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I would not be upset if someone forced me to go to the Brooklyn Flea every weekend. We had the invite for brunch this past Saturday, but who needs brunch when you have the Brooklyn Flea? I mean, really?

We is myself and my sister Embily, who has finally visited me after my living here for three years! Time flies! So of course I had to take Emmyboo to the Flea. Of COURSE. And of course our first stop was the Red Hook Lobster Pound, as seen above. Not gonna lie, we started with splitting one roll and then we ate a bunch more food and then split another roll again before we left.

Here’s some other things we ate between the rolls:

Meatballs! This meatball sandwich was AMAZING and I wish I could tell you where it was from, but I just checked the Brooklyn Flea’s vendor list and I could not find it! I only remember that they told us the restaurant was “just around the corner” from the Fort Greene space so… help a sister out if you know what that was!

Grilled cheese from The Milk Truck!

We split the classic grilled cheese with gruyere. I love gruyere. Emily loves gruyere. Yep.

Then we got a watermelon drink that tasted like you were drinking a watermelon. I actually expected it to be half-gross and more like a melted slushie but it ended up being all-delicious.

Gotta love that Brooklyn Flea.

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Hello! And Happy Monday! Some weekends are just so fantastic that you can’t stop thinking about how fantastic everything is.

Like these cookies from Momofuku Milk Bar and Bakery!

I usually don’t care a lot about cookies. At all. Unless they’re straight out of the oven, I’m just not interested. Until now.

I always think about my friend Michelle and how she likes cookies and wants me to go to more cookie places so I was going to go to Paradis for their AMAZING chocolate chip cookies (that I care about even if not straight out of the oven) and get those for the brunch party a bunch of my friends had on Sunday, but Paradis is closed on Sundays so it was off to plan B. I’ve heard people talk about Momofuku cookies and I’ve seen them given as a birthday present (on Friday, actually), but I’ve never been motivated to try them out. I mean why would I go to Momofuku Milk Bar and not get their awesome soft serve with some funky topping? Or an entire chocolate chip cake? But soft serve doesn’t transport well and I wasn’t shelling out for an entire cake, so cookies were the way to go. Let’s talk about them now. I got three kinds: Compost – which has pretzels, chocolate chips, coffee, oats, butterscotch and potato chips; Chocolate-Chocolate cookies, which really need no explanation (besides the fact they’re almost like brownies); and Blueberry Cream cookies with dried blueberries and milk crumbs.

My world has changed. Never will I think of cookies the same way. Compost cookies are fantabulous, Blueberry Cream are SO fantabulous, and Chocolate-Chocolate is KILLER. They were all soft and gooey and everyone at the party had four heart attacks each when they tried them. So now you know.

Besides these awesome cookies at the brunch, let’s hear it for these awesome people:

And that wasn’t even everyone. Other people came and went throughout the day but this is everyone who was there when we decided we needed a cheesey family photo. It was a “New to NYC Brunch” because a lot of people have moved here recently or have internships here for the summer. I’ve been here for three years so was put on a panel with a Q & A format. Just kidding.

There was sooo much food at the brunch: cheese poppers, guacamole, watermelon, apple pie, quiche, biscotti, etc. Of course we had mimosas and there was also a waffle station!

This is how Missy makes a waffle. We also went on the roof:

I love brunch and I always think of it in terms of “let’s go to brunch” versus “let’s make brunch” so it’s cool to have people in my life who make me change it up, even if my contribution to “making” brunch was bringing Momofuku cookies. I doubt anyone would complain. ;)

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