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Hello, side of mac and cheese. Nice to meet you.

Welcome to¬† Kitchenette, where I used to take Anybody and Everybody back in the dayyyy! Mostly because it’s so cute and it was down the street from one of my best friend’s apartments who has since moved. Bummer! I used to go here all the time! Now I basically have no reason to go to Tribeca ever. So sad! There is a Kitchenette uptown, too, however, I just have yet to go there.

Anyway, Kitchenette is soo cute. They have all kinds of cakes and cupcakes up at the front counter, all the tables are made of old doors with a sheet of glass over them, and the drinks are served in mason jars. I love it!

Here’s Leah texting, because I have ceased to be entertaining:

And here is her ginormous turkey BLT that she got without tomatoes because she’s one of those people.

And you know how I like my brunch:

Perfection! And I love their mac and cheese, too, which is why I used to go there all the time. And why I came back again:

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