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When I took this picture, I couldn’t tell if it was appealing or not. Maybe it’s the way the sauce was dumped on the crab cake made me think of icing on a cinnamon roll, but I was a little skeptical at first. But you know, then I took a bite and all was good. Crab cakes. They’re good. Especially on vacation.

While in North Carolina (which is now being evacuated, yey) we went out to dinner at Sharky’s. And apparently we were destined to dine alone:

Welcome to someone’s garage. Seriously, I promise we were at a restaurant with actual tables and chairs but since we had nine people in our party, the only room for us was, like I said, in someone’s garage. I mean it looks like it, doesn’t it? At least there was a glow up shark thingy.

Here’s some more food stuffs from Sharky’s:

A little surf and turf, for ya? Who doesn’t like shrimp and steak?

After dinner, we took a walk through the actual dining room and outside to the back patio on the water where I took this gem:

Look at those tans! I’d say I’m keeping it up but there’s this thing called a hurricane that people are freaking out about all over town here in New York. I really don’t think much will happen besides heavy rain and maybe some flooding but I know for sure I won’t be getting any sun.

Oh, and the best part about the crab cakes is that they were pretty big – big enough for each of us to take one home. So at 10:30 p.m. later that evening, Michelle calls over from the kitchen, “Anyone want a crab cake?” On vacation, indeed.

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Okay, so it was actually called “Tony’s Hut.” But to us girls, this place will forever be known as the “Swiss Family Robinson Bar.” One of the great things about staying on the Seven Mile Beach on Negril is that you can just walk down the beach and pop in to wherever you want. And one night we were walking and we came across this little gem. It’s a part of a hotel, Gatehouse Villa, but the bar itself was the cutest we had ever seen. And also, there were hammocks.

It just feels like you’re in a treehouse. And they have board games. It’s just the cutest. And this is Tony:

He was cool. We went to Tony’s more than once and one time Kayti asked, “Are you here EVERY day?” to Tony and he replied, “Sure, I have nothing better to do.” Oh, Tony. You can tell Tony is loved too, from all of the tshirts and trinkets people had brought him from all over for him to hang in the bar.

Oh, to be in a treehouse bar on the sand…

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Well, since it’s been about TWO WEEKS NOW since Jamaica, I think I can finally do some posts about it. First up would obviously be the Red Stripe. I enjoy Red Stripe. In Jamaica you can drink it in the car, by the way. So we did. We weren’t driving, just so you know.

Jamaica is fun because you can stop and get Red Stripe in pretty much any random building that looks like this:

Tiny huts like this pop up everywhere and they’re bars. Pull over, grab a beer, and you’re out. Two seconds.

Another thing we did when we first arrived was get some jerk chicken and pork ribs at The Pork Pit. This was our driver’s idea and our driver was smart.

These were delicious. There’s a huge grill with pork and chicken and after you order, you bring your ticket to the man and he chops up some good old fashioned meat for ya right there. Thank you.

This was in Montego Bay, right by the airport – if you ever find yourself in Jamaica. I actually thought I’d never go to Jamaica in my life, it just wasn’t on my list, but after this trip, I’m glad I’ve gone and I would recommend it to anyone. And not just because of the ribs.

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Goodbye, Prague! So… four our last dinner we wanted something delicious and goood so a fellow traveler in our hostel suggested Kavarna Slavia. So thank you, strange traveling man! We called him “O.G.” for “Old Guy.” He didn’t know that though.

So Kavarna Slavia was the isssh. It was cute and there was an old man playing piano in a suit and the food was AMAZING! Say hello to my mushroom goulash!

Does that look gross? I don’t care! It was amazing! But Nora’s dish was actually the best. EVA!

She had farm-stewed chicken with paprika sauce, gnocchi, sour cream and lemon. Oh MA Goodness. We all tried it and we all agreed it was the best. So if you go, get this. Man I wish I was there right now.

Here is Nora about to go to town:

Get it, girl.

And here is when I talk about desserts again. They had a whole ice cream menu with crazy sundaes but D said it was stupid for me to get a sundae so we went for the more traditional Czech desserts instead: pancakes.

D’s was just okay. Mine had ice cream on it. I would have rather had ice cream by itself. But oh wellie! I love Kavarna Slavia. I love Prague, too.

We took a stroll over the Charles Bridge one last time.

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Walking down a random street in Prague, we came across this door with this woman’s face on it. When you pull the cord, the woman’s eye shuts and she sheds a tear. Um, cool.

Here’s Nora and I in front of a fountain in the Senate grounds. This is where D complained that he was a guest on “Nora and Amanda’s vacation” but he doesn’t like being in pictures so what was I supposed to do?!

Nora on the Charles Bridge, which was a beautiful bridge.

While in Prague, we went up the Astronomical Clock to get a view of the city and this is what we saw. I just love the reds of the rooftops. Sooo pretty.

So there are my postcards from Prague for this post. I know it’s random, doesn’t have a theme and there is no food involved, but I couldn’t not post them.


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And now we turn a new page in the book of City Mitten: Travels! Welcome to Prague! We took the train from Munich and it was about 6-7 hours. It was a gorgeous ride with farmlands and small towns passing by.

