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So… food trucks are one thing, but food trailers are another. And that’s what Austin’s got. They are cool and my next time in Austin I will eat at every single one.

Another thing you need to know: I was once a designer at The State News, the award-winning (had to throw that in there, we were SERIOUS) student paper and for Valentine’s Day each designer created their own Valentine people could print out of the paper. And mine was a cupcake and above it said, “Hey, cupcake.” I made all my friends guess which one I made and all my friends guessed which one was me.

ANYWAY my Dad surprised me in knowing all cool things Texas and said we were going for a “treat” after our lunch. SOLD. So we went to Hey, Cucake and I got a classic cupcake – vanilla with chocolate frosting. My, my.

I should probably be embarrassed by the amount of cupcakes I have tried over my life but I will tell you that this one was one of the best. Perfect cake, nice and moist, and perfect frosting. Hey, cupcake, I kind of love you.

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I love the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. It’s a simple place with maybe six flavors to choose from, one of which is vanilla chocolate chunk. Yes, please. If you didn’t know this random factoid about myself, I worked in a small ice cream shop during my college years and the best flavor, I would argue, was plain ol’ chips vanilla. So I am loving the vanilla chocolate chip at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. This last time I was there, I went a little crazy and got myself a shake.

Here’s homegirl, Abby V., standing in front of the BK Ice Cream Factory. You can’t really tell in this picture, but the line was out the door. Abby was like, “Is this ice cream supposed to be good or something?” She understood once she got her vanilla in a waffle cone.

After our little ice cream adventure, we took a stroll down Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

And all was good.

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OMG, I love the summer. Not only do I feel like I’ve been on fifteen different rooftops in the past two weeks, I also feel like I can’t stop having fun! I even tried to lay low this week, but fun still finds me. Look at this girl. She is all over my blog ALL THE TIME! I’m about to rename this thing Missy Mitten. Missy, you are cut off for a week. Oh wait, we already have two things planned this weekend, one of which is a CANDY TOUR and she’s the guide! So I guess I can’t help it, she’s my most willing partner in crime. There she is with a Salty Pimp (vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, sea salt, chocolate dip) that she couldn’t wait for me to take a picture of before she took a bite. Oops!

We stopped by the good ol’ Big Gay Ice Cream Truck last night before heading to Park Slope for a show:

There’s my homeboy, Doug Quint. He’s out there fighting for food truck rights (there is this crazy bill that would shut down trucks if they had two parking tickets in one year – two!!) and he’s out there bringing you the best gay ice cream you ever did see. Unfortunately, our trip there was completely impromptu and I had just had half a milkshake (Shake Shack, what?) so I’m going to have to bring myself over there again sometime soon. Doug is my homeboy cause I interviewed him when I was an intern for Gothamist, which I don’t think I shared before because I wasn’t sure if I wanted my full name on City Mitten… pff! He’s also my homeboy on Twitter. If you haven’t yet checked him out you should A) be embarrassed and B) get on it, he’s usually at 17th st and Broadway.

Our visit was right before this awesome show at Southpaw by Frontier Ruckus, who is getting a City Mitten shoutout today because they are A) really good and B) from Michigan:

I like going to Southpaw because there are so many attractive boys but I don’t like going to Southpaw because half of them look like guys I have already dated. One in particular last night looked exactly like the last guy I actually dated and it was driving me nuts! Even Missy was like, “Um, that guy kinda looks like…” GAH! Doppelganger, go away! But when that wasn’t distracting me, I was jammin’ along with the Michigan boys on the banjo. At the end of their set, they came in front of the mics and did a little ditty while half of the crowd sat down on the floor, like kindergarten kiddies watching a teacher read to them from a picture book. It was so cute and you can sort of tell from this blurry picture:

Things are happening. Life is good. It’s the weekend. Go see the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck and support your other local food trucks too!

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