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Well hello there, ladies and gents. This week I had the honor of trying out Flex Mussels on 13th street for my first time with The Oyster Blog and two other ladies. They’ve got a happy hour deal that’s unlimited mussels, fries, and a draft beer for $20. It’s only available at the bar, but we have a hook up so we got to take advantage of the deal at the table. Fancy! They have tons and tons of different kinds of mussels, but for the happy hour deal, you only get to pick between three: classic, dijon, or fra diavolo. I think the four of us were unanimous in dijon as the favorite.

Looking over the list of other mussels, though – I need to go back and get the maine mussels with lobster, smoked bacon, corn, white chowder and parsley. Yeah, that’s got my name written all over it.

Also, I had a blueberry wheat beer. Actually, two. They were delicious. Happy Thursday.

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It’s my momma again! One day when she was here we were walking around the village and we saw a man walking down the street with some gelato with a little cherub logo on the cup and it looked very nice. Ended up walking by the shop itself but we were on our way elsewhere. Luckily we had room for Amorino the next day.

Amorino has lots of gelato flavors and they let you combine as many flavors as you want in any size cone that you want. So that’s nice! And as you can see, they make the gelato look like a flower. It’s pretty cool. My mom had chocolate, stracciatella, and something fruity.

And here they are together. Mine is pistachio in the center, followed by dark chocolate and, of course, stracciatella. How could I not? Also, there was some fabulous people watching here.

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Hello, beautiful. This is a drink at the beautiful Union Square Cafe. When Robert was here, he wanted to go to as many Danny Meyer restaurants as possible, so I tagged along for some of them. Now don’t be fooled by the girlie colors of this drink because this beverage is not for the faint of heart. It was actually quite strong. I can’t tell you what was in it because the cocktail menu is not online but I can tell you it was lunch and on the lower left hand side of the menu. And I appreciated it.

This was the gnocchi, which was kind of like pasta marshmallows. I’ve had gnocchi before, but I’m not sure if I ever had it this fluffy. This was very good and I stole the last bite for sure. Also, the bartender told us if we ever come back, we need to try more pastas, so I’m hoping to do that at some point because I really liked Union Square Cafe.

This was the beef sirloin carpaccio with crispy artichokes. I am a beef carpaccio fan.

And then the most amazing thing was. Robert and I barely glanced at the dessert menu but I told him that at some point in the day I did want dessert. We didn’t order any and then voila! The bartender brought us out this amazing goodness:

Warm chocolate brownie custard with coffee ice cream and Kahlua caramel sauce. Yes, please. It was so nice of the bartender to bring it to us, I was really so impressed. And it was the exact dessert I would have picked out for myself. Mmm. So I really like Union Square Cafe. I also really like sitting at the bar. It should become my new thing. Become a lady who lunches at Union Square Cafe. Oh, I’ll be back. I don’t know when, but I’ll be back.

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It’s unbelievable actually that Artichoke had yet to make it onto City Mitten before today. Perhaps it was because during my first year in New York I happened to live two blocks away and now that I’m in Brooklyn it’s not so close in my radar. But my dear sister was here and I wanted to take her for some dear pizza, as well as somewhere I had not been recently so Artichoke it is. Look on the anticipation on her darling face.

And here it is:

This is the actual Artichoke slice, and it’s like artichoke dip on pizza. De-licious. She ordered that and I ordered their margherita because I think it is just as splendid. But if you take yourself there, you need to get the artichoke slice, because I can guarantee you’ve never had anything like it before.

And there it is. There’s a bit of the line, which is normal. We only waited for about ten minutes. The after-bar crowd is always insane. But that’s because it’s always worth it.

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Oh, BLT Burger, I miss you. Basically, I miss all the same restaurants I used to complain about that were sort of near Union Square and were available to me for lunch every week day for the past three years of my life. Now my office is in the middle of deadzville in Soho, and I wasn’t even aware there was a deadzville in Soho. I’ve started to actually bring my own lunch, which used to be a foreign concept to me.

Actually, there are some decent lunch spots nearby my new office, but I don’t exactly have an hour for leisurely lunch every day anymore, so I gotta make some changes.

ANYWAY, this was supposed to show how much I miss BLT Burger, and I do, because I used to go there with my girl Lisa when we could get away with taking lunch at the same time. And it was legit. Do you see that juicy burger in front of you? And those fries so plentiful, you can’t even get through five? And we haven’t even mentioned the best part!

Milkshakes! This was the mocha mudslide, O. M. G. Oreo cookies, O. M. G. coffee ice cream, and O. M. G. chocolate syrup. I am actually mad at myself for posting this picture right now because it looks so delicious because it is so delicious and I will never have it for lunch again in my life. Seriously, one time the only thing I had for lunch was that shake. Somebody has PROBlems! Oh and they make *spiked* milkshakes, too! DANGEROUS!

These photos are actually from my Union Square lunch days, which have passed unfortunately. And because I can’t remember for the life of me the last time I actually had a burger, I have a feeling that’s what tonight’s dinner will be. Especially since we’re going to the Frying Pan.


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Sometimes I eat this for lunch. Not yesterday, obviously, because yesterday was cold and rainy, but when it was actually SUNNY last week, this is what I had for lunch. Rainbow Falafel in Union Square. It’s a tiny, tiny hole of a shop that’s managed to stay open during my three years here, and unfortunately for that area, that’s really saying something. I’m glad it’s not turning into a threading salon (knock on wood.)

