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I think breakfast/brunch is the prettiest thing to take pictures of. And maybe ice cream. Just look at this beaut.

Last weekend I had a girlie brunch with some of my favorite girlies at Westville East. One of my favorite things is brunch with the girls. We had to wait a little while and they came out with hot apple cider to warm us up! Probably the cutest touch, and it solidified the fact that we were going to keep waiting to get a table and not go somewhere else.

We were seated, looked at the menus, continued gabbing.

Stephanie put some sugar in her iced coffee.

MB and Melody wanted brussel sprouts and plantains. DElish.

And Megan got eggs and asparagus and mashed potatoes.

I really like Westville East. There’s always a line on weekends, but as I said earlier, if you’re lucky maybe you’ll get some hot apple cider. I must say that Stephanie and I both enjoyed our french toast. It was very doughy. I also was a huge fan of the mashed potatoes. Very good. I hope to have another girlie brunch soon.

In other news: three Germans are in my apartment for the week. Ha!

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