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I apologize, but you’re going to gain one hundred pounds just reading this entry. To justify myself, this was the only meal I went out for this past weekend. So I might as well make it count, right?

5 Napkin Burger has for some reason been on my list of restaurants to try for awhile. It reminded me a LOT of BLT Burger, but they had their milkshakes listed on the dessert menu only, which I thought was a big mistake because I would have had a shake WITH my burger (split with KP, of course). Speaking of – we split this mac and their 5 Napkin burger that comes with melty cheese and onions. I’m sparing you the picture, actually.

SO the mac and cheese was good, if a bit on the soupy side (get your act together, NYC restaurants!) It had a bit of an alfredo flavor, not gonna lie. But I love macaroni and cheese made with shell noodles, probably cause my mom makes this awesome pasta dish with elbow noodles that I love.

AND since it was the Upper West Side at approximately 4p.m. they must have assumed we were having dinner like the rest of the families with small children present, because they handed us a dessert menu and Chloe, KP, and I did not resist:

Chocolate brownie, espresso ice cream, salted peanuts. I told you I made it count.

The other thing I liked about 5 Napkin Burger is first, the walls are subway tiles, and secondly they had two really cool chalkboards covered in cartoons. You can sorta see in this picture:

So I would say go to 5 Napkin if you’re in the hood, but I think I still prefer BLT.

Also: today I’m eating a salad. Maybe.

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Oh man, why do I do this to myself? Post pictures of amazing meals when yesterday I pretty much just had soup and a sandwich. Yey. What I would have liked to have was the steamed pork buns and ramen from Fatty Crab on the UWS (above.) I went to Fatty Crab with Kelly and Chloe not this past weekend but the weekend before after seeing The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center. Perfect.

Well, hello, that’s me taking a bite out of a pork bun. And this picture also makes me realize that I’ve been wearing this dress pretty much every day for the past three weeks. But that’s what I do. I get something and I wear the crap out of it, eventually retire it and then bust it out occasionally as needed. So right now I’m wearing the crap out of this Madewell dress.

I will say one thing… it’s an interesting experience when everyone at the table has their camera out and is snapping pictures of the food. I’m actually not sure I can handle it!

That above is the chili crab which is AMAZING. It’s crab that you have to pull apart, crack, whatever to get at the meat and it’s soaking in this chili broth and there are also big pieces of bread and it is SO GOOD! A lot of work to eat but really delicious. I will likely go there again and order that again because it was good. Take a looksies:


And there you have it. Also part of Fatty Crab is Fatty Cue in Brooklyn, which I need to get myself over to stat. It’s been on my list for months and months and months now. I just saw on their websites that they are both open on Christmas Day, so there you go.

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I love The Mermaid Inn. Full disclosure: I am doing some work for them. You may see some of these photos elsewhere on the interwebs eventually (not the ones of me and P though, of course). I loved the Mermaid even before working for them (obviously, or I wouldn’t want to work for them), but I still thought you should know.

So that’s me and P on the Upper West Side and here’s P with Nora:

And here’s the Mermaid:

Love that lady! And the good stuff:

Baby Grand Platter! Can I get this every single time I come to the Mermaid, please? It’s the perfect combination of oysters, clams, and lobster knuckles. Let’s have a closer look, shall we? Oysters and clams:

Lobster knuckles:

If you’ve never tried an oyster because you can’t get over the “texture” or something, you need to get over it and try one IMMEDIATELY. They are delicious and so refreshing and now that I work for the Mermaid, they are on the brain 24/7. I’m surprised they haven’t shown up in my dreams yet.

Another thing you should know: lobster knuckles are the easiest thing to eat!

Whoever came up with the idea of serving lobster this way is a genius. Already cracked open for you, you just have to pull them apart a little bit and there’s your lovely lobster. My goodness.

For our entrees, we ordered different things so we could sample eachother’s.

Salmon for Nora with brussels and beets behind it. Derlish.

Whole roasted Idaho brook trout for P. Don’t let the eyes creep you out. P lost one on the table for a little bit, haha.

And lobster sandwich for me. Um, there’s no such thing as too much lobster. And have you ever had Old Bay fries? Cause they are awesome. The more you know…

And finally, The Mermaid gives complimentary chocolate pudding for dessert:

Lovely, lovely. Love The Mermaid. And if you haven’t been in one of the THREE Manhattan locations, you pretty much have no excuse now that you’ve seen the goods. And I work there. :)

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It’s not every weekend I get to have brunch on Saturday AND Sunday.


Yep, that was my brunch this morning. After going to the Journey Church with my mother, we went to Good Enough to Eat, a cute little spot on the UWS. I’ve tried to go before but the line was too long and today we only waited about five minutes. Granted, we didn’t make it there til 2:30 but 2:30 is an excellent brunch time for me!

So above we have granola pancakes with bananas and blackberries, lightly dusted with powdered sugar. AND strawberry butter. Mmm so good. My mom got scrambled eggs that came with biscuits, also served with strawberry butter. Strawberry butter is good.


They really utilize their space at Good Enough to Eat. As you can see, they sat us RIGHT next to the bakery case and there was even two people that they sat at a table that was BEHIND it. But we didn’t mind, I’d sit anywhere in that place. It’s cute and kitschy too, with cows and barn-themed stuff and cotton balls on the ceiling shaped like the clouds that come from airplanes, saying “Good Enough to Something.” Yeah, something, cause I don’t remember what it really said. But it was cute.


And there’s my mom, leaving the place; the line and the picket fence. She’s looking for her glasses. By the way she hates pictures of herself and she’s probably not going to be pleased that I put them on here. But I think she’s lovely and this is my blog so sorry, Mom!


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