but glad to know since there are so many gelato shops in the city. Miss Kelly Purkey swears by L’arte del Gelato and I’ve got a feeling I’ll be trying it this weekend since my momma’s coming to town.

Yeah, I can’t say much more about Grom. My friend Lucy is lactose intolerant and she says it’s the one gelato she cannot refuse. So there ya go.

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Look at me, look at me. Cipriani Downtown. Did I ever think I’d be there? No. But there I was on Sunday, with my eggplant parmigiana. It was all Tim’s idea. I was about to have the girls meet me on the LES for some eggs and french toast and somehow I got whisked away to the magical world of Cirpriani and Venetian pasta.

Cipriani is gorgeous. It makes me want to cover my walls in giant pieces of artwork. Of course, I can’t imagine how much the artwork costs in Cipriani and I won’t have quite the same budget, but I can pretend. So who wants to be my art director? Let’s get this project goin. :)

Here are some of the plates at our table. I tried them all and they were delicious. The closest one to the camera is Kayti’s mushroom risotto. Mmm, mmm. And here’s the rest of our smiling faces:

Look, Tim Revell without sunglasses on. Imagine.

So Cipriani. I’m sure everything they make is phenomenal, I mean we barely touched the menu. And I’m a little upset with myself for not getting a Bellini, juice of white peaches and Prosecco, which Giuseppe Cipriani served for the first time in Venice in 1948. There’s your history for the day.

I can’t wait to lunch at Cipriani every day when I’m 80 and we all have a billion dollars and nothing else to do with our time. Yeah, that’s going to be great.

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Um, do you normally see shots like this on City Mitten? Nope. But isn’t it pretty?

I love summer. The days are flying by, which means so are the weekends. But I love the weekends! Someone make them longer! This weekend really went by too fast and most of the time I didn’t even have my camera with me. Actually, on Friday night I had my camera but no memory card. AGAIN. We had dinner at Juliet Supper Club which was actually good despite lots of horrible reviews I’ve read online. It’s more of a club than a restaurant and it was very sparkly inside. Six of us ladies and P for Panos and we definitely had a good time. Then I went to the Hudson Hotel followed by Hudson Terrace (after I learned they are two different places) and I have pictures of neither. The pictures today are from Highbar, a bar in midtown of all places. It’s a rooftop and there was a barbeque and it was so much fun. Especially because my girl Kayti was in town!

I think this is one of three pictures we got of us two this entire weekend. Sad, sad. And here’s a picture of my boys Tim Revell and Patrick:

Tim is probably sad that you can’t see his purple pants. The rest of the night was spent at Rose Bar and Griffin. Rose Bar was beautiful and chill and I liked the art. Griffin has the most awesome chandelier I have ever seen… And that’s the kind of weekend I had. Tomorrow we return to our regular programming with a restaurant that is oh so fancy. :)

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