Anyway, falafels are good but they are dangerous to eat. Dangerous meaning messy. As soon as I grabbed a bench in Union Square and started to unwrap it, I realized my presentation of self was about to be compromised. And it was. The guy sitting next to me asked me if I needed more napkins. Awesome. But then I felt better when he turned to the girl on the other side of him and asked if she was from the Jersey Shore. Then he proceeded to have such awkward conversation with Girl Not From Jersey Shore that it made ME feel awkward and I wasn’t even involved. After he repeatedly asked her questions and received one word answers while she looked the other way, he told her he’d love to meet up with her and asked if he give her his number (no thanks), she finally left and his attention was focused on me. FIRST of all, I don’t understand these kind of guys who want to give numbers to girls who are completely unresponsive. I mean how is that fun? I’ve been that girl before and I just don’t get it. Do they think we’ll be MORE responsive once we have the number? I mean I’m talking about times when we make it CLEAR we’d rather be anywhere else.

Anyway, the girl finally got up and then the guy turned his attention back on me. He asked me on a scale of one to ten how good was my lunch. I said three and his advice to me was, I kid you not, to throw it back up and ask for a refund. So thanks for that. Then I conveniently remembered I had to get work.

And I’m sorry, Rainbow Falafel. You’re better than a three. But you’re still a falafel.

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Sometimes you just need a drink. More specifically, a lychee martini! I was never a big martini girl (except for this fab place in Berkley, Mich. called The Living Room) but lychee martinis are especially wonderful. I mean, I don’t really even know what a lychee is, besides the fact that it’s some sort of fruit and it looks kind of like a strawraspberry when it’s not in my martini. So yes, this is my new fancy drink of choice. I had one when we were at Lure Fishbar a few weeks back, too.

This week I went to dinner with Chris, who I know through Twitter originally (seriously, Twitter rules the world, or at least mine) and then one day I randomly saw him on the street and I was like, “Chris?” and he was like, “Amanda?” Well, long story short, we’re friends now. And we go to dinner. At Spice in Union Square.

Chris had a passion fruit caipirinha which looked pretty, too. For my entree, I had some sort of noodles with pineapple and chicken and I can’t find it on the menu now but it was deeeelicious. Spice is so convenient, I mean 60% of my life revolves around Union Square so this can be a new go-to joint for me. And it’s kinda flashy inside too.

And here’s Chris, looking stellar, teaching me things you can do on the iPhone. :)

Yay. I love dinner. And Twitter. And new friends. :)

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If you want a sandwich the size of your head, look no further: Curly’s Vegetarian Lunch on 14th st.

This is one of my hot spots in Union Square, and I’ve covered it before. BUT I did not cover their sandwiches. The time I went with Missy (above), she got a veggie burg and I was major craving sloppy joe’s, which is probably the weirdest thing to crave. But I was. So I got the veggie sloppy joe’s and oh my goodness.

I don’t think I’ve had better sloppy joe’s. Even ones with meat in them.

So if you ever have a strange craving for a sloppy joe, this is exactly where to go. And, hello, also for the curly fries.

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I love my friends. These people are not allowed to leave the city, ever. I love walking into a room and laughing within the first five seconds. They are just so great! It had been a few weeks since I had seen these two lovely ladies, MK and MB and let’s just say we had lots to catch up on. :)

And this is also my new favorite bar. It’s called Lillie’s it’s on 17th street, and it’s the cutest.

I love high ceilings and I totally dig their style. They had some really cool Victorian paintings in the back and along the walls. A bunch of us met up here to see our friend Jackie who was back in town. We were all talking and all of a sudden she goes, “I smell french fries.” Haha. The girl next to us had them and they were quite distracting.

It was really hot inside though, so I asked for a glass of water and this is what the bartender came back with:

Have you ever seen a bigger jug of water? At a bar, no less? It was about the size of my head and it was fanf*cking tastic. Seriously, I cannot tell you how hot it was inside that bar.

Oh, I also want you to meet my friend Erin. She’s the coolest and she runs a really awesome NYC fashion blog with her friend Lani.

Check her out.

I’m feeling good. I love my friends, I love our love lives and I especially love living in NYC.

Hope everyone stays warm this weekend!

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Sometimes when I venture out from my office to get myself some lunch, I have no idea where I’m going to end up. Yesterday was one such days. Since it was a Wednesday, I already knew I had to get some apples from the Union Square Greenmarket, but beyond that, I was clueless.

The market looked kind of empty. Half of the vendors weren’t even set up since it had been a constant downpour pretty much all day, but I took a stroll to see what I could see anyway. And then I saw a sign: Clam Chowder.

Yes, yes, yes. I’ve seen oysters and clams and such at the Greenmarket before, but since I’d have no idea what to actually do with them if I ever bought some, I never paid any attention (someone domesticate me, please). This was the first time I’ve seen anything on clam chowder, which happens to be my favorite soup. And on that kind of yucky day, what more else do you need? One cup of clam chowder for me, please.

As I said, it had rained pretty much all day, but by the time I had my soup, it had cleared up and warmed up quite a bit and the last thing I wanted to do was to head back to the office already. So, I looked around, saw a few other crazy people sitting on the benches in the park and decided to do the same. I tried to find a bench that wasn’t too, too damp but in the end, it didn’t matter much. I was wearing a huge coat to shield me and I also didn’t really care.

So I had my soup.

There were some great chunks of clams in it, let me tell you. And I love eating things that are fresh and that you know where they come from, versus eating some processed crap that comes in a can and has been sitting on the shelf for who knows how long. Not the best thing.

Westport Aquaculture is a sustainable and renewable clam and oyster farm in Wesport, Connecticut. They ship daily into the area, have been at the Greenmarket for the past couple of months but yesterday was only their second time bringing the chowder. Keep it coming, guys.

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