One thing you should know is right before we got on the train at the station in Munich, we bought a teeny tiny sandwich that was just bread, butter and turkey or something for Nora and I to share. Well we should have bought twelve of them because it was the best sandwich we have ever had. We kept talking about it and D kept making fun of us. Oh that random sandwich, I hope to have you again one day.

This is our room from Sir Toby’s in Prague. Um… my sister recommended this hostel and I am so glad she did because it was perfect! Not the most central location, but easily accessible by tram and it was SO CUTE! I loved our room and the strangers we shared it with (not really – one was a HUGE snorer and we’d throw things at him occasionally).

This is a picture of Nora and I from a walking tour we did the day after we arrived. It kind of embodies the spirit of our three days there – as you can see we were laughing it up.

This is just so you can see how pretty everything was. Here we were walking on the castle grounds.

And there we are on our tour again. That concludes today’s “Touristy pictures in Prague.” Next up will be some very good Czech eats. Man, I’m hungry.

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I know you didn’t think I was just going to talk about being touristy yesterday and not actually post pictures of us being touristy at Neuschwanstein.

At first when we got there we were going to take a bus from the bottom of the mountain to the castle and then I was all “Are you kidding?” because we had just sat in a car for over an hour and did not needed to be sitting anymore than that. So we walked alllllll the way up ze hill. Obviously we took pictures along the way too.

Here is a view from inside the castle:

We took a half hour tour through the castle – which is only one third finished by the way. The tour guide really anunciated all the words he said and the boys made fun of him but Nora and I thought it was cute!

After our short guided tour of the castle, we walked (again) out to this teeny tiny bridge high up in the sky and took the following photo:

Oh and look, Alex is missing again.

And since this IS City Mitten afterall, here’s a sugary treat we could have gotten on our way down:

That’s right, I said could. Why nobody got one of these (including myself) is beyond me. I feel like we ate a lot of things in Germany but there were also a ton of things we COULD have eaten. You can’t have everything!

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HELLO! I am really in Germany right now, but since you’re not in Germany with me right now (or ARE you?) I’ve got a few more pics I want to post from my adventures when my sister was in town.


We were on a billboard for American Eagle in Times Square, a store I have not shopped at in YEARS, but which had the most amazing marketing plan we could not resist – buy anything and they scan the barcode of your receipt and then you take a picture and they put it on their billboard right in front of the store on Broadway! Insane! And it goes in a rotation so it actually came up more than once. So much fun! So I got some brand new sleepy shorts with elephants on them and I happen to love them, so nice work AE!

Why is Emily so sad at Shake Shack? Obviously City Mitten does not need yet another Shake Shack post, but this picture is so interesting I had to put it up. Why so sad, Emily?

This is Emily on my street, a beautiful, beautiful street in Brooklyn. I love Brooklyn! I do not love Emily’s cigarettes, which is why I will include a SURGEON’S GENERAL WARNING: SMOKING WILL KILL YOU. Seriously. This is not an advertisement for smoking. It is an advertisement for Emily wearing her first skinny jeans – or jeggings really, because she finally got her first pair (from Uniqlo, duh) and she is wearing them in this picture here. Lovely!

And finally…

Emily and I at the new Brooklyn Bridge Park! Am I the best tour guide or what? See all the excitement we had while she was here? You can’t beat that.

So yep. I’m still in Germany! Pictures and posts to come soon!

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Oh, the Germans. How I miss them so. Them and their always-matching outfits. Seriously. On this particular day they were all wearing light v-necks with khaki shorts and they looked exactly the same when we had gone out the night before. They also have an affinity for ripped jeans. But I love them anyway.

So Cafe Habana. One of my favorite hotspots. Also where I’ve seen David Arquette eating at the bar. But, it’s all about the food. The corn, specifically. And for me, the steak.

I took the boys there last Friday afternoon for lunch and it was a Mad House. And there was no way we were waiting for anything. So we (and by we, I mean I) decided to opt for Cafe Habana to go. And it still took forever.

This corn is worth every minute though. Covered in chili powder and melted cheese… it does not get better than this. Didi liked it so much he got some on his nose:

Now Alex doesn’t like corn so he missed out. He also missed out by ordering a freaking cheeseburger. I do not get it. He complained about the crappy food he kept eating but everywhere we went, he ordered a cheeseburger! And he was disappointed when this one was so greasy. Come on now, Alex. :)

Now what he SHOULD have ordered is what I got:

Sure, it’s just replacing one red meat with another but at least it’s not another freaking cheeseburger! And it’s so delicious! Mmm mmm. I do love Cafe Habana, even though it’s always packed. :)

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Here’s me and two of my three Germans who are staying with me through the weekend. They are such a riot. And so lucky to have me. Of course I am only taking them to The Best of the Best. Matti (the one on the left) said that if I wasn’t there, they would be eating at T.G.I.Friday’s so Thank God for me.

As you can see, we ventured to the Top of the Rock yesterday, because anyone who is anyone knows that that is the best view of Manhattan and it is overall a better experience than the massive herds of tourist nonsense found at the Empire State Building.

We’ve had some adventures already and I hope you’re looking forward to reading about them. I’m really glad they are here because so far it is a BLAST. And they brought me an awesome Cuckoo clock from Germany! YES!

Last night I sent them out to the Meatpacking District by themselves. Yep. I’m so not into that. Plus Alex’s birthday is today so I figured I’d save myself for that one instead. This weekend will be far from boring, that’s for sure. :)

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